WD Red 2TB Black Friday 2019

Welcome! Looking for an Internal hard drive for your pc here we have the best WD Red 2TB Black Friday 2019 for you in our list.

WD Red 2TB black friday 2019

WD Red 2TB Black Friday 2019

hello and welcome back span TV and today we’re gonna step slightly away from someone with you versus Kinnick and we’re going to talk about another comparison a number of you make all the time you bought your nas and you’re wondering what drives if we’re going to put inside and ultimately you know people seem to be falling back on should they go the Seagate iron wolf or should they go 4wd rent yep so we’re gonna take our sides we’re gonna pick one each I’m going for the Seagate iron wolf I’m gonna tell you what’s good maybe what’s bad and it’s gonna tell you what’s good and what’s possibly about that WD read it for the record do you use either of these drives in your name yes and would you use is he going off drive for home no serious probably yes no I’d say there’s one I think I’m taking the lead early on so what we’re gonna do is a usual thing we’re gonna talk about our product for about a minute or two and then we’re gonna get down to the debate so Jen I go first socialite so say your arm let’s face it so you’ve been around for quite a long time and the iron wolf is part of the in a series of drives they did have as he gained as hard drive for a while but be perfectly frank with you their marketing was nowhere near as good as the likes of WD and their nice color system the color system being the means with which you disagree being nice and blue and you can tell you all but on his day a nice demonstration but so you going iron wolf is then that series of drive it arrives with either a 5400 or 6,200 RPM into a rotational speed inside depending on if you have a pro or standard drives and they’re available in currently all the way up to 12 TB but are are whispers of a 14 TB Drive landing by rents at timber time the drive itself has got onboard health management which a number of nouns vendors can support so it means you can get a lot more real-time information about the nas disk and because it’s an hour’s drive it’s great for the likes of raid so you’ve got multiple drives running all in unison we use vibration sensors and temperature sensors all the way through full disclosure most of what he’s gonna tell your wife just told you but the reason I think Seagate iron wolf announced drives are definitely announced drive to consider to say the very least is just because of one build quality into price they are by far one of the lowest price drives out there for master I don’t reason to go for them before he interrupts me and goes it’s not all about the money money money but they still no denying the in terms of nice hard drives they definitely one of the most low-priced ones available and they still give you a lot for that money yeah I think I went over the 2-minute limit there Eddie don’t you do you read why and what yeah I think that WD has always been like leader and still see yeah he’s just trying to do the same thing what WD is doing just for Pete cheaper but that doesn’t mean that drives WD very very easy because of the color code as you mentioned as well like blue or red or gold drives or pro drives that’s very clear didn’t an easy understand what you really need for your nice resolve you can you got sensors inside and management well you’ve got nice way haven’t you’ve got nice with 8.0 and now the Seagate have never really designated and said what the software is onboard o WD kind of went the extra mile and have updated that it wasn’t enough where 2.0 and then there was 3.0 so I have updated that firmware on board but what is it ultimately that makes you choose that drive over this one because the red guys for example they spin a little over it like five thousand four hundred and seven said that they’re much much whiter compared to these like are seeing it 7200 rpm drives they are a pinch choir I’ll give you that one yes and they are not consuming that much a farm like power when it’s good you’re gonna be saving in the long run when you’re using these ones you’ve got our pro drives if you want to have quicker access down to the higher ups then you go for gold drives or pro drives because then drivers will be spinning constantly a lot of 7200 rpm so you can quickly access your data if you need to but in normal home solutions you don’t need up you can wait half of a second to actually just start spinning up but the pro series drive to do on both scenarios a boat got pro but they both arrived with five years of manufacturer’s warranty as well and they’ve got that extra bump but again if we you know sorry I’m interrupting you already their honor how terribly rude of me I’ll let you finish sorry now I was gonna say it’s although both brands have got a pro series of drives this arrives with the rescue servicing knows it that’s so I’m saying serious Lucien you can’t go for that it’s very good value for money in that case if you go for a tea box you fill it up with Aussie get on the drive like that and if anything happens you send those drives away they’ll recover the data for free and you ever since otherwise it would cost you probably thousands to recover your data situation is very serious WD doesn’t do that you can find them on Amazon eBay are third-party warranties which you can purchase like for 10 pounds of months and one of the terabytes I think because you know the amount of storage you can do you do pay extra for that one I would say for own wolf are we are bigger capacities we we you know they had tend to be long before WD did we’ve got 12 and we’re gonna have 14 yeah they tend to fail all the time w DS waiting a bit longer till it’s proven working and then a reversal we’ll have to let back place stable version but I mean for example when it comes to the W if we were to move away from the pro series to drive we won’t focus too much on those and if we bring it back to the Seagate drives given the failure rates between the tubes I mean very very similar indeed once you look at 40 be versa for TV right so we remove failure from the equation we’ve got the same rpm I believe and these are still cheaper why would you still go for the WD drive isn’t real brand loyalty exactly and this is a lot of time you know we can talk about how this rages but so many of you either have had one drive in the entire history of your life that broke and you’ve gone I am never going near that company again and you end up going with one look at the comments on all the other videos we do that will you mention hard drives here and you guys always say I will never buy a Seagate drive ever again since the big data crash of 2009 and I get that and I understand completely we all develop round loyalties perhaps so many different appliances in our life but I can honestly tell you once you’re looking up to 6 or 8 TB these are near enough identical they really are on a construction I mean if I put that drive down here hard drive these are really are Seagate Barracuda Drive and inside we’ve got the platters this is a three platter hard drive I believe or possibly for tis wonder in it we’ve got the mechanical arm to read it and we’ve got this edge that’s all the handle in the controller now if we rip the lid off of these which I’ll be honest wouldn’t be clever they would look pretty much identical to this sleeve the handling in the cache area have improved in size and there’s a few more chips inside to deal with that firmware but ultimately the drives are the same and once you go to the bigger drives things do change ever so slightly once you go to the big big big drives then you do start to see a lot more governs in sign than the construction of the drive changing a lot more industrial in appearance so if would you at least agree that the similarity in terms of hardware between WD red and CEO iron wolf that normal series of drives to about six or eight TB is nearly identical but call me crazy I do still like that sound of WD better sound of the drawer the sound of a naive I will now fill the box up and I can hear the box spinning in there and compare it I do like that’s a very valid point you given out the construction of these drives is new enough identical he’s right why are Sega it’s a little bit noisier it makes no sense to me and I don’t know if any bits are not standing up I don’t know but definitely we’ve done a visibly upcoming hug leasing right sound checked I did this yesterday sound checked a bunch of drives just to show you how they all differ in sound then there was an iron wall 4wd red and there was the pro series of drives and stuff and some reason so you guys should just stay pinched noisy and of course once you go into an 8 or 16 by starting up and they sound broken they’re not but the pro series ones you know we test a lot of drives here and they sound a bit broke and but yeah ok so moving on from the standard drives mirror to the pro series of drives what are the advantages of someone going for a WD Pro Series Drive yeah access times they’re much much faster no no compared with see gonna see good would see go the warranty probably yeah because they both love use warranty that I the rest racers don’t get done so in other words so what you’re saying is you would go 4wd red standard compared with a iron wolf standard if I rather go for pro I’ll switch to seeing it at that point okay and you know what as much as we should have to choose a side in these debates for this you guys asking these questions that’s pretty much what I would do I don’t have a problem with CGI drives I really don’t my only experience of all of these drives that I’ve must have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of drives over the years now in different server erase and I’ve had families on both of them but I would argue is the warranty turnaround on the WD was a pinch quicker it was it was turned around in less than 72 hours which I was impressed by and if you’re an area that has a distribution center in your country like the UK here then you turn around just seemed to be quicker and that’s for having a multiple occassions throws rom pro drives borderline instantaneous on both of them you know but in standard series drives the C goes just saying to take whopper it felt like a week well that’s a good point if you are not in UK or USA I do check do you have if you do then it’s a worldwide Lauren T and they may advise you to go through your point of purchase if you’re from Spain comp you know then as experts sound luck I thought that they heard that if if you buy they might advise you to go back to your distribution the place where you bought it from and in most cases you don’t need to yeah absolutely you can go to WD you can go to CX website there’s a support section you make your serial number boom they’ll just say when did you purchase it they might ask you to email out a proof of purchase or include it and in some cases they’ll collect the drive from you but they still come back down to that point in standard class drives in my experience the WD redford collected and the turnaround was Ted bit quicker with W doing if that’s a concern for you that’s something to bear in mind so because for me I would go for WD read in non pro when it comes to Pro Series drives if someone says to me they’re buying at twelve by rackmount what the rightful I put inside I will fight see going on wolf because I believe Reds up like six bay 1618 bus that’s it eighteen seventeen wouldn’t be filled already with either pro drives or C biggest thing you’ve done because they designed for bigger raid levels and the other thing with Pro Series drives is once you put them inside in those larger arrays once again the noise is incomparable because the WD gold 12 TV isn’t exactly the quiet drive I’ve ever heard in my life and impro series drives you just have to accept they’re going to be noisy you know if you’re in a data center you don’t really talk about noise you just go to the other room that doesn’t have to be great cabinets and you know what before we go because I hope we’ve made our point clear on there one last tiny bit of advice okay serious bit of advice don’t do it okay don’t now Seagate and wdr great drives and these aren’t bad drives so many of you are getting tempt a were tempted by these ICSD drives but there’s a few things one I believe they are ceasing production pretty soon right so if you are looking for a bargain now is hard drive this is the one for you you know when they’re available they’re available now you may notice sometimes you look at all the specifications you go Oh forty be here forty bit 5400 rpm you know retails for you know in three figures so many hundred quid the WD seems to cost little bit more 5400 rpm and then you look at this this has twice the catch of any other drive it’s dedicated 7200 rpm in most cases as a longer warranty the most other drives and you’re like how on earth is this lowering priced and these can it’s common and why is this not a great nice drive if there’s a great Drive there’s gonna be loud what is the noisiest drives like if you ever heard him I dunno it’s gonna be very close to meter if you put four of these inside a device you are gonna hear it and if you’ve got an ads in your front room connector via HDMI if you’ve got it in your office and it’s backing up all the computers if it’s a central server that everyone can see don’t put these drives inside now these are being retired in favor of other Pro Series drives and I think WD red pro is what’s kind of absorbing it and there’s lots of stuff going on about WD gold as well it’s just stay tuned for ya but that’s really it I think the message to take away from this is for us will you recommend WD red Vegas class up to by users advice after that you should be looking at Seagate iron wolf pro now don’t get me wrong you can use two standard drives and if you see him the good deal go for it but just be aware one they already know easier than other drives and to the large of the capacities you are they release drives quite early and they are subject to certain failures which can happen those are very very small percentages but once you you know mass-produce drives in the hundreds of thousands one percent it’s a bigger number than you think you know anyway so there is been a mess you got robbed a out nicely do you know I’m gonna Eddy wrap this one now I’m gonna put my hands out on the table off you go that’s it it was worth it wasn’t it do you remember if you’re gonna buy your mouse by being a nice hard drive on that’s hard way to go to guys that spank comp they are the nads experts Eddie why should they buy from spank comp because they are the best oh look at that smooth enthusiastic a lot go to NASA compares to find out all the new information about nails and all the tutorials guides and more and do you want to talk to the professional don’t you of course you do if you wanna talk to a professional go to NASA compare calm the plugger e the max buggery and do remember let us know if you’ve got any questions I Twitter at Robby on the tube and the web guy thanks a lot see you next time those videos fantastic

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