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In this post, we introduce the best Black Friday wall clock deals. Here we have the top best Wall Clock deals for you in our list.


Black Friday wall clock deals

Black Friday wall clock deals

hi everyone John here I’m going to be showing you the new echo walk walk so I’m in my kitchen and we’re gonna go ahead and get this ready this is the new echo wall clock from Amazon just came out it’s only thirty dollars it’s really a great Buy so let’s go ahead and take a look at it so once you get taken out of the box you’re gonna see that comes with a nice little little cover on it it comes with four double A batteries so we have the echo wall clock right out of the box right now you can see that it is white not grey some of the pictures show that it looks great this is definitely a white clock with a black face it’s only 10 inch in diameter and we’ll go ahead and take a look at those measurements later but you can see right now you’ve got an LED for the front this is your notification LED this will glow yellow for notifications blue for setup and timers and orange for setup so we also have LEDs that go all the way around the side these are 60 LEDs that will light up and did know multiple timers and seconds and minutes so let’s show you how that works in a little bit so there is no cover around the outside or covering the face of the clock so you do have access to touch the minute and hour hands so you don’t want to do that because it might ruin the mechanics inside so along the back you’ll see that you have it opened and it isn’t very expensively made but I like it looks nice it looks sturdy if you take it apart you’re gonna see that it comes with and I installed these these are in a box but the Amazon basic batteries the Amazon basic batteries are just as good to me as the Energizer’s enduro cells I’ve been buying them and C&D; and triple-a and double-a quantities for a while I find they’re really good anyway I’m glad that they came with that so I installed those and you’ll see in the back as a setup button and we’ll have to hold that for installation I have it next to it I have my echo dot which I’ll be using to go ahead and get it set up very very nice clock here so this clock is 10 inch in diameter I’ll show you with this that we are getting 10 inch in diameter around this clock and the interface is about 9 inches so I would recommend about 12 inches clearance when you’re hanging it up okay let’s go ahead and set this up Alexa set up my echo wall clock okay press and hold the pairing button on the back of your echo wall clock for up to 10 seconds until the light on the clocks face pulse is orange chimera may take up to a minute and the light will turn the blue once paired you can also pair or on pairing a clock in the Alexa app under the Bluetooth settings of your echo device now it’s flashing orange and yellow and green as you can see the Amazon echo is spinning blue and it is trying to pair with the cloth so one great thing about this clock is its it automatically adjusts to the internet time so it’s going to adjust exactly to that it gets that time from Amazon servers and then it will adjust to daylight savings time exactly so that’s gonna be good you don’t ever have to change that okay so the time is 1246 almost twelve forty seven and you see I went to the correct account so setup is done and we see that we have the clock already set up the light is off we’ve done the pairing so let’s go ahead and try some timers software updates are done as well Alexa set timer for 30 seconds 30 seconds starting now okay so you can see that it started ticking off each one is a second going down Alexa set timer for one minute second timer one minute starting now okay and you see that this is the minute timer right there Alexa set timer for 10 minutes third timer 10 minutes starting now okay so now this is the ten minute timer this is the min timer and the 30-second timer just went off so now we see that it’s flashing right now Alexis stop okay now we’re coming down the minute timer and this one I don’t know if you can see but this one’s a lot brighter than the others denoting that that is your second time going off which is my 10 minute climber and this is my minute timer just counting down now so you can see it works really well Alexa cancel all timers canceling all your timers so now that you can see that I cancel all the timers they’re all gone the clock is now back to just telling time right now one thing to note this clock does not light up so in the dark you will not be able to see this clock there is no ambient light around the clock remember it’s battery-operated so you’re not going to have that much power so it’s conserve power they don’t have any handy at the lightest clock is also silent and non ticking so there are no second hands it doesn’t make any sound so when it’s just telling time it’s not going to tick it’s not going to tick when it’s using the LEDs to go around there’s no sound here so it’s purely a visual aid just for when you’re doing lots of timers so remember you can also name your timers you can go Alexa set a two-minute cake timer Keith ton so setting up the timers are really mean primarily I think this is going to be used in the kitchen but at least in our house we’re gonna have it in the kitchen it’s gonna be nice to be able to see all these visual displays so overall this is a great pick for $30 you cannot go wrong it’s going to show multiple timers that you never had that functionality before so you usually unless you have the display echo you are not going to have that functionality to see your timer so it’s a it’s a nice way to casually look at the timers you have set especially if you cook a lot so I highly recommend this clock I think it’s a good pick for 2019 you like this channel please like and subscribe hit the bell icon it really helps the channel out thank you please give me any comments and I will be happy to answer them take care Alexa set cake timer for three minutes

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