Tile Mate Tracker Review

Here you will learn Tile Mate Tracker Review Black Friday Deals 2019 and also know the latest discount prices of this day.

Tile Mate Tracker Black Friday Deals 2019

Tile Mate Tracker Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Tile Mate Tracker Review

in today’s tech review I’m going over this awesome tiny little smart tracking device that I can check your phone keys wallet and more okay guys this is Eric of immersive tech TV and on this channel I review awesome tech gadgets apps and accessories so if you are new here today definitely subscribe to catch new weekly videos just like this one also any point feel free to check out the description box below I always include a recap all points I covered in today’s video and I’ll also include where you could find both versions of the Tile tracking device so if you’re like me and you’ve ever lost your keys your phone or even your wallet then a smart tracking device might be your solution title mate is the ultimate Bluetooth tracker redesigned their tile mate is actually the redesigned version of the original tile smart tracking device and this newer version is 25% smaller than the original tile with a corner hole cut out the tile may easily hooks on to keychains backpacks luggage purse and other important items you can also use tile mate adhesives to stick the tile mate to any flat surface simply attach the tile mate tracker onto anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast so I know what you’re thinking how exactly does the tile smart tracker work well let me explain tile mate actually utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to track your lost or misplaced items in a short to medium range distance and this Bluetooth range falls anywhere between around 30 feet on the shorter end and up to 100 feet on the medium range distance now don’t worry if you have lost an item that’s beyond dead 100 foot range that’s considered a long-distance item tile does have a large global network that will help you track your item down so as you can see it’s super easy to connect your tile to your smartphone with the free app once you get it as this app says simply click on the title logo once so you just click on the tile it’ll play a nice tune place the tile next to your smart phone activating tiles just like that that was super easy to do all right tile activated we are now ready to go so one of tile mates cool features is the ability to ring things so essentially with the free app on your phone if you lose your item and your item is nearby but out of sight simply click on the app find and it will ring the tile app that is connecting to your item that you lost and yes in case you are wondering the tile app does come with four preset ringtone so you can choose any of those that you like the other cool thing I like about the tile app is that not only can you use the app to find your lost keys or your lost wallet or lost item but you can also do the reverse to use the tile to find your lost phone so let’s say one day you can’t find your phone but you have your tile on your keys simply double tap the blind on the tile and it will ring your phone and find the river that’s pretty cool I also forgot to mention that the tile will ring your smart phone even if you have your smart phones set on silent and as I mentioned earlier if you happen to lose or misplace your item beyond 100 feet in a long distance range tiles large global network and help you find it how it works is with over five billion of these tile mates sold they claim to have the world’s largest lost-and-found Network and when any user who has a tile comes within 100 feet range of your lost keys or your lost item you’ll receive notification straight to your phone so even when you’re not nearby your item you can still be notified by tile and in addition to those features the tile mate app also allows you to see where you last left your tile by remembering both less time and last place that you saw it so if you ever leave your tile behind somewhere you know exactly where to look and speaking of the app I have to say so far with my experience with it the apps been pretty clean interface easy to use and the integration with Google Maps has been pretty nice now in terms of the battery life title mate actually has a non replaceable battery that lasts one year from the time that you activate it so essentially there’s no recharging that has to be done for the tile mate after the one year if you want to replace it you can get a new tile mate at a special member community discount rate now I don’t know the exact discount because I’ve just got this myself but I have read that other tile users say it’s about a forty to fifty percent discount to get a new tile now in terms of smartphone compatibility tile mate is pretty compatible with the wider range of smartphones including many androids and iOS devices as long as they have Bluetooth 4.0 technology or Bluetooth low-energy technology now let’s talk about what you get in the box when you get a title me once you get the box you’ll find that inside there is a Quick Start Guide but it’s really straightforward it’s really just three steps download the app activate your tile and then you get the actual tile itself inside the packaging now it is important to note that the tile mate does come in either a four pack or a single pack I personally picked up the four pack and gave up the other three as gifts but I thought they make a nice gift but that’s essentially what you get inside the box so overall I have to say the tile mate smart tracker is a pretty cool little device that has a lot of practical daily use it’s pretty small it’s easy to use and I really like how you can use a tile made app to find your lost keys or you can use the tile in reverse to find your lost phone and again if you’d like to learn more about the tile mate a link down below where you can find it as well as its brother the tile slim which is essentially the same thing but it’s just a thinner version without the hole that’s designed more for wallets so let me know what you guys think about the tile mate smart record have you ever used a smart tracking device before thanks for checking out today’s tech review on the tile mate smart tracker definitely subscribe to catch new weekly videos are more awesome tech gadgets apps and accessories and if you haven’t already downloaded the immersive tech TV tech gadget gift ideas guide it’s a free and comprehensive guide I made with all kinds of cool tech gift ideas for every type of person on your list and for every budget so you can grab that for free by clicking on it right here I’ll also put it in the description down below lastly if you have any questions about tile mate feel free to leave them down below I’d be happy to answer your questions thanks again for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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