TCL 49S517 Black Friday 2019

Welcome! to another article here we introduce the best LED Roku Tv TCL 49S517 Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

TCL 49S517 black friday 2019

TCL 49S517 Black Friday 2019

oh holy moly well that won’t work alright guys welcome back to another unboxing video today we’re gonna be unboxing the TCL Roku TV 4k HDR I’m just leave it in order I have no idea how it’s said so it’s a smart TV that has all these numbers so let’s get right it quite actually wait one moment I do have a special unboxing for you guys and it’s something else I got off Amazon it’s the Xbox one 360 controller here he is and let’s get into it car right you got me I already opened this bad boy and it looks a little something like this it’s a really good controller it’s really not important for this video but I just want the throw it in there to let you guys know what’s going on let’s get right into the TV let’s get my handy dandy chickpea knife and guys please do not comment on me sweating this TV is heavy alright for the third time let’s get right into it yep over over and shimmy her out come out come out wherever you are you’re in the box that’s where you are looks like I didn’t want to come out in one so pull you’re gonna want to have a vacuum ready for this one because it is a lot of peanuts just kind of like a quick like look cool my phone it’s cardboard all right I get it you got someone to see this part I’m gonna go ahead and set the bad boy up for you guys if we’re gonna get right into it all right and we’re back all right fellows let’s go ahead and get our top off do not quote me on that one that’s it that’s it right there um unfortunately I do not have a 4k camera so you’re not witnessing the fullness of this TV and that’s that’s honestly completely on my part but let’s go ahead set it up and I’m gonna go do a quick little run-through of the content of the box and like all the features and all those things let me set it up and I’ll be right back I can’t hit all right we got her all set up I’m gonna go ahead and hook up the Xbox since the Xbox is 4k we’re gonna go ahead and see how she looks on the bad boy all right so right here on this side we have the AC port in red over on the right side we have our three HDMI ports right here at the bottom we have our optical audio port right there for the surround sound we have a USB port the regular cable port and we actually have a 3.5 audio jack which is honestly it’s surprising to see nowadays it’s really a good thing like if you want to like maybe maybe you gain late at night you want to like maybe plug your headset in and might listen to the TV that way or maybe you have a surround sound but you don’t have it through the optical cord and but you do have like a 3.5 you can hook up your surround sound so that’s really a key feature but this TV for me personally over here we have the regular video audio cord and we have a Ethernet cable because this TV does connect to the internet and you got the prize oh my god we don’t care get on with the like email displaying of the TV ace that information is essential for somebody that is legitimately like looking into the TV and trying to find the purchase you know set up their whole sip thing so knowing what’s I’d be like the power port is and like all the cables it’s very essential so I’m just trying to be to the teens for my people that’s actually interested in getting this TV and are actually like doing research as if they won it or not all right okay let’s get to the Xbox it’s all we all want and rank without the spun up the Xbox since wow I have you here just want to show you all this is the remote you know they got the I don’t really got to go through too much the volume and everything is on the side and so yeah it’s go ahead and turn this bad boy on [Music] alright so there she is looking on pretty and whatnot the only game I have right now unfortunately is Call of Duty infinite warfare so I’m just gonna play a quick game of that real quick to see how she looks on here and then it will be over with the video everybody’s favorite part of my videos the over part am i right when I went to the game it gave me the option to switch to 4k so I’m doing that right now and now it’s 4k I wasn’t really looking before I was looking through the viewfinder but I mean it looks gorgeous regardless go ahead and play this back think be forced against yourself a role strong wintertime¬† I just realized I’m playing on Wi-Fi in your vicinity economic weii and you survived barnacle lovers it’s halfway there yeah me and my family members why don’t you oh yeah I’m buying everyone once sandwich-maker Oh babies love okay damn it Oh fire free right okay whatever we got a Kansan Swedberg whose cabin slam piranha let me go into a double inning sucker nope kill myself and as a Wow I did horrible alright that game session got me hot and heavy but uh but all right that was my unboxing of the 40 minutes TCL Roku TV alright it’s a pretty good TV so far I’ll check up any updates if I out have two days really what more what updates feel that they need on the TV so yeah it’s great quality good sound it’s really overall like a really good TV so um if you’re thinking of buying one just go ahead and take it so really I really it was a really good deal I got on Amazon for a three hundred and nineteen dollars so that was a really good deal so this wraps up this video thanks for watching subscribe like comment below and I’ll see you when I see you cuz I do I’m not some videos to that that was okay I’m sorry you

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