TCL 32S327 Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best-LED Tv? Here we have a TCL 32S327 Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

TCL 32S327 black friday 2019

TCL 32S327 Black Friday 2019

what’s happening pan to nation feed if I’m paying to hear you’re ready to watch some TV because I just bought this despite ECL I just recently kind of just come to this brand although TCL is the fastest growing TV brand in America and I can kind of understand why at least on the price and the value proposition I ordered this particular TV for a couple of specific reasons first let me start with that this is actually a 2017 model and it’s 32 inch which is why the box isn’t that big or heavy and so I’m just gonna open it up here and see what that looks like now I think the 2018 model is basically the same except for the resolution so that’s determined was the difference the 2017 is a 720p and the 2018 model is a 1080p now you might be saying why did you do 720p well this is a TV that I wanted to put in my home office and it’s a TV that probably wouldn’t use very often and just something that I like kind of relaxing to watch my own shows especially maybe when other people are watching something other than the Real Housewives so I can kind of go in it and watch that or Shahs of Sunset something you know something that I enjoy while everyone else is watching the Grand Tour or Monster Garage okay so that being said it’s not gonna be a frequent use TVs but on top of that the other thing that was really interesting to me is that it has kind of smart TV functions and specifically a built in Roku now I have always bought the Roku sticks or TVs and I’ve never had a TV that had that software built in I’ve kind of heard mixed things about those to be honest sometimes people say they’re not really great but the fact is if you get a TV like this with built-in services you don’t have a second stick a streaming stick sticking out but more importantly you get one remote now you can check out my reviews hopefully about the Roku with the enhanced remote and the Amazon fire stick remote with the enhanced remote controls which you see EC HDMI so that you can power it on so you’d have like a single universal remote while the remote that comes with this as you can see has a Netflix which I now have sling Hulu and Amazon the only thing I don’t have on there it actually is Amazon or sorry Kulu I do have a Amazon too so it’s kind of nice to have these shortcut buttons all available there it’s a nice little it looks just like a Roku remote actually and I think that’s really what they’re advertising with them the purple pad here and then you can see we have volume controls on the side and a dedicated mute button right there in for a glass drop front a power button right up here and so the fact is that I can just turn this on and I don’t have to worry about a separate remote for the TV you know even if I don’t need it just losing it right so a couple things that I want to mention about that is hopefully that all works perfectly and we’ll get that tested and set up see if I can connect it to my Roku account and just make sure that that works but the other thing that I really really like about this okay it comes with a power cable which is kind of a dual prong right there even comes with two triple A batteries for the remote looks like comes with some screws here which I think are for these feet so we can see here the teeny kind of stands up on its own it’s kind of interesting again 32 inches isn’t really big and it’s not very heavy but you might be able to see here it’s kind of got a hump on the back and then down on the bottom it’s got a larger area that kind of sticks out and so what we have over here are kind of those RCA plugs video left and right audio if you have that but then over here we have looks like which is really interesting a reset button and that’s for the software controls I’m assuming you know your Roku and Amazon apps that are all built in here we have two regular HDMI ports here but we also have an arc HDMI right there which is actually really nice if you want to add a sound bar and audio out three and half millimeter a USB port here so you can plug in a flash drive potentially a cable coax in here as well as an audio optical out so between that HDMI arc and that audio out you could absolutely support a sound bar which on something like this might actually be really useful let me quick it back here I’m jumping all over the place turn about that it does come with these plastic beat two of them they’re painted silver but they are all plastic they do have little silicone so you shouldn’t have to worry about them moving around and what I’m assuming here is there’s two screws to mount these in there but because of the hump on the back it’s actually sitting on the table here pretty nicely not sturdy or steady enough that I would leave it and use it that way but I will put on those legs here now the last thing that got me to buy this TCL TV is that if you look at a 32 inch TV kind of got a nice channel black very thin bezel actually says Roku TV down here definitely advertising that partnership that integration the fact that you can buy this TV that has all those apps installed this size in HD cast remote everything you need right out of the box for a hundred and thirty bucks seems to be a no-brainer you know I was I’ve been looking at 32 inch TVs to put in there and then assumed I had to spend another 40 or 50 bucks on a Roku streaming stick or maybe an Amazon fired streaming stick and so by the time you’re at 130 bucks for the TV which is kind of a typical price for something like this and then you throw in another 30 40 50 60 bucks you’re almost at a couple hundred bucks with tax and shipping to kind of get this now this this TCL has all of that included so first thing I’m gonna do is get the legs installed powered up and then we’ll take a look at the interface alright I got the feed on here they just get notched in there’s a couple of detents to position them and then you just screw in the bottom I also want to show you on the bottom here too there is a little bit of a power button and then menu and as well as a forward and back control panel so that is on the bottom so I guess if you want to turn it on manually you just reach underneath the bottom and set that up I also want to point out that the speaker’s at least the obvious ones are on the bottom so they have two big speakers flanking that power button so that’s where that is so the sound is gonna come from the bottom now I’m just gonna go ahead and plug it in here that I plugged in and it’s coming on here and it actually says TCL Roku TV right on the splash screen now obviously this room is really bright and well lit and obviously you can see it here so that’s certainly not an issue and because I haven’t set this up yet it looks like we come to this mean screen here so I’ll cut the button for the batteries installed here I’m just gonna hit English United States set up for home use absolutely it’s looking for my wireless networks and Detroit Lions it is it’s trying to connect to my wireless network now right now the whole setup process looks exactly like standard Roku operating system right now I think actually one of the advantages of partnering is it makes it more attractive to consumers like me that has the software built-in the feature built-in but on top of that it’s probably a little easier for TCL to say hey let’s well kind of run on your software as our TV operating system so I’d actually I think it’s pretty genius so we went through the setup and all of that on the app and well as well as doing it online to activate it and it kind of went through the whole process and it takes a little while to kind of get through all of that it actually has a tutorial that kind of explains the TV to you to which I don’t think you’re gonna need if you’ve ever used it as TV now I don’t have anything hooked up to this the only thing that this is connected to is the Wi-Fi don’t have an antenna I don’t have any other inputs used on here but as you can see what I’ve done here is gone ahead and added the applications that I would normally use let’s say sling and seems to work great so you know it’s just kind of going around on these things and it absolutely seems to work just as well as any other streaming stick which I guess you shouldn’t be surprised on but although I’ve heard you know people complain about it so you can see here go into my sling program and just start watching anything that tickles my fancy now one thing I want to show you here is the volume button and I want to test out the audio of the poverty [Music] bed obviously it’s like they got nice TV for the kitchen and mute I tell you what the audio is pretty good I mean I know that we didn’t hit anything overly interesting there but this one lost world [Applause] [Music] Ranko [Music] right I would say you know the audio is fine there’s not any real heavy bass to it but the clarity is just fine even when you crank up the volume it’s not exactly like it’s it’s deafening I think if you really want a good kind of movie experience you’re gonna want to hook this up to a sambar but then again you’re also probably not depending on and living by a 32 inch 720p TV now like I said I could have stepped up to the 1080p TV and I think was about $30 more and if I were rich certainly probably would have done that but like I said for a limited-use TV for something that you know I’m really just trying to save money by getting everything integrated I think this is absolutely perfect and the picture quality looks pretty good you know resolution color rendering you know I will probably tweak around in the settings a little bit just it’s got to dial it in to whatever the ambient light in my office ends up being now one thing I do want to do here is I do want to shut it off and the reason I want to do this is because when you shut up a TV with a Roku in it using the enhanced remote I actually don’t think it turns off the Roku it just turns off the TV and so when you turn on the TV as soon as the TV powers up the Roku since it’s already on it since it wasn’t really turned off it produces the input and produces the screen so as you might have seen there it also looks like it just goes right to the menu instantly it’s not showing you that TCL screen and then booting up with a Roku like it’s dead or completely shut down so that’s pretty awesome – I’m really impressed with that the integration is really really nice so if you want to pick up a TV with all of that included I would highly recommend this one you know like I said 134 bucks that came Amazon Prime it’s gonna work great for me and you know whether you need just a small TV but I can also see if you’re trying to like put TVs in your guest rooms you know TVs that are going to be occasional use they need to have a small footprint have everything integrated so you don’t have to buy additional hardware that would be perfect maybe a TV on your mantle like set a TV for my office your vacation home you know maybe you just have a efficiency apartment or a studio and this is Janee itself I did it I am super pumped about it I’m glad I discovered TCL a lot of bang for the buck a nice overall package I’ll put a link to in the description get around panda out

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