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In this post, we introduce the best Table lamps black Friday deals. Here we have the top 5 best Table lamps for you on our list.

Table lamps black Friday deals

Table lamps black Friday deals

in this episode of 10 best ones we are going to check out the top 5 best desk lamps in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these desk lamps you can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 we have the lighting ever left the lighting ever ‘la is an extremely affordable LED desk lamp that would be a really good option for everyone who is looking late at work and require a lamp that will prevent your eyes from getting tired so let’s get straight to the point and find out what else can you expect from it for your information this unit is available in two different colors of which you can choose from starting from the white and the black which we are currently reviewing but keep in mind one thing both of them share the same quality and price so you are unlikely to go wrong moreover during the crafting process the manufacturer has used a high quality aluminum in plastics but what’s cool about the aluminum is that it does an effective job in protecting the LED chip and this leads to a prolonged LED lifespan so from the very beginning you already know that we are talking about a lamp that has an excellent build quality when you’re viewing from the top you can instantly notice the lamp head which is wide enough to cover a good portion of your desk and as we are moving down you can notice an adjustable arm and a sturdy yet elegant base that will keep the unit stable as you’re making adjustments moving on at the beginning I’ve mentioned that the lamp won’t cause an eye fatigue right well the reason behind this is the use of non flicking LEDs which will emit an even light that will be gentle to your eyes with the intention to let you have a truly convenient user experience speaking of the controls this unit packs seven dimming levels that are housed by a touch-sensitive panel to be more precise the dimming levels can be adjusted from 40 to 100 percent depending on what you prefer in a particular moment so except for work you can use this lamp for reading studying and more overall if you’re looking for an affordable lamp that outputs a performance that is equivalent to the expensive ones then this is the one for you moving on at number four we have the uke a 16 the uke a 16 is an adjustable desk lamp that combines an attractive durable construction with a quality performance for a price that is suitable for everyone’s budget so if you’ve been looking for something similar then let’s find out why you should consider this one the a16 features a sleek all-white construction that consists of a lamp head that will let you make adjustments of 180 degrees up and down as well as up to 350 degrees left and right which basically means that you will never feel restricted in terms of making adjustments in addition the lamp is securely kept by an extendable arm that can be adjusted for 180 degrees up and down while on the other side the presence of the plastic knob lamp joint will drastically easier adjustment session since you won’t have to take an advantage of a screwdriver in order to adjust the elastic joints I would also like to mention that this unit comes with a solid clamp lamp base as well and what’s interesting about it is that it employs a screw in design which will all allow you adjust the thickness of the clamp so that you can mount it on any flat surface without any problem speaking of the performance the a16 offers three level brightness including a low light with 17 lumens a middle light of 170 lumens and a high light of 340 lumens but let’s not forget the fact that this unit uses a diffusion translucent material that will ensure that regardless of the amount of light you choose the lamp will emit a ghost glare and flicker free light that will never cause you an eye fatigue that’s why this unit is suitable for reading office related purposes and it is even used by the architects so I really think that you will love such a desk lamp before we end I’d like you to know that the a 16 has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which is yet another thing that should convince you of an eventual purchase to conclude the UK a 16 deserves your attention especially if you’re looking for a lamp that will never make you feel restricted in terms of adjustments next up at number three we have the taotronics TT DL 16 the taotronics TT VL 16 as an innovative multi-purpose desk lamp has received dozens of positive critiques from the users on the market and at the same time it is among the most purchased desk lamps on amazon which definitely has to mean something that’s why stick with me in the next couple of minutes in order to find out what’s the secret behind its success this unit sports a fairly thin dark gray finished metal body that is composed of an adjustable lamp head arm and a rotatable base that will let you enjoy the perfect angle since you will never face any difficulties in terms of making adjustments in addition the base completely blends with the lamps aesthetics and it houses an integrated USB port that can be used to charge your phone and other devices as well as a control panel that will let you choose from the included six brightness levels in five color modes if you ask me this is awesome due to the fact that if you’re working during the night you may feel tired a bit which is quite normal well you can prevent that since you will be able to tailor the color and the brightness levels that this lamp will output so for now I’m really unable to find any remarks for your information the maximum amount of light that this lamp produces is up to 1200 Lux which is undoubtedly high considering the fact that most of the LED lamps available in this price range usually have 550 lumens of brightness another great thing about the TT DL 16 is its ability to memorise your most commonly used brightness setting or to be more precise you can assign your ideal brightness and save it to the dedicated favorite light setting so you won’t have to repeatedly change the brightness levels every time you want to work last but not least since I’ve mentioned the settings this unit also has a nightlight function and a 60-minute timer as well so for the price you pay I have to admit that the TT DL 16 is full of features overall the taotronics TT DL 16 is worthy of considering so give it a try and assure your elf of its quality moving on at number 2 we have the light blade 1500 s the light blade 1500 s would be an excellent option for you especially if you’re keen on investing in a versatile ultra bright LED lamp that can be you by virtually everyone starting from students office workers libraries and even hotels because of its tremendously good capabilities that will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers on the market the 1500 s boasts a minimalistic glossy black construction is accompanied by an omnidirectional head that will allow you position the light in any direction you want so that you will have a clear sight of the project you’re working in a particular moment at the bottom you can instantly notice the base which will have two purposes the first is to keep the lamp stable as you’re making adjustments which has proven is true according to most of the users while the second is to let you take an advantage of its dedicated touch controls in order to tailor the brightness and color temperature exactly as you’d like to be more precise the touch sensors will let you choose from up to 20 brightness levels and four color temperature levels so you can use each of them depending on what you require in a particular moment for your information the maximum light that is produced by the lamp as 1500 lux while the color rendering is rated at 93 Cree which in practice is close enough to the natural light so without a doubt I can say that the manufacturer deserves our applaud here I would also like to inform you that the base house is a USB slot as well of which you can take an advantage in order to charge your smartphone tablet and other mobile devices and this comes handy since you won’t have to stand up and start searching for a charger if you notice that the battery life is running low finally most of the customers claimed that they were very satisfied with the quality of the produced light because it helped them to see the texts without putting an effort so I think that you will feel the same once you get this product to conclude I strongly recommend you consider this desk lamp and if you ever decide to purchase it you will never regret that decision and finally at number one we have the Ben QE reading the Ben QE reading is a high-end LED desk lamp that has been on the market for a couple of years but since its release even today it is still considered as an attractive option by the users who required to have their laptops and monitors illuminated as they are working throughout the day or the night design-wise this model has an innovative elegant construction that will instantly get your attention from the moment you take it out of its box since the first thing you’ll notice be the head which has a curved shape that will sort all of your lighting problems moving on since I’ve mentioned the head I would like to inform you that the head is attached to the body through a ball joint which means that it will be more flexible so you won’t have any difficulties adjusting it up and down or tilting it to the left and right at the top of the lamp head you can also find a knob whose purpose is to let you adjust the brightness levels in the color temperature while at the bottom there is the circular base which will offer you a higher level of stability as you’re doing various adjustments in addition the maximum brightness level is rated at up to 1,800 Lux while the color temperature ranges between 2700 to 5700 K kelvins and if we analyze these specs the results are going to be indeed impressive moreover this model uses innovative technologies that will drastically enhance your user experience for instance the zero flicker technology will ensure an evenly distributed illumination that will be free from the annoying flickers while the Ben Q’s lighting technology will significantly extend the lamps lifespan to up to 50,000 hours of use so if you use it for eight hours per day you can expect up to 17 years of use as the manufacturer claims before we end I’d also like to add that thanks to its built-in sensor the lamp will automatically detect the light levels of your room and will adjust itself to the current brightness which says a lot about its quality overall the Ben QE reading is a must-have option especially if you want to invest in a reliable high-end lamp that can be used for years thanks for watching I hope you liked this video if this video was helpful to you please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this in the future and if you have any questions related to these desk lamps you can leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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