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In this post, we introduce the best T Shirt Black Friday deals. Here we have the top 9 best Men’s T-Shirts for you on our list.

T Shirt Black Friday deals

T Shirt Black Friday deals

what have I told you that just by changing up a few fashion factors in your dressing you can go from looking average to looking absolutely sexy [Music] today’s video is my top 9 tricks and hacks when it comes to wearing t-shirts your ultimate t-shirt fashion guides for men’s this is the t-shirts 101 video tip number one you’ve got to understand the t-shirt maturity scale on this scale we’ve got young on one side and mature on the other side ideally you got a dress according to your age so if you’re still in college you can afford to dress a little bit more on the young side but if you above the age of when he’s do you want to dress slightly higher up on the scale you want to look slightly older now what makes you look younger or older in t-shirts it’s two primary factors firstly whether the t-shirt has got a pattern or whether it’s plain or the other factor is whether the t-shirt is bright and colorful or it’s dark or white in color darker white makes you look older bright and colorful with a lot of patterns makes you look younger look even mind this two factors we’re talking about so if you combine these two factors it leads to an average looking t-shirt I mean that if you pair a dark t-shirt which has a pattern it doesn’t make you look old or young and similarly if you wear a plain t-shirt that’s bright in color once again it doesn’t really make you look old or younger but a bright colored t-shirt that has a lot of patterns going on in it will make you look very young and a dark plain t-shirt will make you look a lot more mature so ground rule if you above the age of 22 it’s alright to dress higher up on the scale look a little bit older but if you’re still in college you can afford to look a little bit younger the bright colors were a little more graphics a little more patterns tip number two for all you brothers who like wearing graphics on the t-shirts there’s a few rules you need to follow rule of the book is that ideally you want to go for a two color maximum one base color of your t-shirt and then one simple color on your graphic as you can see in that case black on red blue on black white on green and if you want oh that has a graphic that contains two colors once again there’s a way of doing that your third color should be minimal in that particular t-shirt like in this case it’s a white print on a black t-shirt and then that pop of red just brings out the overall pattern the third color is always only meant to bring out the pattern as well as the natural base color of the t-shirt and a huge mistake that a lot of Indian girls make with their t-shirts is that they choose patterns which have a dominating third color like in this case it’s a red t-shirt with a nice white pattern and then this blue pattern absolutely messes it up because it’s got a third color and then these two colors on the pattern don’t really work together if you one of my three colors go minimalistic with the third color tip number three this t-shirt is absolutely beautiful but one little feature just kind of takes it all away I’m talking about this logo that automatically draws all your attention towards it because it creates a contrast in the viewers eyes no logo might not be the biggest deal for you but it is a big deal for the kind of society we live in a lot of people judge you based on the clothes you’re wearing and even worse a lot of people judge you based on the brands that you’re wearing if you’re wearing and flaunting a slightly budget-friendly brand then people automatically think our ever thick big hairy ayah and on the other end if you are wearing a slightly high-end brand and flaunting it people think or a what a show of growth for this reason avoid wearing t-shirts with logos on them but also avoid logos primarily because t-shirts just look good without any logo like in this case because simplicity is beautiful tip number four we’re talking about how to select the perfect fit but before we get to the breakdown of selecting a perfect fit the ground rule for looking great in a t-shirt is actually being fit you don’t need to be a bodybuilder you don’t need to be a gym addict you’ve just gotta have above-average arms at an above average chest and back so firstly try focusing on building a good fit body maybe watch be a biceps fitness videos but now let’s talk about the ground rules when it comes to selecting the perfect fit first rule the t-shirt shouldn’t be extra long it shouldn’t cover your entire crotch neither should it be too short when you lift your arms up your t-shirts shouldn’t suppose any skin inside it your t-shirt should be long enough to cover up all your skin so the tea show do you need to select is something that ends in the middle of your groin region next we will be talking about sleeve length ideally go for short and tight sleeves if you’ve got a slightly longer t-shirt get it tailored to make your sleeves title and short oh also keep in mind you don’t want to go so short that it looks like you’re desperate for attention so the sleeve length that you want to follow is something that just covers your entire shoulder muscle a lot of your tricep and your bicep should be exposed next rule when it comes to selecting the perfect t-shirt is that it needs to be tight in your upper torso region and lose in your mid torso so everything below the line of your nipples needs to be slightly looser and everything above the line of your nipples needs to be slightly tighter and also keep in mind never wear t-shirts so tight that your nipples can be seen through their t-shirts point number five there’s a big reason that this particular t-shirt is looking absolutely gorgeous come closer check out the neck rings the soul of any t-shirts in my opinion – golden rules you got to keep it tight that’s closer to the body of your name and also very importantly you’ve got to keep the neck ring thin the thinner it is the closer it is to your neck the better it looks a great example of a bad looking neck ring is this absolutely lose an absolutely shabby looking never ever go for a neck ring like this and also try avoiding going for a neck ring like this super thick and super childish instead always prefer an elegant tight and thin neck ring that will make you look like a man why number six we’re talking about money when it comes to building the perfect wardrobe it’s not about spending a lot of money on it it’s about buying a few classic pieces starting with this black v-neck t-shirt something that every guy needs to own because it’s the most versatile piece of clothing in the world you can even wear it to some formal events you can pair it with jackets or you can just wear it by itself with a pair of jeans the second piece of clothing we’re talking about is a white v-neck for the same reasons the third piece of clothing that we’re talking about is a white round neck t-shirt why because it’s very from of white we make you can pair the white round neck with a lot of jackets and once again it’s one of those classic pieces of dressing that you can wear by itself with a pair of jeans next we’re talking about the second meal of colors when it comes to budgeting with your wardrobe we’re talking navy blue brown olive green and solid gray why these four colors because once again they’re the most versatile you can pair them up with each other if you want more information on that make sure you check out the video we made on color matching and link it down below but next we’ve also got to talk about the slightly brighter colors when it comes to buying t-shirts the two bright ish colors that you want to go for a maroon very elegant very classy and deep blue once again for the same reasons very versatile very stylish and beyond this it’s up to you whether you want to buy slightly brighter t-shirts whether you want to buy patterned t-shirts that’s completely up to your preferences but the t-shirts I spoke about those are your bare essentials point number seven what kind of Footwear do you select when it comes to your t-shirts rule number one absolutely no formal shoes if you’re wearing your t-shirts you cannot pair it with forward shoes that you wear to your office your t-shirt is on one end of that spectrum it’s the most casual piece of dressing and follow shoes obviously the most formal piece of dressing second ground rule no semi-formal shoes we’re talking boots and loafers if you’re wearing t-shirts you wanna avoid boots and loafers the best kind of footwear to pair with your t-shirts are either sneakers or flip-flops to casual pieces of footwear that go absolutely beautifully if you match the colors perfectly rule number eight no metallic watches these watches are meant for formal occasions and pull these off you have to wear a shirt at least instead you can go for leather scrapped watches like this kind of semi-formal and obviously you’ve gotta match the color of your watch to the color of your overall outfit this kind of watch kind of elevates your t-shirt look remember the scale we spoke about is looking slightly older these kind of elegant looking watches make your overall look a little bit elegant but the great thing about Watchers is that they can set a tone for the rest of your outfit this was slightly semi-formal if I were to replace this with a slightly more casual watch like this it sets a more fun tone for the rest of the outfit tip number nine you’ve got to know where to wear your t-shirt situational dressing when it comes to t-shirts you can wear t-shirts for any kind of casual occasion if you’re just going out for a lunch date or if you’re going on to meet someone if you’re going for a jog something like that in the outdoors but any formal occasion namely or date your office or corporate environment your office or corporate environment party they still want to give out a slightly more workers vibe in all those situations you have to go for a slightly more formal look pink shirts and think polos the only situation where a t-shirt can look slightly formal is if you pair a plain white or plain black t-shirts with a formal looking jacket that counts as a formal outfit and no other situation should you be wearing t-shirts for formal occasions t-shirts are the most casual piece of dressing in your wardrobe and you’ve got to keep that in your mind at all times follow these nine tricks I spoke about and you look absolutely stunning sexy in a t-shirt so until next time guys remember follow our handles go follow our Facebook page from Ranvir and the team we’ll see you later

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