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In this post, we introduce the best Swimming Pool Black Friday Deals 2019. Here we have the top best Swimming pools for you on our list.

swimming pool black friday deals 2019

Swimming Pool Black Friday Deals 2019

summer is almost here which means everyone’s gonna be heading to places where they can cool down as fast as it can you can avoid all the summer rush and cool down in the comfort of your own home we’re not talking about having a swimming pool built in your backyard no we’re talking about something that’s more affordable but can give you all the benefits of a regular swimming pool if you guessed above-ground pools you’re right an above-ground pool is the perfect solution for your summer woes and cooling down with your family in the summer to entertaining guests an above-ground pool is definitely going to be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make in your entire life want to purchase one of these but don’t know where to start don’t worry we’ve got that covered for you just sit tight relax and enjoy the video welcome to our list of the five best above-ground pools in the market today let’s begin [Music] first on the list is the ProSeries 18 foot round by 52 inch deep metal frame above ground pool package from summer waves elite pools from summer waves elite are specifically designed to last so you can rest assured you’ll be getting your money’s worth this product’s equipped with frames that are 80 percent stronger than others and is designed to withstand rigorous use it’s made up a very reliable heavy gauge PVC composite material and reinforced with the same material used for River rafts and inner layer polyester mesh for superior durability it can hold up to 7700 gallons of water and can accommodate six to nine kids and/or adults so everyone will surely have a great time the summer waves elite pro series pool will definitely help you create fun memories with your family and friends in your very own backyard besides its first-rate sturdiness this product features a skimmer plus filtration system which ensures the pool is well maintained as well as clean and free from grass bugs and leaves its functioning surface skimmer is built with an easy to remove integral cartridge and skimmer basket for easy cleaning so you’ll be spending less time cleaning up and more time swimming the pool uses a one-inch chlorine tablet and it’s cartridge to keep your pool clean and safe which is perfect to keep your scorching hot days cool and freshing all summer long the package includes a pool and frame along with the skimmer plus filtration system pool cover pool maintenance kit ladder and barriers for safety minimal effort will be required for assembly because everything comes together quickly instruction manuals are provided with detailed instructions for swift assembly it also comes with a 90-day limited warranty at number two is the Martinique 21 foot round by 52 inch deep metal wall above ground pool packaged with seven inch top rail from Blue Wave Blue Wave has been a household name for backyard portable pools so you know this product is really going to provide all the fun you need and more but the Blue Wave Martinique they’ve combined both exceptional quality and affordability to guarantee your family and friends memories of pool fund for many years to come the dependable seven-inch top rails and uprights provide your pool heavy-duty support for rigorous usage throughout the years all steel parts of the Blue Wave Martinique are protected by the star galvan process a process of coating all steel parts with a coat made of out of a mixture of zinc and aluminum alloy making the essential parts of the pool corrosion resistant and durable which makes it better than most pools within the same price range this product is guaranteed not to bend or break nor will it fade or chip it’s designed to look great for years with its deluxe resin seat covers that give it an on fleek modern visual vibe the Blue Wave martinique pool package includes the steel pool frame set sand filter system with one horsepower pump blue overlap liner a frame ladder a pool skimmer and return system installation is simple enough to be a do-it-yourself project over a weekend the comprehensive manual is provided blue waves Martinique is available in different sizes and backed with a 25-year limited warranty the summer might be the best time to invest in high-quality Blue Wave Martinique pool are you interested in any of the two products we’ve just featured well we still have three more items to review click the subscribe button if you’re new to our community and hit the bell icon so you’ll get notified whenever we post our new content and now back to our list at number 3 is the independence pool from Cornelius this pool measures 24 inches in diameter and is 52 inches deep it’s enhanced with a deep metal wall six inches wide to ensure safety and to make sure that they have the best summer ever Cornelius is one of the most respected names when it comes to pool manufacturing so you can be sure you’re never going to regret getting a pool from them it’s made from steel which is the best material used for above-ground pools and features a six inch wide galvanized steel top ledge and is further enhanced with corrosion resistant coating it’s also equipped with a five inch steel upright posts that provides stability and safety so all you have to do is just enjoy a dip in the pool its steel bottom is made from heavy-duty one-inch steel rails and is protected against corrosion the pool is equipped with resin top caps that protect against wear weather and chlorine that’s also enhanced with galvanized steel top stabilizer rails to ensure its durability the independence pool is designed to look good anywhere with its sand color finish that seriously gives off that ultimate beach vibe just add some lounge chairs and a parasol to complete the aesthetic and voila instant Beach fun in your backyard the independence pool comes in a package complete with a solid blue liner wall return widemouth ABS skimmer and a 14 15 or 19 sand filter system with a one or one and a half horsepower pump which depends on the chosen pool size it comes with a 20-year Cornelius pool warranty to ensure that it can withstand the test of time [Music] at number four on our list is the Zanzibar 15 by 25-foot oval 54 inch deep metal wall pool with 8 inch top rail package from Blue Wave the Zanzibar takes pride in its aesthetics with its 8 inch resin top rail and ensures years of backyard fun for your family and friends its resin top rails are made of the strongest material used an above-ground pool construction which is composed of thick gauge steel and designed to never rust dent or corrode like regular steel top rails advanced coating techniques are used to protect it’s crucial parts while reinforcing strength and durability 4 years of regular use this pool is water and chemical damage resistant and infused with UV inhibitors which protect it from direct sun ray damage it’s enhanced with a wide mouth water skimmer with return system to keep your pool water crystal clear the sins of our bracelets oval pool is specifically designed to provide a quick and easy installation so you spend less time assembling it and giving you more time to spend with the people who matter most the standard package comes with a resin a frame bladder a wide mouth skimmer with return fittings decorative Sarasota tile unit bed liner and an easy to use sand filter with one horsepower pump system complete instruction manuals are also included with each package along with a 30 year limited warranty invest in the Blue Wave Zanzibar Oval pool and impress your soirée guests in this summer with a sleek modern design that will provide years of fun what do you think about our list so far did you find something you liked if not don’t worry because we have one more item for you please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you’re new to the community and also click on the bell icon to get notified whenever we post new reviews now to our fifth item number five on the list is the 24 foot round 52 inch depth above ground pool package from Santorini all Santorini pools are equipped with a combination of resin rails from top to bottom and interlocking steel stabilizers which ensure stability and provided tegrity this pool is no exception boasting the unique pool I pool alarmed this pool is equipped with a subsurface wave detection alarm to ensure that the children using the pool are safe it has a Sun heater liquid heat shield that acts like a liquid solar blanket and provides water from heating the chemicals from evaporating you can even safely use it at night as it comes equipped with the easy light pool system to illuminate it making it perfect for swimming under the stars it’s further enhanced with a winter shield complete with winter block winter cover a winch and a cable this pool is made exclusively from stainless steel so no rust it features 7 inch wide galvanized steel top ledges which are enhanced with corrosion resistant coating 5 inch wide galvanized steel post or durability style and support 52 inch high galvanized steel coated with paint to protect against corrosion from the elements and resin top caps that protect against chlorinated water bad weather and constant wear it’s further enhanced with a pool liner a liner life ground pad a standard wall skimmer vinyl works a frame ladder and deluxe maintenance kit consisting of stainless steel back brush deluxe leaf skimmer deluxe see-through vacuum head deluxe leaf rake an 8 to 16 foot telescopic Pole and a 10-inch thermometer it comes with a 30 year limited warranty unlimited summer fun for half the price of a regular pool that’s what an above-ground pool is built for so go ahead and purchase one you won’t regret it if you found the right pool for you head to the description box store you can find and catch these pools there best prices again don’t forget to click on the subscribe button if you haven’t already if the bell icon you get notified whenever we post new content and feel free to comment or send us a request we’re always thrilled to see them that concludes our list of the five best above-ground pools thank you for watching the review tube channel Channel

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