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Sports Black Friday deals

Sports Black Friday deals

ever heard of time under tension training it’s a cutting-edge Fitness technology that’s scientifically validated to put you in the best shape of your life time under tension training involves rapidly doing sets that stress the body fast moving from set to set exercise to exercise rapidly puts the body in a state that burns calories the key however is that you must increase tension and resistance through the range of motion with a free weight that tail ends of movements are often wasted as once the weight hits a center of gravity it is falling into you with time under tension technology the increased resistance of the band makes it tougher to complete the motion exerting more stress at the end weights don’t get heavier as you move tensioning to us men’s fitness says this about touch by putting a muscle under longer bouts of strain you can cause extensive muscle breakdown leading to sleeve busting muscles we’re Rho fitness we are founders of the original time under tension based high trainer this fifteen thousand dollar machine is used by the NFL the NCAA and the NHL be confident we are the experts that perfect machines that create rapid muscle exhaustion with time under tension training low-impact easy on the joints even great for rehab and the science to turn on that burn that lasts for hours but takes minutes introducing Rho the time under tension trainer sophisticated industrial design allows you to shred every major muscle group rove delivers a scientifically cutting-edge complete exhaustive workout in as little as 10 minutes pull the trigger on your metabolism with time under tension training we’ve proven it doesn’t take an hour to work out we guarantee it the rope chassis holds the patented interlocking bands and increments from five pounds to 40 pounds simply stack on or off the tension in seconds it arrives in a portable durable black tote the aluminum body clicks together in seconds attaches to any door jamb securely with thick grab pads that your pain and walls snap and lock you’re ready to rock this single cable chassis delivers over 75 exercises pull up or down from the row its industrial design that you’ll appreciate curls light poles presses and comes complete with handles bar ankle straps and it even has a vertical resistance training belt increase your explosion off the ground get the vertical add the rove roller attachment stack on your bands the exclusive ability to combine Tut principles for the first time with a rower will fire your muscle groups no other rower has Tut technology six inches wide eight inches deep and six feet vertical off the floor fold it up to store it put it in any room or office and it not only looks great it only takes up inches and zero floor space it even easily attaches to a wall stud comes apart in seconds for travel hey what’s up everybody my name is Austin Dunham so over the years I’ve been teaching and inspiring many people with my youtube channel and in that time I’ve realized that most of us know how effective resistance training is when it comes to making our body stronger but we often forget that our body weight can be one of the greatest sources of resistance if we have the right tools a few of those right tools for me have been paralyzed and dip bars but what’s been available to us so far has been weak limited and primitive time for perilous and dip bars to evolve and give you more and that evolution is my new products double dip bar by 80 workout [Music] the adepts are more than just my baby they are a major evolution of some of the most useful tools and calisthenics push-up bars parallettes and dip bars you see Cal aesthetics has always been my favorite way to workout so workout style that focuses on building strength and muscle through Jess your body weight which means you don’t need a lot of equipment to keep aggressing but when it’s time to advance your Cal Tech’s ability beyond just puts us on the floor you need the best equipment equipment such as parallettes and dip bars have helped me master seemingly impossible bodyweight exercises but as I progress at my calisthenics strength I also know those parallels more versatile they can help me and you achieve more that led me to some questions what if there was just one pair let that can help us improve push-ups what if those same parallettes can help us do more dips what is just one piece of equipment could help us do the exercises we needed to go from I Cal satis rookie to a callous abuse Pro I asked myself these questions over a year ago and today those questions have been answered and the product I want to give to you dobe dips by 80 workout a product with a design that not only makes it look good but also gives you balance where you need it and more variety to keep you going there are many features that you’ll like about double dips the strength the variable size the portability never again will you be limited base from a height of a pellet or a dip bar because with double dips you’re getting the best of both [Music] in today’s fast pace we live in it’s hard to find the right time and balance to work out so when we do how do we know we’re taking our workouts to the next level the answer the pushup machine with the push-up machine you maximize your time by achieving muscle activation like no other equipment on the market so the question then becomes how our team of engineers and product designers successfully created the strongest smoothest and most robust pushup machine on the market today the push-up machine delivers muscle activation that combines force movement and gravity it aligns your body in the perfect position to maximize proper muscle recruitment for a no cheat pushup what separates the push-up machine from any other exercise product on the market today is our patented technology that allows you to choose between 0 5 and 10 percent grades at 0% you’ll feel the muscle activation in the chest core shoulders and triceps at 5 percent you’ll get the same muscle activation and it will be more challenging and at 10 percent it’s the highest level of muscle activation and intensely challenging my name is Graham Wilkerson I am the owner here at Genesis sports performance I’m a sports performance coach and strength conditioning specialist I’m always doing a lot of body weight pressing exercises and you know in order for me to get a great chest workout with just push-ups I may have to do up to you know a couple hundred with the push-up machine I could literally do a hundred push-ups within 20 minutes you may be even less and my chest is fried and I had a great workout life is hectic finding time to stay fit shouldn’t be imagine if you could get stronger and burn more calories during your daily routine anywhere anytime now if you can and it’s as simple as putting on pants introducing the ago G 2.0 resistance training pants wearable fitness designed to turn your normal daily activities into a workout millions of people use resistance bands every day to strengthen muscles burn fat and rehabilitate tendons and joints with eight resistance bands inside each pair ago G adds constant tension to every movement you make quickly warming up your muscles and challenging your new use the drawstring to anchor the resistance at your hips and then slip the Agoge stirrups under your heels to stretch out the bands and activate the resistance we know everyone moves in different ways so we designed a goji pants to come in different levels of resistance use the light resistance to train for your next 5 km or use the heavy resistance to turn even the most mundane movements into a workout a goji allows you to maintain your full range of motion without any restrictions of movement the more you move the more the pants work simply wear wash and wear again improve your fitness it’s as simple as putting on pants hi I’m Erin modern founder and CEO of a goji whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey an elite athlete looking to get an edge or somewhere in between a goji can help you reach your goals just anticipate all the excess we’ve spent 18 months working with the best athletes the best programs around the country including all the pro athletes the Olympians and college programs we’ve seen in a shorter period of time to athletes reaching the results or whatever that is you use it for whatever you want it was an intense feeling my muscles felt activated the blood of my body was flowing and it’s just something unexplainable we spent all that time researching and testing and we want to take that technology and give it to the everyday individual [Music] the setup and storage for Pocket monkey is faster and easier than ever before we upgraded the design to a hyper functional system that fits seamlessly into your life the simple and smooth kit functionality allows you to set up and store pocket monkey in seconds we upgraded the system to a stronger and more robust doorstop pocket monkey is 40 percent smaller than monkey bars – and weighs less than 1 pound so it’s even easier to take anywhere we wanted pocket monkey to look as good as the workouts we’ve been working side by side with our manufacturer to improve the finishes and make a more aesthetic design there are now finished edges smooth corners and a more durable construction this was all done without sacrificing any quality the foot straps are such a powerful and integral part of monkey training we had to make them better our foot straps now have a stronger thicker more comfortable material and requires zero set-up time they are built directly into the system back by popular demand the lower triangle returns to our system this feature provides more comfort and helps to balance the bars during workouts to keep your workouts flowing the new single point adjustment system makes changing the height of your bars as easy as the push of a button we eliminated every feature part or function that was unnecessary or slowed you down pocket monkey makes your workouts fun and easy anytime anywhere.

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