SoundPEATS TrueFree Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Here you will find SoundPEATS TrueFree Black Friday Deals 2019 to help you get all the valid discounts and vouchers you can get.

SoundPEATS TrueFree Black Friday Deals 2019

SoundPEATS TrueFree Black Friday Deals 2019

SoundPEATS TrueFree Review

oh yes I sure do love truly wireless earphones what’s up everybody Roderick here with the sound Pete’s true free truely wireless stereo earbuds now truly wireless earbuds mean there’s no cable between them you’ll have to plug him on your phone and they don’t connect to each other either now that’s the best thing ever up until you lose one and then you’re stuck with one and hopefully you can use one because sometimes they need to connect to each other and they can’t connect independently but with these you can use them both independently so if one’s dead you can use one if you lose one you can use one if you forget one out home you can use one so either way you’re gonna have some music in at least one of your ears but I haven’t lost one yet yeah knock on wood it’s not wood I have high hopes for these because sound Pete’s as you should know I’ve done a video on these ones I use these everyday I use them at the gym I use them for listening to music around the house I even edit videos with these things on because they are that good these have bluetooth 5.0 technology which is the latest and greatest they have comfort fit so they feel comfortable in your ear and a 380 million power battery for three-and-a-half hours of playtime and 15 hours of total playtime with the included charging case they claim to have high fidelity sound with no latency and even clear voice calls which are even in stereo so you can hear the voice through both here because there’s nothing more annoying than having it in one ear and then the other hears just sitting there doing that the excitement is killing me crossing my fingers let’s unbox this thing alright let’s get down to it nice box – the slice I just did we have the true free comfort fit Wireless 5.0 and 380 milliamp hour battery now if you take a look at this you’ll notice that there isn’t a lid for the case which did kind of worry me at first but I’ll show you guys in a second once we open this thing up how that’s not a problem unearth the experience sound Pete’s then on the back grab some information true Wireless high fidelity sound clear voice calls and long lasting playtime now that’s all fine and dandy but we got to open this thing up because out Wow this actually looks really nice very nice presentation I love the black box black inside and just sitting there look at that just staring at me look at that stare it down oh yeah these are actually really small and compact nice alright so this is the whole case right here we have the microUSB charging port nothing else all around it and on the bottom we have some information now also inside the box we do have a really small really small look at this is about 6 inches micro USB charging cable to charge these up as well as a few different sized ear tips to get that perfect fit and this really thick user guide which we’re not gonna be eating now let’s get back to the actual earphones as you can see there is no lid but it is flush in there but as far as I’m shaking it they will not fall out that is because there’s actually a strong magnet in here holding them into place take a look at this and as you can see right when you put them in they do begin to charge they have the red light which means they’re not done and then right when you pull them out they activate that is amazing and as you can see it’s flashing it’s in pairing mode because there’s no device connected how easy is that and don’t forget they’re both independent of each other so you can pair one-to-one phone and if you want to be nice you can pair one to your friends phone if they forgot their headphones each earbud is a really compact size won’t be sticking too far out of your ear and as you can see this is how they charge right on these gold connectors they connect right into here look at that they just stick in there that’s crazy let’s see if these really show up in the Bluetooth settings as fast as they say we’ll pull these out of the case I heard a tone and it is flashing in pairing mode we do have the right one available now something I just noticed is if you pull both of them out they pair together and then only the right one shows up here so if you want to pair the left one you just have to leave the other one in the case pull out just the left line and now it shows up in the devices so obviously we’re gonna want both of them paired so I’ll pull both of them outlet and pair together and we’ll choose the right one and just like that we’re connected as you guys should already know by now one of my favorite features of any bluetooth headphones is the battery status icon now that we got all that taken care of we’re gonna see how well these fit and see how Willys sounds Wow that is an airtight seal and they look and feel good look at that they barely protrude out of my ear that’s insane let’s try out the left one what that’s crazy I’m really impressed with these already now because the earphones are so small they only have one button on each one if you want to skip forward a track you press the right one twice if you want to skip back your track you press the left one twice but you will have to control the volume with your phone all right so now I’m gonna play some music and see how well they sound they’re staying in my ear really well listen for noisily cage can you hear me how good and it’s got one two ten a ten really these headphones are pretty good then alright so these headphones are actually super awesome they sound great the bass is good they fit really well in there and look at that look at that they don’t come out I was surprised by the amount of bass these things have disease things are so small music sounded good they fit well they’re really light but there are two problems the max volume on these things isn’t super loud it is a respectable volume but it’s not like ear blasting loud and then videos I went on YouTube watched a couple videos and they were about a little under a second out of sync so that gets really annoying really fast but if you’re just using this for music and the gym then you won’t really bother you at all cuz you’re not gonna be watching videos unless you’re on a treadmill Paul audio does sound great on both ends was actually shocked me because a lot of Bluetooth headphones I’ve tried they can never hear me now get this right if you click the link down below in description as of this video they’re only 30 dollars now as far as truly wireless earphones go that’s like really really really really cheap and I’m surprised that sounds so good for only 30 bucks I’ve had some that cost hundreds of dollars I’m talking to you sky buds and they sounded like crap these I can highly recommend if you can get around the video being out of sync because other than that these are some great headphones they cut out the outside world they have bass and the audio quality is great plus these are so small like look how small they are in my ears you can’t even tell these are in my ear like I’ve seen some that stick out about 2 inches I’m like no I’m not wearing those so if you want to pick up a pair of these links down below in the description I highly recommend these how many or thoughts down below let me know if you’ve tried these or any other truly wireless headphones and let me know what you guys thought of them give this video a thumbs up hit the red subscribe button for more make sure guys follow me on social media and until next time spin roger come out i will catch y’all later

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