sony smart tv black friday deals

samsung curved tv black friday deals

sony smart tv black friday deals

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best TVs we saw at CES 2019 let’s start with the most intriguing the one you just saw behind me LG 65 inch 4k OLED Type R the R stands for roll-up or as we like to call it roll ed the TV emerges from a long rectangular box like a phoenix from the ashes and when you’re done watching it rolls right back down out of sight it can also be minimized into what LG calls line view to deliver different kinds of content there’s integrated speakers but LG is supporting whysa this year which means Wireless surround sound is now possible in a whole new way from the most remarkable to the biggest TV here this is Samsung’s 219 inch of the wall it’s a micro LED TV which means there’s no backlight it’s emissive like OLED but unlike OLED it uses only red green and blue pixels so not only can it deliver true black levels but it’s incredibly bright and colorful this is a modular system too so the idea is that you can assemble it in any size or shape you want but as conventional TV sizes go Samsung went and surprised us with a 75 inch variant which could be a TV you could own one day back to the LG booth this is the stunning 88 inch 8k OLED it’s not just big its luscious the picture is deep rich and intoxicating for best picture quality at the show this is it for us it’s also important to point out that LG like all the big manufacturers is supporting Apple AirPlay too so you can now play your iTunes movies TV shows and music through the TV using your iOS device or Mac next up is Samsung’s ninety eight inch 8kq LED TV not only is it big but it’s super well designed both from an aesthetic standpoint but also the user experience from Samsung’s no gap wall mount to its automatic source detection to the one connect box and the one connect cable this TV is just a bigger version of the 8k awesome we’ve come to expect from Samsung count on Samsung’s AI upscaling system to make any Content you watch from any source look great at a ke resolution also Samsung TVs are the only ones to actually get the iTunes app on their TVs this year Sony also has a 98 inch 8k LED TV and it’s a looker the feather in sony’s cap is its x1 ultimate processor which does an incredible job at not just upscaling but cleaning up an image those banding artifacts you get with streaming content which let’s face it is mostly what we watch looks smooth as silk on this TV and that’s critical at this size Sony makes a few other 8k models this year but it’s hard to deny this 98 in sure is the most cinematic looking TV we’ve seen at the show now over to TCL which is poised to blow up even bigger in 2019 it’s got a 75 inch 8k TV – but the difference here is that it’s a roku TV and that it will come in far less expensive than its competition with TCL producing an 8k TV at this size it’s likely far more people will be able to take the step up in resolution if they want to it doesn’t hurt that the TV supports Dolby vision HDR 10 and HL g types of high dynamic range content directly from the roku platform making it one of the most user-friendly tvs on our list next we take a visit to vizio where we check out the p-series quantum X this is their flagship for 2019 now it’s not 8k it does come in 75 inch and 65 inch variants only and it doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 like most of the other 20-19 tvs that we looked at however vizio has never produced a TV with this aggressive kind of picture quality before with this TV vizio is officially going head-to-head with the likes of Samsung LG and Sony it’s a huge step forward for them and finally we visit Hisense where we saw two outstanding TVs one the uh9 here brings top-tier performance down to an incredibly low price point a 75 inch 8k quantum tot TV with 2200 nits of peak brightness and over a thousand zones of local dimming the TV will come out in June at $3,500 now let that sink in for a second unless TCL undercuts Hisense that could be the most affordable 75 inch 8k TV on the market now for something a little different hi census try chroma three laser RGB laser TV now as you can see it’s an ultra short throw projector that can do a hundred inch image with less than seven inches from the wall and because it has a TV tuner it’s technically a TV the RGB laser system is something we’ve never seen before under hundreds of thousands of dollars which makes this sucker a game-changer with RGB lasers it can do true white and more colors than you can actually see leaving no color on the table we can’t wait to get this thing in for review that’s a lot like I said it was a big year for TVs at CES 2019 and that’s just the best ones those are our top picks there’s a lot more here and we’re gonna be reviewing most of them throughout the year at digital trends so be sure to

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