Sony A7III Review

Here you will know Sony A7III Black Friday Deals 2019 and also the latest discount prices of this day.

Sony A7III Black Friday Deals 2019

Sony A7III Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Sony A7III Review

Dare we say this is the best camera for $2,000 so we were live in the audience watching this thing get announced and I mean every second slide just kept coming up of just unbelievable feature after unbelievable feature there were just so many things that I was looking at there dan could not stop leaning over to me he’s like stop it stop it stop it it was it was quite hilarious that was awesome I mean you kept waiting for that gotcha moment where Sony was like up here’s what we’re pulling on this camera and honestly it just really never came there’s so much good stuff on it yeah 24 megapixels 693 phase detection points covering 93% of the frame I mean come on 10 frames per second eye autofocus I oughta focus was actually pretty incredible yeah I mean from a spec standpoint it really kind of blows Singh away but we’re gonna take a look at this a little bit more check out some of the images and video that we have for this and also in the description below you can download the full resolution RAW files and some video files as well for that check out all the gear that we shot this with and and also while you’re there please like and subscribe stay tuned we’re going to show you some really awesome stuff and have a ton of fun so one of the big questions I had with these cameras what is going to be different between it and the a7 r3 and there are a couple things that I’m going to tell you about one is that we do lose that PC sync connection not a big deal for me because we can actually still tether via USB and it still has USB C and micro USB so you can actually tether and charge the same time charging is one of those features on this camera that’s just amazing being able to charge over USB and then we also lose the pixel shift on that one you also have a lower resolution LCD screen and a lower resolution viewfinder I didn’t find that to be a big difference probably wouldn’t notice unless you told me about it I would say the screen is probably where I noticed it the most but honestly I don’t think it’s that big of an issue that I noted that much but in video we do have when you’re shooting 30 frames per second in 4k there is a 1.1 X crop and that is a really unfortunate thing now just like the other camera we still don’t have any of the apps and this is a big thing for me Sony there is no ability to record time lapses in the camera or to be able to create the time lapses at all from the camera you don’t mean in Vellamo to at all and so that is one of the biggest missing features from sony cameras right now the ace of a2 hardware has never been my favorite but thankfully we are seeing some major upgrades and all the improvements are here from the a7 r3 we have a larger grip new layout that puts the video record button where it should be joystick for moving focus points in I mean even the buttons are larger with a much better feel thankfully the five axis image stabilization system is still here and just like the a7 r3 it is great to have it works really well for photos give you a couple stops of image stabilization great for those prime lenses when you’re using them unfortunately for video it is it’s good it is better than some of Sony’s older cameras like the 860 500 and it’s just like the a7 r3 and what that means is that if you’re walking you will notice some kind of jittery movements as it tries to correct itself it’s just not super smooth but it is good to have and pretty useful in just about every environment so from a wedding photographers perspective some of the things that stood out to me I would have to say obviously 10 frames per second it’s better than any camera there is Canon Nikon that kind of thing I’m I ought to focus I did find that maybe one or two times the IATA focus caught the models nose versus her eye but honestly it was quite impeccable for me wedding photographers duel card slots on a camera that’s under $2,000 I know the Canon 6d does not have this feature it is an amazing thing to have I won’t shoot a wedding without it battery life we shot four hours in the hot Sun in the desert then we went back to a studio we shot like three or four hours they’re constantly shooting models I’m telling you that battery life barely even moved for two days I was shooting with it pretty much all day and I mean it it was honestly pretty solid another thing I was really excited about was the silent shooting obviously also many cameras have this but what a great option to have especially over all DSLRs that do not have this option we tested it out it was absolutely amazing we used it during the whole time we were in the restaurant obviously it has a slower readout than the Sony a9 but we barely had any issues now you could have rolling shutter if the subject is moving quickly but again we barely had any issues and it really really was amazing really no banding at all sony has always been great with video and this camera is really no exception I mean we’re over sampling from a 6k sensor down to 4k which is new for this camera we’ve seen it on the Sony 89 that amounts to just unbelievable amounts of detail in the image again for this camera we also see that aps-c crop mode in the past there’s been a quality difference between the aps-c crop and the full-frame mode in this camera honestly I cannot tell the difference either way you plan on shooting it’s going to look good the detail is there in both of those I actually shot most of this review in the full-frame mode and that’s probably what I recommend for most of the shooting but it is such a nice feature to be able to punch in anytime you want and get a little bit more length out of your focal range and then on this camera we also have 1080p up to 120 frames per second that is great to see you have full autofocus and audio recording in that is a small loss in detail when you’re shooting at 180 at a 120 frames per second but very small and then also you can able the innocent cue mode which will record slow motion in camera you do that with full autofocus but again you’re gonna lose audio if you use that in low-light results looked really good up to about 3200 ISO 6400 there was a small drop in quality and at 12,800 that was probably the the most usable I would say that you’re gonna get out of this camera anything above that kind of fell apart this is probably the best out of any full-frame camera I’ve seen with the exception of Sony’s own a7s2 so it’s pretty good for this cam we’re not seeing anything out of the ordinary here but excellent results all the way around something awesome too is we do have s log 2 and s log 3 as well as HL G for high dynamic range recording all of that is here on this camera some negatives though the autofocus point is really difficult to see on this the screen is bright that’s good you do how the EVF which is easy to see it is a lower resolution than the a7 r3 but I really didn’t notice it that much it’s still good enough to use and rely on but that autofocus point is very difficult to see and also we don’t have Canon stile autofocus system or you can just tap on an object and let it track you through the frame that’s not an option on this it’s it’s grayed out in video mode it’s in the photo mode and this is kind of standard along all Sony cameras for this one and so that’s a little bit negative on that one and also you only have continuous autofocus or manual autofocus no single autofocus mode in video and so you’re going to yourself programming another button to switch you between continuous and manual for those times that you want to focus on something and then stop focusing there’s just no option to be able to just quick focus on subjects and have it stay there without hunting or keeping keep looking for the next subject it’s only through a bunch of numbers out on the screen we have 15 stops dynamic range now thanks sue snue backside illuminated sensor and 200,000 iso but you know what that all means in reality is that we I saw basically the exact same quality as the a7 r3 and that’s actually quite an amazing thing because that camera was just so good and what that means is if you’re an a7 two shooter you’re gonna see at least about a stop to stop and a half of low-light improvement and additionally in dynamic range and especially dynamic range at those higher ISO is above 640 to 800 ISO that’s where a lot of that improvement is going to come from and that’s an amazing feat to be able to do that this is clearly the best if not among the best full-frame cameras on the market today in terms of quality now you don’t get that extra resolution that the a7 r3 does but as far as your low-light results your dynamic range everything was just about exactly the same maybe a third stop off and third stop better if anything on most of those but right in line with what you’re getting on that camera and even autofocus tracking at 10 frames per second I mean this thing just locked on had no issues tracking at that speed my subject hasn’t moved across the frame with 93% coverage no matter where their subject goes across the frame it is gonna have coverage on there and there’s something absolutely amazing about never having to focus and recompose or worrying about your subject getting out of the center where all those clusters of autofocus points are usually bundled on the DSLR with this mirrorless camera you’re pretty much unrestricted I really don’t think there’s any getting around the fact that when it comes to specs quality features there’s just no other camera in this category that competes with this you’re just getting so much more especially for your videographer and a photographer or you have any interest in both of those features no other cameras really going to give you what this can can provide no honestly and the thing I do love about Sony is that with each new release I mean it’s still blowing our minds the specs are always blown out of the water you know they’re not always saving their best technologies for the most expensive camera I mean this cameras 2,000 dollars and it really blows everybody away yeah so pretty much every other camera you know those missing feet that they’re saving for the you know the D 850 and especially we can and with a 5 d 4 and you don’t have those in this but you know with the with a sony a7 3 pretty much all of the main features that you would want are going to be there and you know what you’re gonna get in this camera again check out the images for yourself in the description box below leave us a comment let us know what you think of this camera yeah you definitely go follow us on Instagram as well that’s where we’re posting all the photos that we’re taking with this camera we really appreciate it please like and subscribe we’ve got some really cool videos that we’re working on right now so excited to share those with you so stay tuned tons of really cool stuff to come

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