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Sony A7II Black Friday Deals 2019

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Here you will learn Sony A7II Black Friday Deals 2019 and also the latest discounted prices of this day.

Sony A7II Black Friday Deals 2019

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Sony A7II Review

Hey everyone today’s video is going to be my official review of the Sony a7 Mach 2 so as you guys know about a month ago I started a new series where I decided to start testing out Sony mirrorless bodies and see how they work in my workflow and in my photo shoots and if there’s a quality difference between Canon cameras as well so I did a bunch of photo shoots with both the Sony a7 Mach 2 and my Canon 5d Mark 3 so if you guys haven’t checked out those behind the same videos I’ll leave them all down below for you so there’s a couple of things that I noticed you guys mentioning in the comments of those videos that I wanted to address just to start off this review the first thing is that you guys were saying it wasn’t a fair comparison since I was using native Canon lenses on the Canon body but Canon lenses on the Sony body with an adapter so just to clear that up for you guys I like to do kind of real-world comparison and camera tests just to see how it works within my workflow and whether I can use it for photoshoots or weddings or any client jobs that I have so for me personally I’ve been using Canon for the past 10 years I’ve built up an entire Canon kit with Canon lenses kind of flashes just everything to do with Canon and a question on a lot of people’s minds who use these bulky heavy DSLR is that they really want to see if the Sony mirrorless camera which is a lot lighter would be able to fit into their kit just to make life a little bit easier maybe as a backup camera or a travel camera or something like that probably wouldn’t buy a whole kit of Sony lenses they would just use the kind of lenses that they already have at least that’s what I personally would do which is why I wanted to test out the kind of lenses on the Sony buddy so the next thing I was asked a lot is what adapter was I using to use my Canon lenses on the Sony buddy I was using the meta burns for adapter which personally I found worked really really well and I got super crisp sharp photos with really nice color rendition as well I pretty much have no complaints about using my Canon lenses on the Sony except for focusing which we’ll get into in a little bit the next question I got asked a lot is why am i reviewing this there seven – when the a7 three is out I actually started this series before the 873 came out and it wasn’t actually available in Australia yet even though it’s not the flagship camera at the moment I still wanted to prove that you could get amazing shots out of the a7 – anyway and I also wanted to use the older version of that Sony camera before I tried out the new version just so I had something to compare it to and give you guys a fair review when I do use the a7 3 as a Canon user here in my opinions of what it was like shooting on a Sony for the very first time so using the Sony a7 Mach 2 was overall an amazing experience it was a really easy camera to use and I absolutely loved the results and the image quality it produced as I mentioned in the first behind-the-scenes photo shoot I did with the Sony buss cannon I do prefer using the live view mode on the Sony as the viewfinder looked really digital and was throwing me off a little bit while we were shooting whereas on Canon I do prefer using the viewfinder as the LCD Live View mode is really really slow in-between taking photos whereas the Sony it’s super fast when you shoot in Live View mode taking photos with mode on Sony made me shoot a little bit differently this isn’t necessarily a bad thing I feel like it just made me use different angles that I don’t normally use and it actually helped me be a little bit more creative with my framing as well I feel like that really stood out at the end of the day of the first photo shoot I feel like I got a really cool angle by holding the siRNA camera slightly lower than when my eye line is and it just framed the shot really really nicely and these ended up being some of my favorite photos from that day so I’m going to be pumping out some roll photos that are completely unedited straight from the camera from birth to a 72 and the 5d Mach 3 so you guys can see the difference in the color rendition and the skin turn overall I was really really happy with the colors that the Sony produced I feel like I couldn’t really tell much of a difference between the cerny and the Canon funnily enough I even posted a comparison further online I posted it on my Instagram story my Twitter and I asked you guys to let me know which photo you think was taken on the Sony and which one was taken on the canon out of like so many results i think only maybe one or two people got it right so you really can’t tell in the final photos which image was taken on which camera something I wanted to mention is that if you shoot enroll and you like to edit your photos in Lightroom just like I do then skin tone doesn’t really matter that much of what it looks like when it comes out of the camera as you can really easily adjust that in Lightroom in saying that I didn’t really have to do too much to get the sony photos to match the canon photos and they looked pretty much the same like straight out of the camera anyway let me know in the comments below what you guys think of the raw photos if you prefer what the sony photos look like or what the kind of photos look like or if you can even tell too much of a difference next up is a focusing and how the focusing worked on the day seeing as I have been using Canon for the last 10 years I kind of have a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to focusing as I know exactly how my camera works and what I need to do to be able to get the shot so I feel like that would be more of a learning curve when moving to Sony in saying that I was really happy with the way Sony was focusing when the model was standing still it would keep up really easily when shooting mid to close-up portraits when the model was changing poses it would keep focus on the face and the eyes and the majority of photos were in focus just as the Canon ones were the only time I had a real issue with the focusing on the sony was when the model and I were walking around and when the model was walking away and towards the camera I felt like it took the Sony a long long time to be able to catch the fergus and by the time it was in fergus and I pressed the shutter I would miss a lot of the moments that I wanted to capture next up is battery life which I feel like you guys know all about this hurry so I’ll just quickly mention it but I don’t like changing my batteries while I’m doing a photo shoot I feel like I like keeping things as simple as possible so changing batteries just is something I don’t want to while I’m shooting so usually for my test shoots and portrait photo shoots I don’t have to change the battery on my Canon at all even when I’m shooting a 10 hour plus wedding I really only have to change my batteries once right towards the end of the day around the reception on the a72 I had to change the batteries throughout the photo shoots at least once and even the second battery was pretty much dead by the time the photo shoot was over and each of the photo shoots I did on this camera were only about an hour long so for me the battery life on the sony a7 – is a big downside a something random that i just wanted to mention was that i accidentally left image stabilization on for the first photo shoot and i didn’t see it on the back of my camera but when i was editing the photos on my computer i noticed that there was a gradient on the top half of the furder that made it look really underexposed and then the bottom half of the photo was normally exposed I wasn’t really too sure what that was while I was going through the photos and when I had a look at the sony menu I decided to turn the stabilization off and then at the next photo shoot I didn’t have that problem so I’m curious to know if anyone who uses Thorney has had those same results as well another point with the image stabilization is that it made the images look really really digital when both the model and I were moving around here’s a couple of example photos of what that looks like so you guys know what I mean again that is my fault for leaving image stabilization on I do like to shoot my portraits at wide apertures of 1.4 which means I use a really high shutter speed so I don’t really need stabilization for my photos so I’m gonna leave you guys with the last big question that everyone’s been asking me and that is am I going to switch to Sony with the a7 – the short answer is nerd unlike the kind of 5d Mark 3 which has two card slots the a7 – only has one which means that my photos on instantly backed off while I’m shooting them which makes it unsafe for me to take it to a client shoot or a wedding or even just a personal photo shoot as you when a memory card can corrupt so that’s another big downside for me I definitely need jewel consulates with this series it also really isn’t my intention to pick one camera over another camera I really want to test out different gear keep my workflow interesting and show you guys what different camera buddies and lenses look like at on location portrait photo shoots so this puts an end to my Sony a7 2 series that I started filming for you guys but I’m so excited because I just got the sony a7 mach 3 and my first photo shoot behind the scenes using this camera is going to go up next Wednesday so please keep an eye out for that I’m so excited to share with you guys how those photos came out and also do a whole bunch more photo shoots with this camera but I really hope you guys enjoyed hearing my thoughts of what it was like shooting on Sony for the very first time please leave Oya comments questions and feedback down below I love hearing from you guys and I’ll see you all in my next video bye

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