Sony A7 Review

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Sony A7 Black Friday Deals 

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Sony A7 Review

So I’ve just bought a brand new sony alpha seven mark one not a mark 2 or mark 3 the original sony alpha 7 now why on earth would I buy a camera that was released in 2013 hi there my name’s Gary Sims and this is gary explains if you want to find out more please let me explain okay so the situation is up until now I’ve had Canon aps-c cameras I’ve got two of those and I’ve also got a Panasonic Lumix Micro Four Thirds camera fact that’s what I’m using to record this video right now but I’ve never owned a full-frame camera and really for me full-frame cameras were a luxury and an expensive luxury because I don’t really need to have a full-frame just for recording this kind of face-to-face video that I do so Amazon recently had its prime Day sale and one of the devices on sale was the Sony a7 now the Sony a7 is a mirrorless full-frame camera and it was on sale with a kit with this 28 to 70 zoom lens now obviously this camera was released in 2013 since its release if had the Sony a7 – and the a7 3 and then there are a whole bunch of variations that you can get in that same family so why would I buy a camera that was released in 2013 and today it’s 2018 why buy old tech well the big issue of course is price and I’ve got a list here of some of the cheapest full-frame cameras that you can get and these price are taken from the B&H; Photo Store so kind of we’re looking at a very standard way of measuring the prices I’m sure all of these devices can be found in authors like I found the the a7 at various times but these are kind of the current prices that we’ll find out which can refer to the list here now the Sony a7 even on the B&H; Photo Store is the cheapest camera and you can get it for just under $1000 if you want it with that kit lens now for one dollar more you can get the EOS 6d that’s the canon and that’s a full-frame DSLR camera not a mirrorless like the a7 and the differences here is you don’t get the kit lens that’s just the body but here’s the thing the 6d was released in 2012 so it’s even older than the sony alpha 7 next on the list we have the alpha 7 mark 2 for one thousand three hundred and ninety eight dollars and that of course was released in 2014 and it does add some extra features including embody stabilization so yes it would it is a better camera but actually it’s almost double the price if you don’t if you just buy the body compared to just the body prices just double the price and then next after that we have the Nikon d610 again a full-frame DSLR camera and that was released in 2013 the same year as the sony alpha 7 and that comes in at a whopping one thousand four hundred ninety six dollars without a lens and then if we go even more further than that we get the canon eos 6d mark two and just for the body of that is $1,600 but that is a newer camera was released in 2017 so for me it’s all about price I managed to get this for under $800 including the kit lens okay and that’s very very different to if I wanted to get the cheapest Canon or the cheapest Nikon I’d be spending almost double the money so for me being able to get a full-frame camera in 2018 for that price is absolutely amazing now that’s not cheap you can get much much cheaper cameras this Micro Four Thirds camera I’m using he is like half the price of what I just paid for the a7 but it’s not full-frame I wanted to try myself to see what it’s like to own a full-frame camera and to see what it could do so what I’m going to show you now while I’m just talking is a few photos that I’ve taken with the Alfa a7 just in the first few days I’ve had it to see what it can do so while you’re looking at those let me tell you some of the advantages of the Alfredo and of course it’s full-frame it’s got a tilt screen which is great for taking photos particularly if you like shooting from the hip kind of in street photography not so good if you want to do vlogging so I’m not going to be using the Alfa a7 for any kind of vlogging stuff of course the price was a big factor but also there’s a loads and loads of great adapters you can get for this so you can put on older lenses in fact I’ve already bought two sigma lenses and I think Mir under lens they were like $15 each if we’re talking American money and I’m gonna do another video probably in September because we’ve got holidays coming up where I’m gonna show you using older lenses from kind of back day in the film days on a modern camera and see what we can get using those so I’m looking forward to doing that and the adapters the non intelligent ones we have to use manual focus we’re like well they were like 20 $20 each $25.00 each so they were really good to get those adapters now of course there are disadvantage to the Alfa a7 you can find these if you go and look at any review on YouTube battery life definitely seems to be one of them much less than what you’d get in let’s say the Canon full-frame there’s also the issue that the focus isn’t as fast hasn’t got in body stabilisation later models of the a7 fix all those problems but of course they cost much much more so really it’s about the psychology of a camera that in fact has been superseded by two other main series the a 7 2 in the a7 3 and then all the variations that you get in those series but actually for the price of what you’re paying the a7 is a fantastic entry-level full-frame camera and it can’t be beaten by the likes of Nikon or nikon how have you pronounce it and Canon uh so you just can’t beat it so personally it was a great decision now of course you may be looking to buy a full-frame camera you may find the a7 is good for you you may want to go something more expensive but I’ve had great fun playing with it so far and I think I’m gonna really enjoy owning this camera and I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do with it and there you go there’s my look at why I bought the Sony a7 full-frame mirrorless camera in 2018 even though it’s been superseded by Sony itself with the a 72 and the a 73 now are you a sony full-frame camera user I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or are you thinking about buying a full-frame camera I’d also love to hear from you in the comments below ok my name is Gary Sims and this is Gary explains you know what I’m gonna ask please do subscribe I noticed that 75% to 80% of people who watch these videos aren’t subscribe to the channel so please if you’re one of those do hit that subscribe button please share this video on social media and give it a thumbs up if you liked it okay that’s it I’ll see you in the next one

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