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Here you will know Sony a6000 Review Black Friday Deals 2020 and the latest discount prices on this day.

Sony a6000 Review Black Friday Deals 2020

Sony a6000 Review Black Friday Deals 2019


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Sony a6000 Review 

So question I get a lot is should I buy the a6000 and in 2019 it came out in 2014 it’s really old should i buy it and the answer to that question is yes you should buy it okay that’s the video bye guys okay that’s not the video I lied a little bit what’s up Internet my name is Kyle back with another episode about cameras tech and all that good stuff today we’re gonna talk about the almost five years old sony a6000 and why it’s a camera that people buy in 2019 2018 it was a best-seller in 2018 on Amazon it’s still invest buy to this very day in 2019 and it’s gonna hit its five-year birthday in February of this year so I’m gonna point out a couple reasons why it’s still good purchase and this year and let’s get started okay number one is the sony e-mount ecosystem and what i mean by that is that any lens that I have for my sony a6000 or for my girlfriend sony a6000 we can use those lenses on other amount cameras from sony so let’s just say we were to upgrade to the greatly reviewed and really popular sony a7 three full frame camera all of our lenses that we own right now on our a6000 also work on the sony a7 three for a lot of people that’s a huge deal to have a bunch of lenses on a camera to upgrade and then use those same lenses so you don’t have to purchase a bunch of new lenses you definitely can and you probably want to in the future but the aps-c sony e-mount lenses that we have also work on full frame email cameras we talked about this a little bit before in another video and it’s just a really great kind of ecosystem like I said where you can switch lenses from camera to camera it could be a $2,000 camera it could be a 3500 Sony a9 you can still use these lenses on that camera so it’s a really good kind of starting point camera to get the a6000 and then once you upgrade later or if you even think you’re gonna upgrade later you’re kind of already in this family of cameras and lenses number two is the auto focus system so right now I have the a6000 I believe on the middle drive mode so it’s kind of like a a slower focusing I mean it’s not super slow now a big selling point for the a6000 back in 2014 and even now five years later it’s just how fast and how smooth the autofocus system really is right now I have it on like the middle speed you can go super fast middle or you can go fast middle or slow for autofocus drive speeds so I can speed this focus up or I could even slow it down a little further as you see it’s a very smooth transition from my hand or say an object to then going back to my face I also have face detection off this camera offers that as well as face registration so yeah the autofocus system on this almost five-year-old camera is really sophisticated and it’s well trusted a lot of beginners which this camera may be directed at more want autofocus they won’t don’t want to have manual focus and have to mess with that they just want to have the focus do its own thing and then take the shot or do the video and this camera offers great auto focus especially for the price okay another reason why this camera is a good buy in 2019 is that lenses are still coming out for the a6000 line of cameras now a lot of people would be like oh no certain lenses are super expensive and also Sony themselves don’t come out with aps-c lenses that often however that’s where Sigma and third parties come in so what Sony’s done is they’ve allowed other manufacturers like Sigma make lenses for the a6000 and the other aps-c cameras that they have and kind of continue the growth without them having to do anything it’s actually pretty smart so just recently sigma made a 56 millimeter f1 point for which kind of completed their trio of lenses that they’ve made for the a6000 line they have a 16 millimeter f1 point for which i’m actually shooting this video on right now they have a 30 millimeter f1 point 4 and they have a 56 millimeter f1 point 4 and they made those all for the sony e-mount cameras so really that kind of breathed new life into the sony a6000 which is really cool to see and all three of those lenses that I mentioned have been reviewed by everybody on YouTube pretty much I actually posted a video about the Sigma 16-millimeter f one point four and I loved it and a lot of reviewers love all three of the lenses so they’re highly recommended and they kind of just expanded the repertoire of lenses that you can get for the a6000 and it’s really cool that those lenses are being made for this camera and similar cameras in the year 2019 so if you think this camera isn’t being supported it may not be being supported directly by sony in a way but it’s being supported in other ways okay and the last kind of broad reason is that this tiny little camera has a lot of features packed in I’ve kind of said this before in other videos but it’s just hard to shy away from this is such a small package but it gives you so much and it’s just really impressive that it does that being five years old this camera has similarities with its bigger or newer brothers the 6300 and 6500 both of those cameras came out in 2016 this camera is 2 years older than those but it shares things like 11 frames per second shooting less autofocus points but still the same super fast speed all three of the cameras have 24 megapixels same max resolution and the same image processor now the a6000 may be the oldest of the three 6000 line cameras but it’s probably my first to recommend to a photographer the viewfinder and the body of the cameras like the toughness are better on the sixty three hundred and sixty five hundred but the a6000 is just it’s more geared towards photography has less video features than the newer ones but still it’s just such an easy camera to recommend even five years after its birth so those are some of the reasons why this is a good buy in 2019 obviously if you need something like a microphone port this is not the camera for you it just it doesn’t have one also if you’re looking to buy a new camera and you’re not sure if Sony’s coming out with a new camera well the rumors all over the place is that they’re coming out with possibly a 7000 which is going to be probably over $1000 it’s going to be sort of like a professional Micro not micro an aps-c camera so it’s probably gonna have more features than the 6500 but it’s also going to cost more so right now as far as a beginner budget awesome camera in the Sony ecosystem you really can’t beat the a6000 and as far as other mirrorless cameras I would even venture to say this is the beginner camera in aps-c mirrorless cameras I got a link in the description for this camera if you guys purchase it through that link I get a kickback thank you guys if you do that that means a lot to me it’s a lot of support and it doesn’t cost you guys anything extra also I have a link down into the description of a DP review comparison to a couple of their cameras the cameras I compared it to you where the Canon m50 Fuji film x85 Nikon d50 600 and the Canon SL – I get a lot of questions about those cameras compared to the a6000 DP review allows you to kind of compare them with columns right next to each other and I figured I would just thread the link down there so you guys can check it out for yourself so that’s basically it hopefully you guys enjoyed this video hopefully it was a little informative for you let me know what other videos you guys want me to make in 2019 I am super pumped to kind of get back at it after the holidays I’m I’m sick right now I’m not sure if you guys can tell but uh yeah really excited about this year thanks for watching thanks for sticking around and I’ll see you guys in the next episode later

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