Sony A5100 Review

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Sony A5100 Review Friday Deals 2020

Sony A5100 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Sony A5100 Review 

A Sony mirrorless camera with a flip screen mind-blown is the four-year-old sony a 5100 still worth it in mid 2018 let’s find out what’s up everyone i’m the everyday dad and if i can figure it out you can figure it out I’m a pretty big fan of cameras in general and I really like what Sony’s been doing recently with their full-frame aps-c and point 3 camera lines I’ve had almost all of them through here currently filming in the a7 3 I love what they’re doing I very recently made a series of videos about their brand new Sony rx100 Mark 6 which is they’re very expensive new ultimate travel camera and that really got me thinking can this almost as old as my son aps-c camera that I got for $300 do better at being a portable video platform and again it has a flip screen but first things first we have to get this camera out of the box well more of a package minimal unpacking complete yes that was a bit of a joke and before we really kick things off let’s talk about the basic specs of the a 5100 spoilers for those new to the everyday dad I don’t do photography and so these specs will be concerned with making online video content the sony a 5100 is an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera that was released in September of 2014 it has an aps-c sized sensor which is the same sensor size as in the a 65 and a 6300 camera and I really like the sensors on those cameras it has a hybrid phase detection autofocus system which in a camera this small and at this price point is legitimately amazing the lens mount is the Sony eat so if you currently have any Sony lenses they will be able to perfectly fit on here it can record an up to x8 BC 1080p 60 frames per second no 4k but it is three to four hundred dollars physically this is a tiny camera it feels like they made a relatively huge sensor and put the smallest body possible around it the buttons are a little constrained and it doesn’t have as many knobs and dials as I’d like but it’s easy enough to say to manual and change the aperture ISO shutter speed to really whatever you want the real main selling point of the a 5100 besides its tiny size I mean seriously it’s roughly the same size as the rx100 series of cameras is the flip out screen all of us have talked about cameras on YouTube wish dearly that the newer bigger Sony cameras had this very useful addition you know here’s hoping for a 4k 5300 this screen however is pretty low quality if the main problem is the screen itself is pretty low res so the video itself looks like it has a huge amount of noise in the image and the first time I turned the camera on it made me really concerned that I’d made a grave mistake in buying this when in actuality the image quality coming out of the 5100 is pretty darn good a huge physical negative on the a 5100 is something we saw back on the a6000 there is no audio jack on the a 5100 that would make this probably one of the ultimate budget starter cameras around I mean like I mentioned in every arts 100 video I’ve made you can’t easily record audio off camera so it’s not a deal-breaker but I wish that all cameras that had legitimate video settings also had an audio in Jack okay we’ve said you’re talking about the camera for long enough so let’s head out and do some auto focusing tests and some video filming with the a 5100 okay and this is the image quality out of the sony a 5100 you can see that it’s doing a great job of keeping me in focus I’m really impressed by the flip out screen I mean we all love the flip out screen around here but it’s just that the focus is really good it’s an aps-c size sensor and it’s got the flip out screen how crazy is that like in what universe with those of us that started filming in like 2017 2018 thinking you could get a Sony aps-c sensor camera with the flip out screen this is like it’s back to the future but it’s amazing I really look like I said I really like the small form factor I really like the flip out screen I’m really really impressed by this I think the video quality is pretty good the aps-c sensor and the sony has proven to be a low-light destroyer which will do a low-light test here in just a second but it should be doing a fine job of keeping focus on me it’s really what matters and the overheating is kind of a problem but you know there is no perfect camera but okay back to the video okay and before we get back to the main video this is the exact same shot from the rest of the video that was filmed with the a7 3 with the exact same lens by the one of the main benefits of the Sony aps-c cameras is they’re shockingly good low-light capability so so what do you think I hope this looks pretty darn good I mean like I said it’s the exact same shot I just the best thing about some of the cameras just how good they do in low-light I do have there is one additional light setup in this room right now there’s a light down there’s a light down here so this shot since the rx100 mark 6 is not very good in low-light I did have to add a little bit of a light so you could actually see this camera so there is a little bit here okay so here’s the actual exact same lighting setup everything’s the same same as the a7 3 so here’s where you can tell the difference ok back to the video whoo okay so after filming with this for about a day what do I like and dislike about this 4-year old camera so in all actuality there is a lot that I like about the a 5100 the small size is amazing the flip out screen is awesome the video continuous autofocus is still amazingly good for me personally I think that the Sony aps-c size sensor is probably my favorite sensor in all of camera dome it strikes a really awesome balance between portability but also having the benefits of a larger sensor that mmm I love it the flip screen is a touch screen like on the a7 3 where you can pull focus with it and I think that’s a pretty neat little novel feature on a relatively ancient Sony camera and I really like the image quality out of this thing like I mentioned earlier I got this for $300 very hoping box for my local Best Buy and I think that’s a fantastic deal it does have a really really nice image and I think this is absolutely value added to my kid however this is not some ancient magic short-sword crafted by the ancients in camera form there are some issues a couple are major like I mentioned previously there is no audio in Jack I really wish there was an audio inject it would be so awesome I would this would probably become my recommended budget camera period from here on out all of the good audio you’ve seen from the a 5100 in this video was recorded on the zoom h1 another pretty big deal and we see this a lot on Sony’s smaller body cameras is the overheating generally if you use a small body Sony camera in its highest available video quality it will eventually overheat the a63 a 6500 over when recording in 4k the rx100 series does the same but much quicker and the a 5100 absolutely overheats when recording in the ex a VC 1080p setting I’ve done a couple of quick overheating tests here in the house so far with the a 5100 and I’ve gotten it to show the overheating icon around the 18 to 20 minutes of continuous filming and this is in 1080p 30 frames per second but it didn’t actually shut down during the 30 minute recording limit so it happens but for me personally it’s not a deal-breaker as none of my videos record that long at a stretch something small that I don’t like is the menu system now I’ve been using Sony cameras as my main cameras for more than a year now and I feel like I’m pretty used to pretty comfortable about getting around the sometimes chaotic Sony menu system and even then it took me longer than usual how to set up the a 5100 in a manner that I prefer it’s not impossible and I’ve you know I’ve gotten it down now it was a pretty steep and frustrating learning curve at the beginning and I still don’t know if you can change if the autofocus system when recording video I can only get it set to do continuous autofocus in video recording if you know a way to change that let me know if you can even do manual focus on this thing I’d really like to know that so what right again I haven’t used this long enough to make a definitive statement but I’m pretty darn impressed with what I’ve seen out of this little camera so far I really like the flip screen I really like the image quality and something that I’ve been looking for is a decent camera to start taking to expose and conventions and this might be the perfect little device for that it’s cheap good more to follow this week thanks for watching

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