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sling black friday deals 2019

Sling Black Friday Deals 2019

so usually the backpack kind of person because I like to have all of the weight on both of my shoulders but sometimes I don’t carry that many items and I don’t need that big of a bag that’s when sling bags come in handy okay let’s get the big elephant out of the room first aren’t sling bags just fanny packs well in a way you are probably correct but I would say that sling bags are more technical more thought-out and probably way more durable than the fanny packs that you know from the 90s so I would say sling bags are fanny packs on steroids and while you can wear all of these like a fanny packs on your hips I would recommend to wear them around your shoulder like this a because they are bigger than fanny packs be because you can easily swing them to your back and carry them like a messenger bag and see it just looks better than extending your belly or behind due to wearing it on your hip why would you use a sling bag first and foremost we need to define that in my humble opinion a sling bag shouldn’t be bigger than 9 liters ideally they are around 5 liters of capacity yes there are sling bags that are around 10 to 12 liters like this expect Pro or this trach but these to me belong in the messenger category I like to use sling bags for all the stuff that won’t fit in my pockets and I still want to carry with me a good example would be a small camera maybe my Patagonia Nano puff jacket or just a notebook furthermore a slingback is also great add-on for your one bag travel just put a sling bag into your carry-on so that you can leave your carry-on backpack at the hotel and just take the sling bag with you on your small day trip the first one is the one that actually has been used the longest this is the KP sling this actually has been used so much that the zipper already has broken down we have two dogs Nemo and happy and my wife is a dog trainer so she used to KP sling predominantly for everything doc related you have a rather big main compartment with separate slots and outside another two separate compartments so this bag has been abused quite a lot for a long time so I don’t blame the zippers for failing at some point the only thing that I kind of dislike is its water drop kind of shape although you can change the side of the strap to wear it on your left or right shoulder all the zippers just open in one direction and with the shape of the bag the openings are basically just facing one direction as well so if you want to change the strap to wear it on your other shoulder the openings might face to the bottom and that’s obviously not practical [Music] with the shape of the KP sling on mine we now move to the air de sling which actually has become my wife’s new favorite sling bag the shape is symmetrically and therefore lends itself to be worn in any orientation more easily just like the KP sling it has multiple slots and compartments inside so you shouldn’t have any problems to fit all of your stuff inside and just like all of air specs this one is very well made and has the right amount of features there is a two way zipper which further underlines the fact that you can wear this in any orientation to quickly undo the strap there’s a buckle do you call this buckle I’m not really sure to be honest [Music] but if you wanted simpler in terms of compartments and you just need one compartment then you can go with the Colfax design aap underscore 0-2 which is short for adaptable auxilary pouch so as you can guess from the name this is actually a pouch that you can transform into a sling bag the material is x-33 330d Cordura would exploit tear resistant layer that was actually a mouthful and this bag would laminated PE T waterproof membrane and milspec webbing and hardware so that’s actually pretty heavy-duty and I dig the camo design the material is rather stiff and the pouch itself is not too big which actually makes this a great sling bag for riding my motorbike to transform the pouch to a sling bag you loop the strap through this part and attach this grimlock on one of the handles so it doesn’t move around too much but this means that this buckle is intended to be used differently while on other bags this buckle is designed to be a quick release on this it is basically just there to attach the strap to the pouch because once the grimlock is attached the buckle can be used as a quick-release mechanism but this d-ring acts as a means to loosen and tighten the strap compared to the other slings this is slightly more complicated nevertheless I dig the simplicity of the pouch itself and the cool looks of the sling overall but what if this is just too simple and you need a couple of outside compartments then you can go with the chrome notch this one has two bigger main compartments and two smaller ones in the front this is actually my favorite sling bag when I go out with the dogs in one of these front compartments I can put all of the dog treats and if you have a dog you know how smelly dog treats can be so having the separate compartment away from the main compartment helps a lot and in this other one I store all of the doggie bags this in particular is also great because grabbing one of these plastic bags can actually catch some of your other items for instance if these doggie bags when the main compartment with your keys there is the possibility that you accidentally pull out your keys as well when you are in a hurry the main compartment has enough room to store a bunch of items furthermore there’s this d-ring if you want to quickly attach a dog leash with the carabiner but as you might know chrome is mostly known for their bicycle influenced stuff and therefore is pretty cool and urban in their styling which might not be a cup of tea or you might need something that has more of a business look then you can go with the alpaca air sling the a sling has a very sleek design and lots of compartments and even a USB pass-through for a power bank but please do not charge your phone when you get caught in the rain but by the way the whole bag is splash proof to quickly attach and detach the bag the shoulder strap is equipped with a magnetic closure this has pros and cons on one side it is very easy to open and close but on the other side it is easy to open close when you want to take off the sling it is great but if you don’t want it to open there is the possibility that you could accidentally open it which is the main reason I personally would not use this on my bicycle or motorbike if this might be a concern for you as well and you might not need all of the slots and compartments then the Hine planet sling pocket of the transit line is a very good alternative as a matter of fact to me this one has a perfect balance of all of the sling bags so far it has the right size it is symmetrically shaped so you can wear it in either orientation the strap is simple and doesn’t get in the way and there is a small front compartment ok on the strap I would have loved to have a buckle to quickly open and close it but on the other hand the simplicity makes it easier just to pack this and your carry-on backpack so all of these are below five liters and capacity what if you need more then you need the code of Bell expect one which is expandable to seven liters of capacity although to me it actually feels a little bit bigger with all fit features and actually reminds me a little bit of black amber you have a lot of metal hardware to detach or attach this handle for instance all the compartments are designs you can use the whole bag in either orientation in other words there are compartments that are facing this direction while others face in the other direction while this is great in theory together with the sheer abundance of compartments it can get a little bit confusing in the beginning [Music] going back to capacity this is something that could need some getting used to as well while it is great to have a row top and therefore some expandability this expandability is not perfectly useful on a slingback as you know row tops and backpacks face up which actually does not change the stability on your back a lot on this sling bag the row top is on top as well but this is a sling bag so as soon as you wear the sling the row tops opening faces not upwards but horizontally away from your back thus as soon as you expand back all of the bag becomes unbalanced and swings around awkwardly on your back I really like the features and styling of this sling bag but I would recommend not to use the expandability or only use this for emergency situations last but not least this is the mission workshop access to me this kind of feels like a mix of all of the bags with a capacity of 2.5 liters it is in the middle ground its shape and two-way zippers allows the bag to be worn in either orientation so left or right shoulder inside you find the right amount of compartments a mesh pocket with zipper and two slots [Music] moreover you can transform this sling bag into a pouch or just hiding away the straps and if your own omission workshop bag with the archive system you can also attach this to your backpack [Music] to meet the sling bag as the perfect size and the right amount of pockets to be inside my carry-on bag whenever I managed to travel with just one bag this can hold the essentials and maybe also my camera or gorillapod so that was the roundup of all my favorite sling bags and as you can see sling bags can be very useful if you like the look and style of carrying a bag like that that is up to you of course but I personally like to use sling bags and I actually also like the look of them the chrome notch is my go-to bag when I’m going out with the dogs while the air they sling is my wife’s favorite sling bag when she’s working with the dogs for day-to-day use when I only need essentials I like the mission workshop access and my wife likes the colfax design for its looks and simplicity and now an if the question up to you do you use sling bags and if so which one is your favorite let me know in the comment section below but also if you have any more questions please comment below and if you enjoyed this video click the like button and please feel free to subscribe to my channel and click that little bell icon so you won’t miss next videos thank you very much okay that was a very long video I mentioned in my Instagram story follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes comments and stuff like that I posted in one of my Instagram stories that this video took almost a year to make not necessarily in terms of filming editing and scripting the video but rather in testing all these bags I got the very first sling bag over a year ago and I collected all of these sling bags all over the last few months and I tested them thoroughly in the last few months and now I have finally gotten around to actually to make this roundup video it was a lot of work there are so many edits in this video and it was of course fun to do but I would like to know from you viewing this video do you like these types of list videos these roundup videos where obviously or unfortunately I can go too much into detail of each single back but I cover a bunch of them and you can view them in one video or do you rather prefer one single dedicated video about one back and I go in depth of all the flaws and benefits of a bag I actually like doing both of them this was very fun to do this roundup video but as I said it took a very long time just to test all of these bags and then to film all of these bags and trying to get as creative as possible with angles and framings but it was it was very fun and challenging to do this video but yeah I would really like to know from you do you like these types of list videos roundup videos or do you prefer single videos about the bank so my idea would be to do list video every one or two months and continue doing single review videos so yeah let me know in the comment section below and I hope to see you in the next video thank you very much you

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