Are you looking for the best skateboard? Here we have the best Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2019 for you in our top list.

skateboard black friday deals 2019

Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2019

hi guys we at the Braille house Fetty yeah already sweaty skin in the mini ramp this is a board I picked up off Amazon we already did the worst reviewed board which had three and a half stars which is not that bad no but this one has five stars 71 reviews Besser hew board rock birth the rock Birds doesn’t look much different than the worst review board to be honest that’s an instant light three stars but I think this is why it has 5 stars what oh because of the tool that’s cool that probably earns at some points by the whole board know the end of the ball grab forever I think this is like one worse than the mall grab that’s the airport grab imagine if you were it like in the mall with this over your shoulder just holding it let’s try it out why don’t we just take this off this put it in the plastic and plastic Wow five stars but four and a half now Lance breaks everything come on dude I just wanted to carry my board win stole my job oh there we go [Applause] Wow fits like a skateboard like a glove hopefully we can get it out if you want to look cool at this game part this is what you need if anyone makes money you just be like 5 stars I should have read the reviews I wonder if I know what it was like it’s so cool it comes with a carrying case had a skate tool is cool that is cool it comes with it works there you go you can rock it do your chain hanging Bob will do the plug so what do you think so far funny case oh they know it’s it’s fun either a truck for you here though let’s do a podcast on this bench a lot of times it’s these really cheap boards you have to loosen the bolts a little bit to get them to roll better but it doesn’t really seem to be making that much of a difference alright mini-ramp it with the case I mean we gotta test the case out right no [Applause] they’ve been down the three the best view board on the bench right now well it makes sense because it comes with the case I’m a trust this 40 or 50 check fish with the case and pull in the case they’re broke back to breakfast cut off the trucks here to cut out the drugs case I’m just making it better like this Amazon videos are like sponsored by Amazon definitely not thanks Amazon now we can three the triste come on you got it three two three three the tree have you never skated with a case on and I like and do some special flip something maybe that works okay let’s see what we got here skateboards rock Birds 31-inch Pro complete skateboard that’s the one I think seven-layer Canadian maple skateboard deck for extreme sports and outdoors well now we know what we’re doing wrong $60 we need to take it outdoors when I figure out how to find a review I’ll come back let’s try flip this now you fix it yeah let’s come 5 maybe it down the 3 but what 3 down the tree thank you cut the umbilical cord so far I’m giving this 5 stars 73 reviews 73 then if you look at the 73 that’s like next to 5 stars home doesn’t roll that well don’t blame the board it’s 5 stars yeah it’s one worse than the maghreb I want to surprise my husband by giving him a skateboard as it reminds it of his youth and I am glad I found it I chose this because it’s not too expensive yet made with good quality I am pleased how well it was made the craftsmanship is impressive about the case somebody shredding it though it’s like a girl I believe on carpet in like it’s all a tray flip down the three stare I love this one I guess this skateboard will make him happy and sure it is no we should write a review in the photo will be Fabian mid trade flip down the three with the case on need to write trade a tree very cool skateboard everyone said it’s so cool and like during this review should we take it out of the case came in the fibers like that over the rail that’d be amazing got to put the case to you run fast and smooth not so much noise that were running out baby you look scared [Applause] first throw very good try a comfy board that’s quick welcome to why the state board this skateboard is so cool nice painting on the back the surface is sparkling black the wheels are really nice well made to it came with a nice bag to put it away I’m really satisfied sorry to break you off your finger boarding competition I have to admit the bag is pretty cool this is a thirty well constructed table made of solid wood someone can people use this for all different things I just know what’s gonna happen first well as the time to take it out of the case we gotta break the case off it’s gonna naturally come out graphic on top graphic on bottom oh you know it’s like the new cool thing I see this on Instagram all the time review is coming from an actual skater you know the wheels still sort of rubber reverie yeah you can hear it I don’t know what to think terrible well extra metal that’s right you can lean the capelin 13 stars we might have to actually just know by now who’s backwards exactly ten stars Troy you got to get on this Troy remember that one wait no no no you comes with the very nice tool you can keep that fitty donkey parts up the London gap what’s that someone told me that’s a donkey that’s why I never let the best donkey punch you’ve ever seen drop to the morning do you sit there playing the game of mini yeah you want to play if I can be a minion first trick blunt drop but you rock that Bobby truck but you could follow me at Aaron Cairo by the way make me look like the jerk everybody oh boy he’s going to the big side we’re counting it so dim revert I’ll begin may need her Tramp get it together people Kelly’s gonna be so upset [Applause] they want to break the new lights baby and gets an M that hurts their Switzerland dark bird let me see that look what you guys did to break everything that’s rebate that for some reason taking two letters off doodle and at that go flip darkslide way are we gonna count that last letter for most people so too easy for Kelly look who’s this went straight through hey Bobby do you travel a little bit thanks a lot Fetty good thing is I get two tries on everything now I just need to go into Smith amenity that’s game Rock birth while he’s having it no first it’s all another not baby was gonna be out for I got my money on only to remain the only Swiss people yeah yeah I’m done judge now who Kelly’s gonna either I can’t skate me in your ribs yeah there’s good little toe drag I think overall the trucks should be a little wider the wheels are a little too soft for me but overall the board itself – concave and so on I think I like it the best thing about this board yeah the deck its office yeah it’s about the design it’s not that bad for a name is on board right what about the carrying case that’s the best part so someone broke it subscribe to everybody subscribe to the Braille channel hope you guys enjoyed it we’re gonna do something else with this board in a different video so stay tuned thank you for watching goodbye all of you guys are invited to the Braille House on September 9 2017 for Aaron Cairo surprise birthday party get your tickets through the link below they are limited and they will sell out quickly so get them while you can this is one that you do not want to miss

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