SINGER 9960 Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best sewing machine? Here we have the best sewing machine SINGER 9960 Black Friday 2019 for our top list.

SINGER 9960 black friday 2019

SINGER 9960 Black Friday 2019

I’ve had many singer sewing machines and this is the best one yet I am really in awe of what came with this machine and all it can do it’s more than I expected I love it and I would recommend it to any type of sower this machine is an incredible value and I would highly recommend it customer reviews say it all singers ninety-nine sixty quantum stylus sewing machine features sophisticated functions and smart technology now you can have high-end features at a great value whether you want to create a quick project or sew like a pro the singer quantum stylus sewing machine has everything you need and more you’re sure to have the right stitch for every project with 600 built in stitches including five alphabets to choose from [Music] with just a touch of a button stitches can be mirror imaged adding even more stitch variety press the elongation button and stitches can be made up to five times longer this stitching is beautiful I like the variety of stitches which makes projects look professional and polished buttonhole sewing is a simple one-step process providing consistent results choose from 13 buttonhole styles the exclusive buttonhole underplate ensures perfect buttonholes even when sewing clothes too heavy seams I love the unique stitches the ease of operation and the performance of the machine the quantum stylist it’s just the best machine I ever owned when you choose a stitch the machine automatically displays the recommended presser foot so you can sew your projects with confidence it’s quiet it doesn’t skip stitches looks pricey and it it helps me pick out the attachments that I need for my project the singer quantum stylus sewing machine has a heavy duty metal frame this rigid support holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment providing skip free sewing and overall durability it’s absolutely the quietest machine I’ve ever heard but a total workhorse my main interest was to get a powerful motor to work with heavier fabrics and I got what I wanted with the quantum stylist you can do almost anything this machine handles everything from heavy denims to the lightest shears you can sew them all with confidence the 7-segment feeding system and box feed worked together to provide perfect and equal contact with the fabric and presser foot ensuring accurate fabric feed when you’re done sewing just press the automatic thread cutter button and the machine automatically trims the top and bobbin threads for you I love the built-in thread cutter it saves time and thread stay bright LED lights illuminate the sewing surface for optimal viewing of your work these lights will last for 100,000 hours and are always cool to the touch wonderful machine I learned to sew on a singer but could never afford a good top of the now you can have high-end features at a great value I love this sewing machine I’m new to making quilts and this machine has all the necessary tools I need it’s also very quiet and it’s easy to transport to quilting classes I absolutely love it it’s so as well and the decorative stitches are great additions to quilting projects the senior model 99 60 sewing machine is great for quilting top stitching and applique the machine also has drop feed allowing you to lower the feed dogs so that you can do free motion embroidery monograms as well as stipple quilting [Music] he comes with so many presser feet Q can do almost anything with this beauty I love this sewing machine it comes with all the feet I will probably ever need you loved a large selection of presser feet and accessories with onboard storage customize your machine sewing speed for your project unplug the foot controller press the start button and the Machine sews you are still in complete control just slide the speed lever to set the perfect speed for your project the presser foot lifter has two Heights the second position offers more clearance which is convenient when placing multiple layers or bulky fabric under the presser foot I’m very happy with this machine the extra large sewing surface is awesome I use it all the time an extension table is included providing you with a larger surface essential for quilting or when working with larger projects the price is great for all the features it has I’d recommend this to beginner and advanced seamstresses before about this one I tried all of the top brands I came back to singer because I love this machine it has every Bell and whistle you could want the singer 99 60 Quantum stylus sewing machine is loaded with many of the convenience features you would expect in a higher-end machine like simple threading thanks to the built-in automatic needle threader sewing’s biggest time-saver the top drop-in bobbin is easy to insert the clear cover allows you to monitor the thread supply as you go this machine is easy to use and pack full of features I love the automatic thread tension and I’ve never had to adjust it the auto tension system ensures stable stitch quality regardless of which fabric type you want to sell tie-off decorative and utility stitches with just a push of a button the auto locking stitch feature ensures quality stitching and prevents unraveling you can easily adjust the screen brightness by turning the LCD display dial i cannot go a day without using my singer what more can I say but I love love love my singer the singer ninety-nine sixty quantum stylus sewing machine offers performance and quality at a great value get yours today and unleash your own creativity hi everyone it’s me Roxanne and welcome to my first video about sewing on your sewing machine I will be demonstrating everything on my singer quantum stylus 99 60 this is a moderately priced sewing machine that comes with a lot of added features a lot of these added features are only on top-of-the-line machines like self-threading needles and your automatic cutters so I will be teaching you in this video how to thread the machine how to bind your bobbin how to insert the bobbin properly and how to use your needle threader to get you on your way to sewing so stay tuned the most important thing to remember before you thread your machine is that your presser foot is not down and that none of your tension disks are engaged the first thing I’m going to show you how to do is thread your machine first open the top cover the machine next pull up your spool pin put on your spool thread and the spool caps to hold your thread firmly in place now drop your spool back down then while holding your thread firmly go backwards into the first tension disks which is number one go around the corner to number two and around the corner to number three continue at number three by bringing the thread straight down to number four straight back up to number five and straight back down to number six which is this small little silver hook right above the needle now I’m going to show you how to use the automatic needle threader hold your thread in your right hand and notice this hook this inverted silver hook on the left wrap your thread from bottom to top under that hook and press the gray lever when you press that lever it will engage a small hook to come through the center of your needle hook your thread from bottom to top and then release the lever and your needle will be threaded as simple as that so why the bobbin start the same way you did as when you threaded the machine put your spool onto your spool pin your thread caps to hold your spool in place and drop your spool down start with number one and go backwards again except instead of going to the left you’re going to go back and wrap your thread behind this little hook you’re going to go around to this next hook and wrap your thread around and then come right underneath this little tension disc and make sure it gets in there you’ll hear a little snap now take a bobbin and thread your thread through the outside edge of the bobbin there’s a small hole thread your thread through that hole now these bobbins are class 15 J don’t mistake them with class 15 bobbins they will not work on this machine I’ll take your bobbin and pop it on to the bobbin winding mechanism and press it to the right to engage the mechanism now hold on to your thread and press your foot pedal to wind the bobbin stop the bobbin and trim off your thread and then continue winding your bobbin to insert the bobbin that you just found on your machine come over to the bed of your machine and there is a little black button here pull it over to the right and that will pop up your bobbin cover I’ll take your bobbin and in the direction of counterclockwise drop it into the bobbin casing and pull it from front to back through this little notch in your casing put your bobbin cover back on and you’re all set the last thing you need to do in order to sew is to pull the bobbin thread up to the top to do this easily you press this button the needle up needle down one time and the needle will go down and if you press it one more time it will pull it up pull your bobbin thread right to the top and then just put bow threads to the back

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