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Sheets Black Friday Deals

Sheets Black Friday Deals

hey guys it’s Sarah from sleep appleís and when you’re on the hunt for the perfect bedding there’s a lot to consider not the least of which is price so I’ve rounded up six sheet sets that I think give you the most bang for your buck so let’s check it out so the first sheet set on my list is the sheet set from purple and the reason that I chose this is because it’s in my opinion the best bamboo based bedding for your money bamboo based bedding does tend to usually come with a higher price tag because the bamboo plant usually transfers some of its wonderful properties such as being extra durable breathable moisture wicking eco-friendly sustainably sourced the list kind of goes on and on and because of that a lot of sleepers do tend to prioritize bamboo based bedding but at the sake of sort of a higher cost that being said these sheets are made from a blend of bamboo and spandex but they range from like 99 to 129 which is by far the least expensive bamboo bedding I’ve ever tested and definitely not sacrificing any quality they are all the things I mentioned but also super soft and in my experience it is pretty much impossible to find bamboo bedding that does not wrinkle very easily but as you can see it’s nearly impossible to wrinkle these sheets or even crease them and that is thanks to the 5% of spandex that’s in there so in my opinion if you’re looking for bamboo based bedding but you’re also not looking to break the bank this is a great pick okay next up on my list are two sheet sets from parachute I’ve got both they’re percale woven set and there’s Justine woven set and because they have different weave styles they’re gonna offer a different look and feel the sateen being more silky and lustrous the percale being more cool and crisp and matte in appearance but one thing they have in common is they’re both made from Egyptian cotton now thanks to the extra long staples that are used in Egyptian cotton it’s widely regarded as one of the most superior types of cotton and for this reason a lot of people prioritize Egyptian cotton bedding because that extra long fiber factor is giving you extra durability resistance to pilling better color retention and also just an overall boost in quality and of that Egyptian cotton sheets are really built to last in my opinion it’s a better idea to invest in a set of sheets that’s gonna last you three years or more than to invest in a set of sheets that you’re gonna have to replace in three months between you and me I have tested Egyptian cotton sheets that were $500 or more that I haven’t enjoyed as much as parachutes sheets and parachute sheets range from 109 to 169 depending on the size set that you choose and whether you choose per Caylor sateen but the satine is very silky super soft very lustrous very in keeping with that sateen personality the percale is super crisp really got that clean fresh hotel bed feel so in my opinion either of these are really great picks all right next up on my list is Casper school supima sheet set and as the name suggests it is made from 100% supima cotton now similar to Egyptian cotton – pima cotton is widely regarded as a superior kind of luxurious type of cotton because it exclusively uses extra-long fibers now like I said that extra long fiber factor is going to boost durability color retention resistance to pilling and like I said just an overall boost in quality additionally unlike Egyptian cotton – pima cotton is only grown and harvested in the u.s. so they’re sort of just made in America factor that some sleepers might consider to be a big bonus now in the case of this particular sheet set it features a very breathable percale weave so I’m recommending this to sleepers who run hot supima cotton does often tend to come with a higher price tag but I would say these are definitely a good value ranging from 100 to 170 depending on the size that you choose okay next up is the classic coarse sheet set from Brooklyn and I’m picking this specifically for sleepers who run hot so this is a great example of a sheet set that is very lightweight very airy and very cool to the touch so like I said hot sleepers is gonna be a particularly good pick for you however don’t mistake its lightweightness for being less durable it is made from 100% long staple cotton and you’re gonna hear me repeat this again and again but the longer the staple the more a sheet so again these sheets are built to last you but also keep you cool now something I personally like about these sheets is they offer a very very crisp hand feel they sort of just evoke this fresh hotel bed look and feel that I find particularly charming and the sheet set runs from about 99 to 149 depending on the size that you choose but other great thing about this sheet set is it comes in 15 different styles so now you kind of have room to play around with your bedroom aesthetic if you check out the review of these sheets on Slate populist calm you’ll see there’s a coupon for 15 bucks off this very Brooklyn and sheet set so check it out all right here we have the loft and organic sheet set from satva and I have to admit it’s one of my personal favorite sheet sets now compared to the sheet sets that we’ve just looked at this one is a little bit pricier however it also offers a combination of traits that don’t always go together so I think it’s kind of special and by that I mean it’s both cooling silky breathable and sateen woven and like I said these things are not always married so satine woven sheets do have a tendency to be thicker and less breathable and therefore kind of warm you up so for folks like myself who really prefer sateen bedding because you’re getting that really pretty luster that really silky hand feel but you also need help keeping cool this is gonna be a particularly good pick for you but rest assured it’s still made from 100% long staple organic cotton and it’s also a product of Fairtrade manufacturing which means the farmers who harvest this cotton must be paid a living wage so there’s an eco friendly ethically sourced element at play there as well now it’s a little bit pricier than some of the others that we’ve looked at ranging from 125 to 215 but in my opinion still a great value okay and last but certainly not least is the Wood Rose sheet set from Magic linen now these sheets are made from 100% linen and for those of you familiar with the fabric you know that it offers this uniquely coarse texture kind of a gently massaging quality however this particular sheet set has been stone washed which is a technique used to make the fabric sort of more soft more flexible so for those of you who do like that gently massaging quality of linen but do you wish it were a little bit softer this might be a part Yuli could pick for you but the reason it made my list is because linen is famous for its thermo regulating properties and that means that it’s gonna help warm you up when it’s cold and help cool you down when you’re too hot so basically it adapts to your body’s temperature and because of that these sheets of all the sheets in this lineup are going to be the best for year-round use and at the end of the day that’s really gonna offer you the most bang for your buck now linen bedding does usually come with a higher price tag and these are the most expensive on the list ranging from 209 309 depending on which size you choose but like I said they’re extra durable they last you all year also if you check out the written review of these sheets on Slate populist calm you’ll see that we give you a code for 10% off your magic linen order so enjoy well that wraps up this review but for every last detail on all of these sheet sets be sure to check out my full written review which is linked below if your not so sure that you have the right mattress to go with these sheets just Google sleep appleís best mattress I’ll help you find that too I do hope you found this review to be helpful and if you did be sure to LIKE and subscribe to our channel follow us on social media we’re always going to be uploading more content with one main thing in mind to get you some better sleep well thanks for watching guys most of you next time you

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