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In this post, we introduce the best Sectional couches black Friday deals. Here we have the best Sectional Couches for you on our list.

Sectional couches black friday deals 2019

Sectional couches black Friday deals

girl friends and new friends welcome back to my channel I’m brandy so today’s video is going to be just a little bit different I’m actually reviewing our new sectional sofa it is the IKEA grande lid Gron Li D just in case I’m not pronouncing that correctly five-seat corner sectional sofa the price on this sofa is one thousand two hundred sixty five dollars and if you missed my last video which was our living room like makeover refresh when I talked about the story of this sofa and how here in Maryland this was an online only thing it was not available like in the showroom right either of the Maryland locations to go and just kind of like sit on feel so this was a big purchase to make online without actually seeing the sofa our previous sofas that you guys have seen in my other videos were the tighter fours model from Ikea we had those slippers for six years you guys they are amazing quality I loved IKEA quality I love the 10-year guarantee that comes with their couches so I knew that I wanted to stick with IKEA this is a slipcover sofa to my knowledge the only other slipcover sofa that IKEA has right now is the super popular at export model I love the ex work so ex work I’m not refilling this so you know what it is what it is y’all I love the exhort sofa I’ve sat on it many many times however we are a family of five and just for me it just wasn’t big enough for us when I decided I wanted to sectional I knew I wanted something for us to sprawl out on and just be able to lounge on and come together for movie night we love doing movie night this sofa fits those needs perfectly this is actually not only larger as far as width wise but it is higher off the ground and the xform sofa and most of the other IKEA sofas if you’re anything like me one of your biggest IKEA pet peeves is how low the sofas are to the ground we are tall people I’m 5 9 my husband is a little over 6 foot so we didn’t want no low-to-the-ground sofas first of all I’m gonna walk you guys around the sofa and I’m gonna share the cosmetic aspect of this room you and then when Chris comes home from work because he wanted to be a part of this – he’s gonna chime in on the assembly aspect of the review since he did most of the assembling my here is my view of the sofa standing on the far end of my living room near the bathroom my home is small my living room is not big at all for anyone wanting to compare this sectional to the exhort I did go online and you guys you guys I will tell you it is wider as far as like with it is way longer than the exhort height-wise because I know a concern with IKEA sofa is the height from the ground overall height of the sofa is 41 inches the overall height of the exhort sofa is 34 and 5/8 inches so this is significantly higher off the ground and that’s from the ground from the bottom of the sofa up to the back of the cushion the sofa does come in five different slipcover options so the cover that I went with is the London LJ you ngen medium gray color this definitely is showing up very true to color on camera it is a true medium gray not too light not too dark that was one of my favorite things about it I also love really love the sport of natural slipcover and I may actually wind up purchasing that in the future you guys it was about $100 more for the overall price of the sofa with that particular slipcover Chris kind of discouraged me from going that light yet because we do still have children one thing that I want to note to you guys and let’s go ahead and take a look so the pillows these are the pillows so each pillow has the slipcover on it so it comes unzipped here you guys these were a b2 stuff okay to get these pillows and these slipcovers the cushions were much easier to stuff because the zippers on the cushions unzip all the way around so these were much easy to get the cook easier to get the cushions in pillows were harder because the pillows are large and they only unzip at the top and they don’t even ends up completely so you see the zipper starts here in here so they don’t even go all the way across the top you guys these were on the more difficult side to stuff removing and washing the slipcovers is probably not something I would do often and less 100% necessary and that is as far as removing this little cover off the entire sofa now I feel like these if you would just want to wash these you could unzip these and wash them but I would discourage only washing certain parts of your slipcovers because if the sofa if the fabric if the material starts to lighten then it will look much different than the rest of your sofa and since I have not washed these yet I cannot give an honest opinion on how they wash so we’ll have to see in the future I’ll definitely update you guys as far as that goes but I wanted to show you the back so you pull the pillows away and you guys I love that this sofa has so many pillows so a lot of the height of the couch the pillows give it because as you can see when you pull the pillows off the back look how low that looks don’t when you add the pillows you get all that height back because when we first got the sofa put together and I looked at this sofa without the pillows on I was so terrified on my crisp I don’t like the way this looks like I just didn’t like it just didn’t look like let me show you guys so I take the sofas the pillows off and then I moved back to here look at that look how low that looks so I was in tears because Chris had went through so much trouble getting this together we both did he did most of the assembly but don’t trip I did help but I was like I don’t like the way this looks like so we put the pillows on and I felt so much better so you see the difference with the pillows off and then with the pillows on obviously we’ve only had the sofa for a little over a week so I cannot give an honest review of how well it holds up over time I will update you guys on that but I will say for the plushness for the size for the comfort this is a value you guys like this is a steel for this for the under $1,300 most sectionals the size that I’ve seen online are like closer even over the $2,000 range so I definitely feel like with IKEA is ten year guarantee on top of that like as far as like anything happening with the sofa like if something goes wrong if it break anything beyond like your normal daily where where is here you will get a whole new sofa so for this price and for that guarantee and everything that you’d get with it definitely 100% us feel and worth though we have Chris and baby Maya is home sick from school today so she’s lounging on the sofa that’s her favorite corner we call that the sleepy corner because you can get up there and get so comfortable and doze off I got up there and laid down the other day and fell asleep and I never fall asleep on the sofa so Chris is ready to give his two cents about the Assembly of the sofa and Chris is very anti IKEA we love like IKEA furniture but as far yes you are because because he always says it’s complicated everything my kia is complicated to put together so what do you think someone and it sounds like an interview who do you think someone who was considering purchasing this couch should know about the assembly portion of it it was complicated it’s not really that complicated you just need to lay everything out you need to have a plan you can’t just put it together us to do it put every separate all your stuff separate all the pillowcases and the pry and the pillows and all your nuts and bolts separate everything put everything in an order like the way you want to do it and just you put them the big couch together for me okay so I told them earlier that was in three sections so you would recommend putting the sofa first the social part together first you could do the connecting part second you can do it in that order so for connection part or the elbow whatever you want to call it and then the loveseat put put all that together first then you put all your covers on our arms you got attach the arm so you got to put the covers on the arms before you attach them so don’t put it all together because then you won’t be able to get the covers on and all the covers I don’t think I mentioned this earlier y’all they’re all velcro yeah they like velcro on even this part across the bottom this all velcro toys you might get your pillows you the sofa pillows might look a little strange but that’s normal once you sit on them like you got a brick of mint in there start looking normal and there be fun yeah when we first put it together they definitely looks like dead oh yeah just daylight pillow top so make sure you put the pillow top back at the top when you when you stop them in just like doing a regular look like you go on a pillow case and they zip up so but other than that is IKEA stuff they took me three at me I’m not the best at putting stuff together they take me a family so maybe somebody else wanted you guys mike has put it together quicker than me or you might have a lord we don’t have a whole ton of space to spread yeah our living want my super smart for that with a challenge and then you could tell them about connecting the parts though because that was a difficult part yeah connecting it you definitely need two people you can’t do it by yourself yeah so I had to hold one end because the way they latch is very strange I was going to use a mallet but died you I actually just took my foot and start doing it and it fell into place he get it to lie as to is a book that you’re screwing there that that like connects it that kind of locks it as it is like two brackets that connects the nectar that you just lay it down and it catches like that and that’s the part that’s hard they don’t just fall right in you gotta like put some force and tool to get it down in there but once you get it in and sturdy it don’t move is fine it’s nice and heavy it’s not we thought it was gonna be low to the floor but it got yeah I was telling them about that earlier feet go on each own and think on each end so there’s a link there’s lunch and what’s a 1/2 and then they’re over here was this women illness middle part yeah I think so it was every end so it’s not I mean you don’t have you you don’t a whole lot of space under there but it’s not don’t think it look like it’s low to the ground but is not I told them nice and firm and is so Chris is a little over six feet and you see that he’s sitting comfortably so the conclusion would be we are ingredients that if this was worth the purchase and that we love the sofa but if you got a extra 200 bucks let them please Sectional couches black Friday deals 2019 ( LIVE )

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