Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Black Friday 2019

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier black friday 2019

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Black Friday 2019

hey everyone Jimmy with Jim’s review room my apologies for such a huge delay on this review but as they say it’s better late than never I’m trying to get my office up and ready for you guys but this is hands-down the most anticipated SmartWatch on my channel especially after testing the S tube from last year and see how great that one felt now I personally pay for this at the retail price of 349 dollars prices are on your screen of course and indeed comparing to most of the competition it is up there I’ll place my links in the video description below click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time you never know when these things might go on sale so without further ado my channel is here to help you make a purchase decision welcome everyone to jim’s review room going over the physical features the first thing you’re going to think the s3 looks huge and it is a big watch compared to many others on the market now myth that but if you’re into big watches this thing looks amazing it looks rugged it looks badass and over I’m very massive and watch now the biggest problem though if you are an office worker and typically wear long sleeves without rolling them up this thing is going to snag quite a bit here at the cuff so just be aware of that now in the retail box there’s small and large silicone wristbands from the get-go to feature the coolest removal method to swap them out you can always swap them out for leather or all the materials down the road here and wearing this all day it is very comfortable here I personally did not have any irritation while wearing now the entire watch is ip68 certified the six meeting that this is dust tight no dust is going to get in and the eight which is the highest rigging that you can get on an electronic device today the number 8 means it is submersible in at least one meter of water for up to 30 minutes now the Samsung user manual does get more specific stating 1.5 meters is the maximum for up to 30 minutes and also to avoid taking this into a shower or going swimming with the s3 on the s3 is also receiving the military standard certification against high and low temperatures it’s also shock resistance also rain resistant as well and with my time wearing this too even submerging my own watch underwater the s3 is seriously a tank not much will be stopping this compared to the competition now moving on here looking at the back there is wireless charging offer through these Samsung doc Samsung is climbing up to four days of battery life which is phenomenal now but my experience of my test here I’m getting two days on average unfortunately 50% less than what Samsung is claiming but on the flip side though it’s still better than most if not all the other smart watches that I’ve tested so far on the channel now the s3 also brings back the heart rate sensor you can check your heart rate instantly if you’d like with the built in app if you’re not manually checking the watch periodically we’ll do so throughout the day and save it into your ass health app I’ll discuss heartrate performance and the health features a bit later now let’s get into the meat of the SmartWatch here the upper button is your back button here the bottom right is your home button and it works as pulling up your app menu as well the home button can also serve as a quick access feature to open an app double tapping it basically can activate s voice open up contacts open up your calendar open up s health or even open up your music player etc but the bad side or the unfortunate side here it doesn’t have every app at your disposal so what I did on mine here I then set up two recent apps which gives me a little bit more wiggle room now a triple tap on that same home button will activate the SOS feature I featured that I personally love for peace of mind set this up ahead of time through your phone by inputting who your emergency contacts are it could be 911 like and selecting if you want them to receive text or a phone call from you and events let’s say you’re in a car accident or fallen where you can’t reach your phone reach for your wrist and again those three tabs will activate this your GPS location will be sent via text or if you elect it to use your phone call method your watch will turn the speakerphone on and you can communicate through your wrist but more on that a little bit later now back to the face of the watch here that beautiful very tactile metal bezel makes it come back and it rotates it you can cycle through your screens and meet options scrolling to my left are all of your notifications and updates Facebook Hangouts calendar events you name it rotating the bezel to the right and showing you some of the things that I have on here I know I’m gonna show you a bunch maybe something might not be for you but there’s whether there’s contacts there’s reminders for the day calendar events calorie count and activity wheel for the day my steps and and barometer here my news headlines linked with Flipboard media controls to control my music and then there’s silent and vibrating alarms which you can set up on your wrist here you don’t need to do it through your phone now touching base on this quickly the vibrations sit on high felt of medium to low strength for me and considering the size of the s3 and I’m usually a light sleeper as well I was expecting a bit more feedback to wake me up in the morning the good thing though along with the vibrations you can have an audio beat go off at the same time and if anything that usually wakes me up but then again it kind of defeats the purpose of a silent vibrating alarm so just be aware of this and I will suggest to you to test it out yourself now finishing up the screen next up is an option to check my heart rate as I showed you earlier and last is simply for apps that I would frequently need now all the apps that I have shown so far can be customized in any order and you can either add or remove them through your phone by pressing the home button brings you to the app menu where roads hitting again that slick bezel here Scrolls through all of your apps so switching gears a bit here I want to discuss the more unique features of the watch there is a microphone built in and you can respond back to text messages via your voice unless there’s also the ability to use your watch as a speakerphone now as for audio quality those on the other end we’re able to hear me quite well I can have my arm out in front of me and the microphone still picks up my voice with a pretty good amount of quality but the speakerphone unfortunately does get raspy and tinny at the very high frequencies when you hear other people talk to you now besides using your voice for texting and phone calls you can go the more traditional method here of typing in a text or even handwriting individual letters now it works for the most part and I only see this method as being convenient in more in dire situations it’s not the fastest it’s not 100% accurate but it works and is there as a unique and cool alternative now another feature is having the ability to store music right on the watch itself there’s four gigs of internal storage and via bluetooth you can pair your earphones or headphones and listen to music right from your wrist there’s no need to carry your phone and this is also very ideal for runners or those at the gym who truly wants to cut the cord now s health as mentioned earlier is a great app here from my testing in recording your daily steps sleep if you decide to wear the s3 overnight and many other health tracking metrics now jumping into the health features even without your phone you can initiate everything right on your wrist for a workout select from a multitude of activities from your gear s3 to label your events here I’ll eventually pick running here since it’s the most popular I can set targets you can turn out of the GPS of course got it intervals that gives you updates during your activities and it gives you alerts at every mile or every few minutes or so based on your information based on your distance your pace your speed etc and while in an activity you can view on your watch in real time your heart rates your duration your distance based on the GPS of course calories burn pace which is essential for runners here speed cadence and then back to the heart rate being displayed but this time in a bigger format or bigger font and with my testing on distance the GPS works every time and the distance is accurate here the heart rate sensor specifically on the s3 like all risk based HR trackers there’s not a hump percent accurate for the s3 it’s been giving me good results when I compare it to my chest strap the one big downfall though that I’ve seen with the gear s3 and this is assuming those who already have data on these apps the s3 is lacking Strava and RunKeeper at the time of this video met my run and endomondo or the only two other popular apps that I could find there could be more coming down the road if I didn’t miss anything comment down below but since we’re touching on apps Tizen which is Samsung’s operating system has been gaining traction and it’s been out for a while now but shockingly we’re still seeing limited amounts of popular third-party apps being supported especially when you compared to Android wear and the Apple ecosystem now one of the biggest downfalls that I’ve personally seen is the lack of Google Maps and real turn-by-turn navigation something that I love again on Android and Apple now well MIT though for most users out there for the average consumer which I do cater to on this channel despite the lack of apps the astroid still provides most of your needs with what is currently available today so despite that limitation as strongly recommend Tizen as an option so with everything we touched base so far on the frontier s3 it is one heck of a SmartWatch here it’s a swiss army smart watching nonetheless it’s rugged as hell it looks badass the screen functions great with zero slowdown or freezes from my experience the screen offers rich and vibrant colors visible and low light of course but it’s also visible in direct sunlight as well I love the robust workout functions and how easy it is to use a lovely rotating vessel I very much enjoyed the design and we lay out the menus and notifications now with all that being said there are indeed a few flaws but it never deterred me from recommending this watch in general now I did personally pay full retail price for this but never in the back of my mind did I say man did I waste my money it wasn’t worth $350 I never said that I like I said I do wish there was turn-by-turn navigation that’s probably the biggest thing that’s my biggest gripe but other than that it’s still a awesome awesome watch that offers probably everything that you can ask for in a SmartWatch today now if you are budget conscious I would say wait for this to go on sale and even then you’re going to get one heck of a SmartWatch one heck of a deal so I hope this video helped you in some way be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven’t already and be sure to check out the ACC’s n watch three that recently came out as well it’s seriously a great watch for the price that it’s offering at tap or click on that if you would like and as always gyms review room is here to help you make a purchase decision you guys take care and I will see you on the next one bye

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