Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Are you looking for the best Samsung tablet? Here we have the best Samsung Galaxy Tab A Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A black friday 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Black Friday 2019

for Samsung the top-of-the-line models like Pino Pro and Tam pro series hasn’t been updated in over a year now the only other tablet that may be announced soon is the tab S but if anything that’s a speculation of this video but if you need a tablet and don’t want to wait for the best of the best Samsung just released their newest mid tier model the Tab A now I personally paid two hundred and twenty nine dollars at the time this video for the eight inch model a nine point seven inch version comes in at 299 MSRP now of course click on my Amazon affiliate link in the video description below if you want to see the updated pricing honestly I think they were actually on sale right now for a hundred and ninety-nine dollars as I type this now as always visit my website for reviews on other tablets and more consumer products I’m Jimmy wood Jim’s review room comm and I’m here to help you make a purchase decision welcome everyone to another review going over its physical bill despite being classified as a mid tier model it’s thin and light as any premium tablet and just like the tap S on paper it’s a very minor difference being a little over 1/4 inch thick at point 2 9 inches versus the tap s coming in at point 2 6 now overall its 8.2 inches tall while being 4.3 inches wide making this just big enough to be enjoyable but not too big where I couldn’t hold it with one hand now the entire unit is made of plastic but being so thin and built with a smooth texture on the back there’s no faux leather this time or it dimpled back like previous models it resembles and somewhat here feels like an aluminum bill that you can see on the Apple iPad now as thin and light as a device it’s not slippery as one may think but it stays in the palm quite well the only physical area that I didn’t like so much was the raised bezel which does make the product feel a little bit cheaper despite offering protection to the screen it doesn’t feel like that seamless piece of glass that would go all the way to the edge but that’s really being nitpicky on the aesthetics but now going around its physical features starting with the right offers very clicky and good feedback power and volume buttons graciously a micro SD card slot makes a return here offering up to 128 gigs of expandable storage now going on to the very bottom is a micro USB charging port with a 3 and 1/2 millimeter headphone input next by now to the left of that is one speaker that serves its purpose here for music it’s a bit underwhelming units probably equivalent to my samsung note 4 smart phone it’s not too loud but with movies it’s not bad at all in hearing actor voices and sound effects it’s not strong in the bass Department due to its small size and if you are watching this at landscape the sound is more right justified with a monotone soundstage again it is to be expected though on nearly every tablet then last year there’s nothing on the left side and nothing on the top either now going to the front of the tab a it features a front-facing 2-megapixel camera and the rear features a 5 megapixel on screen our photos right from the tablet itself that’s unedited and you can be the judge if this looks good to you or not and there’s more photos on my website as well but now going through the display here and then we’ll get into the performance shortly after the screen has a resolution of 1024 by 768 which translates to a pretty low here 160 pixel per inch density now with that being said of course everything can be read and no question the screen is usable but being honest and upfront to help consumers on paper compared to older mid-tier models by samsung and the competitors on the market resolution or clarity is on the low end in addition last year’s tab for tablets had a higher resolution and a 16 by 10 wide aspect ratio now just like most if not all Samsung products colors are boosted with a bit of saturation red and yellow tones or to better illustrate here scenes of the Sun going down let’s say or those who have a decent tan on screen will look a bit reddish or yellow it happens sometimes not every time it’s minimal but it is bare though but regarding what’s on the inside here’s a quick rundown of what’s offered we’re running Android 5.0 on a Qualcomm apq 8016 running at 1.2 gigahertz on a quad-core processor now only one and a half gigs of RAM is on board again and 16 gigabytes of internal memory now keep in mind you can still have the you still have the microSD card slot to use now on the wireless connections available today except for wireless AC GPS and Bluetooth are available but no NFC from my personal experience and those intending on purchasing this for general use it’s perfectly fine running today’s YouTube Netflix Lite to general web surfing it runs fine from my experience and most games of the App Store still no problems at all you can see me playing Batman Arkham origins with no issues and building sandcastles here in Minecraft with smooth another processor despite not being the best the best this can handle the generic wants it to load it up you can run it perfectly fine i got’em it because of its low ram count a 1.5 on android just really doesn’t cut it from moderate users if you have a few tabs in a web-browser I did notice more web pages needs to be refreshed often and the entire tablet starts still bogged down a little bit again that’s more of a ramp issue I believe but now let’s take a look at the interface here real quick smooth transitions swiping all the way to the left now features Flipboard where you can see all of your news sources and magazines that you accumulate Samsung has dropped a magazine UX it seems now one of the new features that’s evident on the higher-end Samsung tablets makes its way down offering multi window which enables the use of two compatible apps to be split screen for multitasking the efficiency then it works great and flawlessly with the two apps that you have again in front of you but I do notice all other apps that you have running in the background here would pause and or need a refresh when you return now as for overall battery use I left this playing a video here at 50% volume the entire time really just leaving Hausa cards on the entire night’s episode after episode and the tab a lasted nine hours and ten minutes till it died that as for more casual use that tablet survived five days and five hours with a total of 8 hours and 49 minutes of screen on time now that’s periodically just using it throughout the day here just checking on social media email the weather let’s say and it’s I’ll be honest it’s not too bad at all just for casual use but concluding this and trying to be fair where it does count but putting some of the numbers and experiences into perspective here this really does feel like a lower end model unfortunately it has similar specs as the tab for from last year but goes down on the resolution the 1.5 gigs is very much 2013 maybe 2014 here spec requirements there and I’m shocked as far as we’re into technology today we’re not at the standard of at least two gigs or three gigs of RAM it’s a to be answered you starting to show and being fair it works it’s good for a light to generic use here it’s very portable the battery seems decent but trying to look out for you guys if you can the Samsung Tab pro 8.4 inch on Amazon right now at this moment is 229 dollars a better processor 2 gigs of RAM 77 percent increase in pixel density for sharper images and I’ll repeat it again it’s the same price basically as the Tab A when it is not on sale if it’s on sale you’re shelling out an additional $30 or so so I hope this review helped you in some way if so be sure to help me on Facebook Twitter Instagram or Google+ and if you want to see some benchmarks on this and other consumer goods visit jim’s review rom-com i’ll have a link in the video description as well again I’m Jimmy with Jim’s review room comm you guys take care and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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