Samsung Chromebook 3 Black Friday 2019

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Samsung Chromebook 3 black friday 2019

Samsung Chromebook 3 Black Friday 2019

all right so today I have actually quite a few things I’m gonna unbox but the main thing I’m gonna unbox is the Samsung Chromebook 3 that I bought on Amazon but I do have kind of a mini tech haul so I’ll unbox the rest of my tech after unbox the Samsung so if you don’t want to see me go through the rest of the little accessories and things that I also bought then you can stop watching the video after I’m done going to the Samsung Chromebook so first I’ll show you here I have a tile mate we’ll go through this later let’s open this box from Amazon so the Samsung Chromebook 3 is not that new I bought it for about 160 bucks I think or maybe 150 bucks it wasn’t too bad and basically what the Chromebook is is a laptop that runs Chrome OS so it’s basically useless without an internet connection but you can still do quite a few things on it and it’s mainly in my opinion it’s not really a laptop replacement so much as a laptop supplement which if you’ve been watching me for a while kinda sounds like what I said when I was starting to talk about the iPad pro and in many ways I do feel they are comparable in that way though this Chromebook I think is a lot less useful than the iPad pro but I’ll get into that later so in the box here’s with a Chromebook in this box right here and I have a few other accessories that I’ll put on the side and I’ll show them off in a second so in the Chromebook tile outlet lightning cable and a splitter a power outlet splitter so let’s put these accessories on the side and I’ll explain why and what those are in a second and let’s get to the good point this is the Chromebook this was actually something that I bought used through Amazon and yeah I believe it was used through Amazon Fulfillment Center and yeah you can see here that they put a sticker that says Amazon warehouse deals inspected so it should be working fine it even came in the original packaging it looks like looks really nice and you can see here that it says the Chromebook 3 and if you want to know some of the specs they’re here as well so it has 4 gigs of RAM it has it doesn’t have the ports listed here but it has an Intel Celeron shipped 11.6 inch screen running Chrome OS and only 16 gigabytes of storage so that’s not a lot at all but I don’t need that much storage so and that kind of fit me fine and that’s basically all the box says so let me cut this open so basically yes this is not a laptop replacement in my opinion by any means this is just a supplement for something that you need that’s pretty cheap that you need to kind of toss around and just do some Internet related tasks on which is what I need to do so I’m a college student and a lot of what I do is watching lecture videos for class and taking notes and I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro which is great but taking that all go to the library over and over again when I really just need to access the internet and not do much else on it it’s kind of a pain so I figured I might as well spend a little bit of money on a really cheap device that even if it broke or got damaged it wouldn’t really matter to me so again it was less than 200 bucks so I didn’t think it was too bad of a deal though when you are in college every dollar counts so see how this works okay here we go and the packaging is actually really nice and super simple which I love so you get their little power adapter here which is actually you know a lot nicer looking than I was expecting you has a nice little brick I know the prongs don’t fold in so that’s a little bit annoying but you know it’s not it’s built into the the adapter the power brick so that’s nice and you have the velcro here around the thing to around the wires and then you just get this little plug right here to charge your Chromebook so I can put that on the side and then the Chromebook here which they packaged super nicely that’s very nice of them to do that I hate styrofoam but you know yeah it’s the thought that counts Wow so this is super light which is really what I wanted so basically I have an iPad pro which I used to take all my notes but I need to watch lectures on something to take the notes on my iPad so this is basically what the purpose this is going to serve is just so I can watch videos for school in the library that is because I’m I go to the library a lot I’m not usually in my room that often so this is really useful and I needed it to be super light so I’m only gonna have the only things I’m gonna have my backpack this year starting the summer actually is the Chromebook and the iPad which combined probably weighs about four pounds so this weighs about two and a half pounds I think and the iPad with the keyboard that I have on it probably also weighs about two and a half pounds or maybe a little bit less actually but combined it’s about four oh that’s five pounds I’m sorry probably about five pounds four to five pounds you know it’s less than six pounds in my bag and I’m super excited about that and then in here you see there’s a little Quick Start Guide which I don’t think anyone really needs in fact I’m not even gonna open it I’m just gonna leave it and I usually keep the boxes of my products but I don’t think I’ll keep the box of this because it just doesn’t seem necessary so let’s put the Box away and let’s unwrap this you know really nice looking device actually have a little bit of oh here it is there you go the Samsung Chromebook 3 so I don’t know if you guys can tell but it’s surprisingly good-looking a built quality feels really nice actually even though it’s like 150 bucks yeah this is actually really nice this is exactly what I was looking for I’m super pleased so far about what I see so you have a nice chrome logo here Samsung written here the color is amazing it’s very thin it looks thicker on camera actually which is kind of funny but I’m person that looks a lot dinner so you can see here you have a charging port a USB port HDMI micro SD card slot I believe this one is a USB 2.0 and then on this side we have a headphone jack and USB 3.0 I don’t think I’ll be using USB in that much with this but it’s so nice that it’s there and I’m also super glad there’s an HDMI port because I would like to hook it up to my monitor just to see what it looks like because I think I’d be super cool okay so enough looking at that let’s open this up okay you have to put your finger here for it to open up it does have quite a bit of bezel around the side which is completely fine I’m not you know that’s not that big of a deal it’s just to watch your videos on you just have a camera up top right there I don’t know what kind of how good the camera is what the quality is but I’m not gonna be using that anyway and then here it says Intel Inside let’s boot it up and go through everything so some things that I’ve heard but I haven’t know that I’ve heard about this device that I obviously can’t verify right now until we start this process is that the screen is not the best quality the screen doesn’t have great viewing angles which it doesn’t really matter to me because I won’t be looking at it except at one angle inside so that should be completely fine and let me see it seems like there’s no power in here so let’s unwrap the adapter so I can plug it in so we just peel off the plastic here I get a really nice looking adapter for such a cheap device you know it’s it’s a lot nicer than I thought it was gonna be I really have low expectations even has a little indicator here to show you I guess hopefully it’ll change colors depending on whether the computers charged or not so let me plug it in so let me use a trackpad a trackpad seems perfectly fine so far and let me set this up really quick okay so I set up my Wi-Fi let me see what this is saying help make setting diagnostics okay yeah you can send Diagnostics that’s fine except to continue okay so now I have to sign into my Chromebook and I’m just gonna use my Google account okay so I’ve signed into my Google account and on you to choose a picture right now this is a very Windows vibe that I’m getting from it the windows setup process and when you log into like a Windows 8 or Windows 10 device one thing I did want to note is that this is supposed to have about 10 hours of battery life when it is charged here you can access all your apps I believe one thing I do need to download is VLC all right so it turns out I needed OS updates so I’m updating that right now to see hopefully I can download VLC easily now cuz I couldn’t find it on this store and I think it’s cuz I just had to update my Chromebook so we’ll see so far I’m loving it it’s not super snappy as I thought it was gonna be it’s you know it’s it’s fast but it’s not you know as quick as like an iPad and I’ve been pro at least so I was a little bit shocked to see that I was expecting to be like at least as fast as an iPad pro also like I mentioned before I said the screen was gonna be super bad and you know I was right the screen is not that great but again it doesn’t really matter to me that much because I’m just gonna be using it from one angle really so it really shouldn’t have that huge of an impact and when you’re looking at it straight on I mean I know it’s really hard to see on the video and what I’m looking at it right now it actually looks pretty good so I’m happy with that I’m really happy with the form factor instead of the function buttons you have you know volume buttons which is nice and you have a brightness button here and I think this is settings oh that’s to decrease the brightness actually then you have this button looks like a full-screen button refresh back and forward so I haven’t really used to all them yet but it’s super convenient to have those the function buttons the keyboard is actually pretty good all things considered I’m pretty satisfied and the track then the track that isn’t bad at all I’m pretty satisfied with that too so let me try to find VLC one more time because you know that is a pretty big reason for me to use the Chromebook because I really I really do need to use VLC ok so I finally have been able to log into the Google Play Store so i can download android apps on my Chromebook now like microsoft word excel i’m not gonna do that because i don’t want any of that on my Chromebook i really want to keep this bare-boned i just checked my storage i actually only have like nine point eight gigs on this so even though i’m king with 16 gigs I guess the software is taking up like 6 to 7 gigs of storage so that’s a little bit disappointing but at least I get to install VLC i just need to use web browsing functions really when i’m taking this on to go and then at home i really need to use my mac for a whole bunch of other stuff but let’s just quickly go through some of the other items that I have here that also came to the Amazon package first is this three outlet tap by GE it was super cheap I think it was like 4 bucks and basically it’s just something you plug into an outlet so that you have three ports or three outlets now instead of one and it was pretty small looking pretty compact so I thought I’d pick this up to use then I also have this lightning cable slash micro USB cable so it has two it has two connections on it and I can show you that music so basically right now it’s a lightning cable and I’m sure you guys have seen this before and I knew unplug it and then it becomes a microUSB cable the other thing I bought from Amazon is this Belkin travel surge protector and it’s not really I’m not gonna be using it for travel I’m just gonna be keeping it plugged in into my outlet but it’s nice because it has USB ports it’s like that GE 3 outlet tap except this one also has USB ports built into it so let’s open that up so you can see this is a lot heavier than the other one you can take this off to plug it in and then you can press this button here and you should be able to turn this and then you can see it has three outlets right here and then two USB ports here to plug in things to charge so that’s super cool last time at least I also bought a tile this is a tile mate and basically what happened was I was on a flight recently and my luggage got lost so I thought I would try to plug put this in my luggage for all future flights to make sure that I can always track to see where my luggage is so it’s a really tiny device here that I’ll just pull out there’s some paperwork on the bottom that teaches you how to use it but I will go through all that on my own time and learn how to set it up I just wanted to show you guys kind of some of the stuff that I bought and open it with you but that’s about it this is all the stuff I had I hope this was a little bit entertaining and fun just to see what kind of tech I’ve been purchasing lately or myself hope you liked it and thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one

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