Samsung 970 EVO 1TB Black Friday 2019

Welcome! Looking for an SSD hard drive for your pc here we have the best Samsung 970 EVO 1TB Black Friday 2019 for you in our list.

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB black friday 2019

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB Black Friday 2019

hello people of the internet this time something came in from computron ik there’s a PC store in Poland it’s very days there it is 970 Pro one terabyte version there’s the whole box there’s the sticker it’s a brand new look come on focus camera brain speaking you look at the date look at the date okay there’s the seal right there the key recorder yeah pause the video if you want to scan it okay so what do I open it I think I will open it right here so let’s cut this you see what it’s cut fish me okay see what’s inside and there it is it’s looking pretty different than the previous model I have few previous models Evo and pro show you this in a few seconds so there’s the box let’s open it yes secure color here pause the video if you want to scan it okay another QR code here and get a pause the video if you want to scan it okay so what’s under the drive under the drive there’s a information guide and word safety again QR code pause the video of you on the scanner what’s here specification okay let’s put this aside there’s the drive itself let me take it off from there from this tray let’s see it in close-up there you have it now I have a old model let me bring the old 960 pro now if you look closer that’s the old one that’s the new one see the dimensions are basically the same they see the new one is the silver thing right there this is a bit different okay let’s see another side so like you can see the PCB is this is this one this is the new one this is the old one the PCB on the old one is a little a little darker and a little brighter on the new one but there is still this sticker with heatsink copper sticker and both of those drives consider two differences they’re small differences okay so they’re also the evil version okay I will use the this motherboard for testing let me open it and maybe I will use this asus hyper kit to install or this one I’m not sure I’m not sure which one I use oh maybe I will put the this one today straight to the motherboard yeah yeah let’s do it let’s do this one to the straight straight to the motherboard and let’s test it so I also have 250 version they are looking pretty same just new ones is a bit different like I said before ok let’s install those drives not not all of them I think the 250 version will stay offline let’s take the window and install the drive okay so both drives are installed 960 right there 970 right there okay so first we will benchmark the 960 pro 90 percent full burn mine when your disc is full your performance are dropping so and then the score is this okay now let’s hit the old rice okay now let’s go to the 970 light the streamer zero terabytes where you can see hit benchmark try it again and now I can benchmark it okay now let’s benchmark it the brand spanking new no data let’s see the almost 78 degrees Celsius it is very hard and that’s this score oh my god this scope is pretty good but look how hot it is it’s getting pretty hot this Drive not say so night now the drive is coming off because I’m not doing it and anything now is on Oregon and 60 degrees Celsius let’s skip this now let’s test today see where the previous version the 960 with this benchmark crystal see the temperature’s going up pretty good 3000 okay so the benchmark for the old one is almost done which is need to wait to hit – yeah it is done right now now the new one oh and you’ll see what happened with the new one the new one is empty again yep very nice look at the look at these skulls here in there okay cool 32 it’s pretty similar okay so that’s the score for this benchmark well you can see the old one is thermal shorting look look look what happen here it’s going down drastically because of the temperature I think it’s because of the temperature okay so let’s just stop it right there and now let’s do the let’s do the new one okay so that’s it for this benchmark now let’s do another one let’s do this one this is a very cool benchmark let’s see what what’s the score will be T okay see total 13,000 total now let’s go anyway so that’s the score now let’s hit the new one let’s see what this car will be if you’re right there and that’s the skull for the new one look and it’s higher okay let’s do the real life test you see I have a lot of videos here and photos see it’s a five hundred and fifty four files in 42 folders total 45 and there and almost forty six gigabytes gigabytes let’s copy to the new drive top let’s see how fast it will go look what happen here look 1.41 26 getting down getting up 1.7 1.8 9 and in the end it was 2 gigabyte per second a second and that 45 gigabyte just like that 46 so this is the last benchmark I’m very sorry the screen is so small because my my drivers they saw something off with the drivers and the software my screen is in 4k and it’s recording in Full HD that’s why this car is that’s right the window is so small let me see all the application working very fast just like that look BAM and it’s gonna and it’s gonna this call in the as the benchmark you can see I hope you can see it yeah it’s very nice Drive I think that’s it thanks for watching and good bye

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