samsung 75 inch tv black friday deals

samsung 75 inch tv black friday deals

samsung 75 inch tv black friday deals

Let’s have a look at these deals to see what is the right price for you in this  samsung 75 inch tv black friday deals

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this is the new 2019 lg nano cell TV it’s the biggest TV I’ve ever had but fortunately thanks to those super thin bezels or what LG called nano bezels I don’t think it looks too ridiculously big for my tiny little living room right so a big thank you to LG for sending this out for me to try out and straight away I have to say how impressive it is considering it’s not an OLED TV now of course LG makes them the best o LEDs on the market but these LG nano cell TVs are sort of their top-of-the-line nonno LEDs they use traditional LED technology rather than organic LED or OLED so they’re a little bit more affordable and therefore they’re competing with other brands LED and Q LED TVs so it’s 4k HDR and it uses full array LED backlighting and combined with the nano cell tech that improves very angles color accuracy contrast and also offering a IAP scaling picture quality on this thing is stunning LG’s marketing department really do love the word nano we’ve got nano colors nano blacks nano accuracy and that nano bezel there is a good reason behind this branding though and that’s because these TVs use a one nanometer particle filter the LG say helps to enhance color purity and give you a better viewing experience what that means in practice is you get super wide viewing angles there’s barely any brightness and color shift unlike most traditional LED TVs so if you’ve got a bunch of mates coming around to play some games or watch a movie even those in the cheap seats the back will still get a great viewing experience and this is all helped by the fact it uses an IPS panel which unlike traditional VA panels on lots of LED TVs gives you better viewing angles and also more accurate colors so with that nano particle filter which they say helps to filter out duller colors you get the purest and the most accurate colors possible you really have to see it to believe it watching this through a compressed YouTube video does not do it justice and with that full array dimming back light compared to edgelet LED TVs you get much deeper blacks and finer detail so even in really dark seams you get deep inky blacks at the same time you don’t get as much haloing around bright areas with a dark background so it looks great just watching TV but to get the most out of it you’ll want to watch a UHD blu-ray stream of 4k HDR movie it even supports Dolby vision HDR one thing that really frustrates me about a lot of TVs is you have to spend hours in the picture settings tweaking every little thing to get the best possible image quality so one thing I like about this LG TV is you get some great presets when I’m just watching regular TV I’ll have it either in ISF expert bright or dark depending on whether I’m watching in a day or a night but then when I’m watching a movie and then switch it to Technicolor expert you can still tweak the settings to your heart’s content but these presets have all been tuned to be as authentic as possible to the source material so you get a great picture and there’s minimal faffing about in the settings other improvements this year include the new alpha 7 gen 2 processor and this brings with it improved noise reduction better contrast especially if you turn on the local dimming picture setting and it also has AI deep-learning built in which optimizes picture and sound quality so using a massive database of images it can detect objects and scenes on screen like a face or grass or something and then optimize the settings to give you a better picture it’s also the first time we get the latest HDMI 2.1 port which adds support for things like EARC so if you have compatible speakers or sound bars you can get lossless Dolby Atmos sound we also get VR R or variable refresh rate plus we can get TTP and even 4k at 120 Hertz on this TV so gaming is awesome and it’ll automatically switch to game mode with the lowest input lag when it detects a console input navigating around menus is also really easy with LG’s magic remote which Kalibak like a laser pointer using its gyroscope so you can go straight to what you want it makes it much quicker for inputting your email and password when you’re logging into apps and also using Web OS 4.5 here it’s a really slick and fast experience this is the latest version of webOS which adds a home dashboard a second row above the apps which gives you contextual information so you can hover over Netflix and you can see recently watched and recommended shows it also has the Google assistant built-in and soon through an update it’ll also have Alexa support let’s try it out the tech chap YouTube there we go like a subscribe let’s try something else our planet Netflix there we go so I can then just click on that and we’re good to go overall then with its nano self picture quality stylish design AI features plus future-proof hdmi 2.1 ports it’s a very impressive TV I’m just glad they didn’t send another 75 inch one to try out because I don’t think I’d have room for that

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