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black friday deals on roller skates 2019

Black Friday Deals on Roller Skates 2019

all right we are live hey planet roller skaters I’m here in Long Beach California and today I’m going live because I want to quickly answer a question that so many of you have been asking me for so long and that is what skates should I buy so I’ve started to film this episode like five times I tried filming an episode all about wheels I tried filming an episode that’s like a skate buying guide and every time I get way too technical way too into detail and I’m like people don’t need to learn about like crazy wheel durometer yet they just need the basic information to get rolling so that’s what I’m gonna try to give you guys today but first I want to know where are you watching from comment in the comments and yeah I’ll try to give you guys the info you need and yeah let’s just let’s do it so here I am and at the top in Long Beach roller skate shop so it’s closed right now I’m gonna go in and give you guys a little tutorial so here’s the shop hey from London hey Bulgaria that’s awesome Greece wow you guys are from all over the world so exciting so this is the skate shop and as you can see there are a lot of different skates here so I’m gonna tell you that oh Texas a Texas so the number one most important thing when you’re buying your skates is to make sure the wheels roll that seems so like common sense but if you go to big five or Academy or a big chain sporting goods store and you go try to spin the wheels like this let me show you you just have to spin the wheel so see how that wheel like spins freely if you go to the skates at the big sporting goods stores those wheels don’t spin so it may seem like a great idea it’s like oh these gates are only 40 dollars they’re gonna work make sure the wheels spin because if they don’t you’re gonna end up having to invest in new wheels and bearings which may actually cost just as much is a quality skate if you were to just buy a quality skate outright so with that being said with rollerskates the price directly correlates to the quality so when you’re spending $300 on a brand new Moxie lolly it really is a quality boot that’s gonna last you a long time with that being said there are other options and things that you could do to get skates when you’re first starting and you don’t have to invest in the really fancy skates so what I did when I first joined roller derby was I went on Craigslist and I found a gal that had just quit roller derby and I got her entire set up for really really cheap and those skates lasted me two years they worked great and they were these skates when I joined you pretty similar the red dil version of these guys and yeah they were less than $100 from Craigslist they were used but they worked great so don’t feel any pressure to have to go out and buy a really fancy nice new skate set up you can make it work with anything that rolls so if you do buy this skates from Big Five and you want to make those work you can always go buy new wheels and bearings and put those on those skates and make it work just know that the traps and the plates are made of plastic so the quality isn’t that great and they won’t last you very long but if you just want to kind of try it out and see if skating is for you that’s a great way to go so besides the wheels rolling the other thing that you want to ask yourself is what type of skating do I want to do so oh look there’s my Planet roller skate poster I put it up in the shop a little while ago so if you’re watching my channel you’re probably interested in outdoor skating rink skating maybe skate parks and some of you guys might be interested in roller derby and so yeah the let me think if you plan on skating outside or doing dance skating or so dance skating and skate parks I would recommend getting a heel on your skate so that looks like this so these skates all have heels so these are all great if you plan on doing any dance skating or ramps or outdoor skating so if you want to play roller derby I see you there URI with your hands up you actually want to skate that doesn’t have a heel so all of these are Derby boots and you can see that they have their flat right here and so that gives you more more agility and ability to to block in Derby so if you decide that you want to play Barbie a lot of Derby players is typically like the low-cut boot with wider wheels and no heel but if you want to dance skate or ramps it’s usually a higher top boot for support and a heel that puts you on the ball of your foot so phones ringing we’re closed so I’m not gonna answer it right now plus I’m in the middle YouTube video but yeah so the thing that’s awesome about the heel of this skate is it puts you on your toes so I can squat all the way down like this let me show you guys a little down so you can see the heel in my skate and whenever you squat low it’s natural if you’re barefoot to go onto your toes so with the kilo whenever your flies super low and naturally it feels a little bit more comfortable being able to get low then also if you’re doing any sort of dancing it puts your weight more towards your toes so it’s a little more comfortable to do dancing so the other thing that you want to ask yourself in relation to boots is what material do I want so if you’re vegan you probably want a vinyl if you want something that’s really comfortable and molds to your foot I would absolutely recommend leather or suede I but again a lot of this comes down to a price and budget and you know the question might be more like what can I afford right now so again don’t ever feel the pressure that you have to like get the most expensive skate they’re great skates that are very affordable and work like a charm so we talked about wheels we talked about the boot that might want the other thing that you want to consider is the plate so there are two different there they’re metal plates and then there are nylon plates so the lolly comes with a nylon plate the beach bunny or here’s the jackboot this comes with a metal plate and then the beach bunny down here comes with a metal plate also so when it comes to plates plates aren’t something you really need to worry too much about in the beginning but just so you have the information the nylon plates are there a little bit Benzi but they’re really really lightweight so that’s something that’s really awesome about the nylon is that they’re bone price lightweight and they’ll get you where you need to go if you plan on being a really really agile technical dance skater or a really fast and reactive derby skater then a metal plate is a good choice for you so keep in mind again with metal plates it’s a lot about budget your lower price plates are going to be a bit heavier and your more expensive plates are going to be very lightweight aluminum or metal as so in the beginning you can make anything work but this is definitely something to consider when you plan on upgrading or getting like a pro style boot so yeah really that’s kind of just a general overview and as far as recommendations go I’m going to get into those later and go into more detail about why I love each boot or why I choose certain boots for certain things but I just wanted to get oh wait wheels I didn’t talk about wheels so again the most important part is that they actually roll and spin but you also want to ask yourself am I going to be skating on a rough surface or am I going to be skating on a smooth surface so if you plan on going out in the streets and trying to go over bumps and rocks and cracks you’re definitely going to want a bigger dummy or wheel so maybe something let’s look at the wheel case here so here’s our real case it has awesome holographic background if you guys ever make it to the Moxie shop you’ll get to see this it’s so beautiful it actually is a light on it let’s turn the light on we updated all the lighting in the shop so now it’s on point ah there we go so sparkly all right so these are the Moxie outdoor wheels they’re really big and they’re really gummy so they feel a little mushy these are great for going over big bumps and cracks and all kinds of stuff like that outside these are the beach bunny skates or the beach money wheels so you can see they’re a little bit smaller but they’re still soft like these wheels and that makes them awesome for everything really four rinks for skate parks for outside these might not be your best Derby wheels though because they’re gummies they’ll be a bit slower so if you’re gonna play dirty or try to be like a really precise indoor dance skater you’re probably gonna want something like these these come on the GT 50s by Riedel and they’re wider so that’s great for Derby and they’re hard and these are the Moxie trick wheels and at cheeks and bowls wheels so these are like small and hard just like like like skateboard wheels so these were actually modeled after skateboard wheels so they’re great for skate parks for dance skating but really the general idea is that if you are help these here Haley I’m doing a livestream do you want to say hi you don’t feel like Celina just got here to open up the shop which means I need to hurry because customers are gonna be coming in soon but yeah so general idea for wheels is bigger gummy or softer wheels are great for really really rough surfaces the nice thing about those is you can also take them inside so you can take those gummy outdoor wheels to the rink too and but with hard ends where wheels those don’t go outside as well so if you want a wheel they’ll do everything I would recommend getting softer gummy or wheel because that could go anywhere but if you know you want to play Derby or you know you’re only based good blah if you’re only going to play Derby or you know you’re only good oh my gosh you guys or you’re only going to be in the rink then I would recommend what people call like an indoor wheel it’s harder a little bit smaller if you’re playing Derby it’s wider so I hope that wasn’t too confusing I hope I’ve helped break it down for you guys I’m gonna look at questions now so if you guys have any specific questions I’m gonna pull up the comments here they say hi Leah okay all right is it possible to roller on skateboard wheels yes it’s possible but sometimes the trucks on roller skates put pressure on the wheels differently um so you can make it work some people because of the size of the axle you have to like flip the nut I can show you guys in another video that’s actually a really good question and but yeah you could always just experiment try things out there is no right or wrong you know if you want to try skateboard wheels on your roller skates do it see what happens I’m sure you’ll be fine bearings I typically just get bones read classic easy recently I was finally like okay I should invest in some ceramic Swiss bearings and so I did and I love them they’re great I definitely feel a difference but her just like daily wear for his skates I’m gonna be using a lot I bones red is my gotu um let’s see okay so wider feet lots of people asked about what about if I have wider feet so any suede or leather boot is going to mold to your foot so it may look really like slim profile but these boots actually work great for people with wide feet I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve known lots of people that have asked that question and bought lollies and they’re really happy with them whereas if you get something that’s vinyl like the beach bunny down here or the the Moxie vegan boot these might not stretch quite as much to fit wide feet so yeah oops let’s see to the comments oh yeah I’ll look at you guys hey so I like the the kaya toe stops just because they’re colorful and dense but toe stops you can make almost anything work with those I wouldn’t stress too much about that I’ll get into videos later though if get into real detail I’m gonna answer a couple more questions and then they’re opening shop right now so I have to get out of here let’s see how do there they are okay you want to see the somebody wants to see the beach money skates so what skate is best for beginners again that depends on what type of skating you’re doing watch the video when I repost it and you’ll be able to learn all about that so hey from hate Israel that’s cool oh right I think I kind of answered most to you guys’s questions I guess that’s all what if I usually skate my way to the skate park softer heart wheels I would say I don’t change my wheels ever and I have small soft wheels so I wear my small soft wheels outside over the bumps and cracks and then I cruise straight to the skate park and people sometimes don’t like softer wheels at skate park because it slows you down but I personally like being slowed down a little bit makes it easier to control so yeah and just for reference I wear the Moxie Jack boot that’s more of like a pro boot if you’re experiencing skating for a while or if you just want to get the best as best from the beginning but yeah I love the Moxie Jack boot and I love the mossy lolly boot you can find both of those skates up on the planet roller skate that shop along with my new planet roller skate merch so every t-shirt you buy goes to supporting skaters to help me keep making these videos so I always appreciate it when you guys buy merch and yeah let me know if you have any other questions in the comments I’ll do my best to answer you guys and stay tuned for more detailed gear videos because I know that’s a lot of your questions and it’s really important to give you all that information so stay tuned and until next time later skaters

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