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Road Bikes Black Friday Deals 2019

Hey VC here today we’re talking about hunter dollar bike versus another bike for $7,000 bike I did a series of tests I used the same power meter I tried to keep it as scientific as possible and I did a few different like a climb a fly a descent a sprint a short climb overall like our effort so we’re gonna look at the differences in time and at the same given effort versus a hundred dollar bike first a thousand dollar bike versus seven thousand dollar bike I’m gonna also then talk a lot about the experience okay cuz of course more money is gonna buy you speed but you know any mean like at some point we’re not all racers and we’re just trying to enjoy the experience of road bikes does your experience of the whole thing actually improve by getting a seven thousand dollar bike even though your time may improve you know what is like the feel of the bike how fun it is that sort of thing so we’re gonna go and do a little bit more in-depth on just raw data on my subjective take on these three bikes also this is the whole package I’m not isolating a frame I’m not isolating the bars or position okay this is the entire package all of these things are gonna combine to give these these efforts also the position right my canyon is way more race geometry so the the my ability to get arrow and put down power does factor in okay so we’re not isolating anything it’s the overall package we’ll talk about it [Music] [Music] so first of all the three bikes that I’m testing the $100 bike which is actually 129 dollars from Walmart is this Kent Road bike okay it is ah not great okay but it’s what you would expect for $129 it has down tube shifters has very big wide tires it’s extremely heavy it’s weighs in about 35 pounds has a triple and it’s not I mean that the crank and the gearing and the shifting and everything about it is horrific the brakes bro the brakes so like the the levers like you would have on a normal bike they’re almost just for show you can’t really actually use those for brakes so they have these little like levers on the top bars the next step up is the Schwinn carbon fastback so it’s a full carbon frame has 105 components on it now I believe this is actually if you look on Amazon this retails for $13.99 so it’s a little bit more than $1000 right it’s not an actual thousand dollar bike just slightly over a thousand dollar bike but I’m sure if you’ve got you know there’s probably some deals you could find one Hughes so we’re using this as our thousand dollar bike the Schwinn is a has a compact gear ratio the wheels the tires on this I feel like everything about the Schwinn is actually pretty pretty good except for the seat I wasn’t a fan of the seat and then the wheels that they’re very very skinny and so I’ll get into this a little bit later but it actually it made me not as confident on the bike because of how skinny the the tires were the Schwinn carbon fastback weighs in at 19 pounds so it’s I mean it’s not super heavy by any means it’s pretty light compared to you know a lot of road bikes out there so that’s actually a huge benefit is how light it is given the price my $7000 bike is the canyon SLX nine I did a whole review on it this thing is phenomenal out of the box though it is around $5,000 but I’ve upgraded the wheels on this to the Princeton carbon works they’re phenomenal wheels that are super arrow they have like this sort of wavy design to them I’ve also got really expensive rubber on there they’re tube lists so they roll better the wheels is what I am saying that this bike is seven thousand dollars the whole package is probably seven thousand when you add in the wheels it’s got derice components on it except for the crank actually got swapped out for all tegra so I can have a 50 34 on there the canyon weighs in at 14 pounds with pedals it’s a super light super duper light and it’s stiff and it’s arrow with the wheels and the position and I love it I freaking love this bike okay so for the test I used a Samia acai oma acai oma these dual power pedals alright so to keep the power consistent I just used power pedals but so let’s talk about how I did these tests right I did this loop this chili pepper loop it’s has a bunch of segments inside of the loop the first segment is a flat twisty section where I held 300 watts is looking a lot about the Aero hell 300 watts then I tried to hold something like 170 to 180 watts to the next big climb this how to descent on it then I hit a big climb about 4 mile climb held 290 watts on this climb then a descent which I just kind of didn’t pedal right and I just sort of Coast it down and then there was a little kicker so I had to pedal over that then a little noodle section to a sprint and all-out sprint which then concludes the actual overall loop so we’ll have a time for that and then separate from that I actually did a a point 0 1 mile pitch up now again conditions man conditions are so important right a slight wind tailwind or headwind or just the moisture in the air especially over this 18 mile loop if we’re talking about the whole thing so I would say like sir – a minute depending on conditions well there what are you supposed to do you can’t isolate everything and do this the thing about like doing these tests or science on bikes when you take everything and you isolate everything like of course you’re gonna find by having one extra whisker on your face technically that’s gonna make a difference but when you add in all the other variables that kind of mutes that out right so I like the tests where you’re not able to isolate everything identically because it shows you more real-world how it is okay let’s get into the results right and then I’m gonna go through the results that I’m gonna tell you my experience of each one of these bikes flat section five point four miles okay Walmart bike goes 16 minutes 18 seconds the the Walmart bike I actually felt like as a bit of a more Aero position than I was on the Schwinn the Schwinn our thousand dollar bike did fourteen thirty four so that’s one minute and 44 seconds faster over a five mile route than the Walmart bike my canyon did 1401 that’s only thirty three seconds faster than the Schwinn two minutes and 17 seconds faster than the Walmart bike also I drove this route in a car so to give you some sort of ceiling because when you say dude it’s only thirty three seconds faster their time doesn’t work like that right it’s not like it’s just this linear thing of time there is a physical limit that despite power or what I’m on you don’t even like you’re not gonna be able to go a hundred hours fat right so in the car the flat section did 11 minutes and 18 seconds so two minutes and 43 seconds faster than the canyon so to say like human potential if I just uncorked it and it was on the fastest bike ever going as fast as I possibly could I could maybe improve my time by two minutes of 43 seconds I’m gonna talk a lot about the car later let’s get through the rest of these okay rollers this is a 4.7 mile section mostly downhill Walmart biked us 1559 Schwinn does 1351 that’s 2 minutes and 8 seconds faster and then the canyon goes 1241 which is 1 minute and 10 seconds faster than the Schwinn 3 minutes and 18 seconds faster than the Walmart bike and again this was just sort of noodling I thought that this section was actually gonna be much more similar because I wasn’t really pushing any power I wasn’t going super hard to climb this is probably maybe one of the more important parts to this 4.7 mile climb 25 minutes 3 seconds for the Walmart bike now downtube ders on my Walmart bike were horrific it was so difficult to climb because you can’t stand and shift at the same time it was not great I honestly thought though it was gonna be a way worse time because of how like the gears were clunking and chunking and it was so hard to find the right gear there was a lot of times where I was like almost not even pedaling trying to get it to get into gear but so the Schwinn did it in 23:10 it’s only a minute and 53 seconds faster than a super heavy bike the Walmart is 35 pounds the Schwinn is 19 right so I was really surprised that actually how how the Walmart bike or went so fast the canyon 20 minutes 54 seconds so that’s 2 minutes and 16 seconds faster than the Schwinn 4 minutes and 9 seconds fast in the Walmart bike so a difference of $6,800 on a 5 mile climb got me four minutes at the same given power that’s kind of crazy again the Schwinn 2 minutes difference in the canyon the descent just kind of rolling over the the top of the Klein Walmart bike 6 minutes 34 seconds join six minutes seven seconds its 27 seconds faster and in a canyon five minutes and 27 seconds that’s 40 seconds faster than the Schwinn in a minute and seven seconds faster than the Walmart but the descent was only two miles 2.2 miles so that’s like I feel really shows the arrow gains but I thought I really thought the Walmart bike would actually do better than the Schwinn on the Descent because of how heavy it is but it didn’t and my my canyon a minute and seven seconds faster just just purely on the aerodynamic so I think it has a lot to do with the wheels my Princeton carbon wheels on the canyon okay spin to sprint this is just sort of noodling around 160 170 watts and then with an all-out sprint Walmart bike seven minutes 22 seconds my max power was 607 watts because I was very confident that the bike that the Walmart bike was gonna just fall apart sprinting so I didn’t really go full gas okay Schwinn six minutes 32 seconds that’s 50 seconds faster I hit 902 Watts on that sprint felt pretty good I mean this should the Schwinn is a sturdy bike it wasn’t I wasn’t worried about that at all and then the canyon did five minutes in 12 seconds that’s a minute 20 faster than the Schwinn 2 minutes and 10 seconds faster than the Walmart bike and I hit 980 which again I it’s weird how going hard or going easy seems to stick like the time separation is still significant the short climb this is sort of like a not an all-out sprint but a really good little dig the Walmart bike did 59 seconds Phil Schwinn did 52 seconds at 7 seconds faster the canyon did 48 that’s 4 seconds faster than the Schwinn 11 seconds faster than the Walmart bike let’s talk about the overall loop though so this is sort of over an 18 point 8 mile loop the Walmart bike did one hour 11 minutes 14 seconds 233 wha a ver äj– the Schwinn our thousand dollar bike okay so for another twelve hundred bucks it did it in 1 hour 3 minutes 56 seconds it’s 7 minutes 18 seconds faster than the Walmart bike 234 waa average Canyon it’s over now Forte going from the Schwinn and saying let’s add $7000 $5,500 I did 57 58 so a broken hour on this loop that’s 5 minutes 58 seconds faster than the Schwinn 13 minutes 16 seconds faster than the Walmart biking seal that’s kind of nuts right 6 minutes faster than the Schwinn 13 minutes faster did a Walmart bike given same power right now back to this car I drove this loop I kinda tried to keep it real like I wasn’t going 80 miles an hour right but I with for the most part was going way faster than a bike would go especially on the climb like there’s there’s no way that you’re gonna be able to guys doing 40 miles an hour up the climb you’re not doing that no one is doing that no one so let’s say I did in the car it was 34 minutes 41 seconds that’s 23 minutes faster than the canyon so let’s just look I mean I think you could safely say the human potential like Chris Froome on a TT bike best conditions maybe 45 minutes for 40 minutes on this loop it’s not like the gains the diminishing returns really shows itself at the end there so like it doesn’t matter if you spent a billion dollars like there’s just a human limit to what you can do so I just think that’s really interesting gives you some sort of ceiling in context to what these numbers mean it’s like of course the more money you spend the faster your bike’s gonna go and at a certain point it’s good mark gains right at the world level that the top top-level you could spend $25,000 to gain one second and that might be totally worth it in that Avenue okay but if you’re not racing does it matter does it matter to have a $7,000 bike what’s the total experience what’s the whole package like versus 7,000 for some 1,000 verse 129 so I did this in Reverse I did the canyon test first the Schwinn then the Walmart bike when I go out on my my Canyon I’m just very comfortable with that and I was able to be in a Aero position comfortably just because of the way the geometry set up so I felt very comfortable on my canyon obviously but the but I’m in a race position no matter what right I’m just in a race position when I was on a Schwinn I felt I was like very impressed on how comfortable it was but duh because it’s not a race geometry it’s not a race bike it’s a road bike and so I I was upright a little bit more I could totally ride a hundred miles on that Schwinn no problem it was a very comfortable bike like I said 19 pounds has decent components on it I would say that though the tires were so skinny that when I was kind of railing through some of the turns on the flat section I wasn’t comfortable and I actually let off some of the power and upgrading the tire width or the tire material that’s probably something I would suggest on that but it was very it was very comfortable man and they experienced between my Canyon and the Schwinn were very similar very similar super hard to tell much of a difference between one or the other in me overall experience sitting on it and pedaling obviously performance you can see a lot of a big difference okay but you can’t really feel that performance necessarily while you’re on the bike and just enjoying riding around the lake now the Walmart bike not a great experience it’s not the right tool for the for the sport of cycling if you want to ride down to the store on flats if you want to go to college or school and you don’t care about getting scratched or you just you just need a mode of transportation sure did 129 bucks why not but it is not designed to be in part of the sport of cycling and I’m sure that someone’s gonna be like dude I have a warmer bike and I’ve climbed Mount Everest on it on a wheelie screw you okay but obviously at some point you would like to have a better experience he invited me and when I went out and rode this Walmart bike on the flats not that bad dude honestly wasn’t that bad it wasn’t like as soon as I got on it I was like this is terrible but as I started to run into parts of cycling turning breaking climbing this is where it was like oh this is not this is not good at all the bike was so heavy that standing on it felt very good but the tires dude the tires on the Walmart bike were very wide and so it actually felt safe which is weird right it did it felt pretty safe I’ve been it’s not okay the components are not safe everything is so cheap so when you’re talking about if you’re actually going on like a four-hour ride with big descents and climbs and the whole part of cycling dude you’re you don’t have confidence that that bikes gonna make it my thought is if you have 129 dollars to spend get a fixed-gear bike they’re like state bicycles I think has $200 bikes 300 other bikes like you could definitely for under $500 get a nice machine that’s way better than the Walmart bike it’s just not worth it the Walmart bike is not worth it in any way it’s not the same experience you could play baseball with a beach ball you could do it but it’s in same rules same stadium but it’s not gonna be the same experience and that’s how the Walmart bike is it’s it it looks similar to a road bike it’s just not the same thing but dude honestly the exact I said before the experience between the Schwinn and the the canyon maybe 98 percent similar when I’m standing out of the saddle and climbing there’s not a whole lot of difference when I’m riding on the flats if I’m just trying to enjoy the ride this Schwinn actually feels a little more comfortable just cuz I’m upright more the gear ratio is the same the shift like everything just felt very similar so if you have $1000 $1200 getting something like the Schwinn Fastback or I’m sure there’s tons of other models that offer up something at that price range but I know this Schwinn has a carbon-fiber frame so it sits decently light like I said 19 pounds my very first bike was at Jamis venture $700 it was an aluminum frame and I raced it a lot I rode a ton on it you know any means so I have put some time into a sub thousand dollar bike $700 versus $1,200 actually is it is a big jump but you’re gonna make a lot of gains in that small amount of money window so I don’t know dude I definitely recommend or a thousand dollar bike $1100 bikes something like that the Schwinn Carbon fastback is like I said $13.99 on Amazon I’m not getting any kickbacks if you buy this bike okay it’s just what I have available to me as the thousand dollar bike one other thing I want to talk about though is when you’re like hey two minutes difference on a climb from your Schwinn to the canyon that’s not much time on a climb but when you think it’s the same given power so if you were out riding with a bunch of guys and they’re all on seven thousand eight thousand dollar bikes and you’re on a thousand dollar bike your to match their speed you’re gonna have to increase your watts so either you’re gonna have to be stronger than them and if you’re not stronger than them so if you’re not stronger and you have a slower bike then that spread gets really bad you’re already two minutes behind essentially so now you gotta up your watts just to stay the same level so now you’re doing more power than they are but you’re not stronger than them so you’re gonna crack you’re gonna blow up and so then at the top of the climb they’ve been waiting for three four minutes right and so now they’re fresher than you and now they’re gonna start going you know any mean and so over say three or four hour ride with climbs in the sense that time adds up right the whole loop the the hour loop was seven six minutes with six minutes faster from the Schwinn to the canyon but that’s at the given same given power so if you’re not able to sustain that power that that gap even gets bigger and then if you were to go another two three hours on top of that your gap just keeps getting bigger and bigger and too close essentially a 30-minute gap over a four hour ride if you don’t have the fitness you know what I mean like that’s a big that actually is significant anyway man hope you enjoyed Walmart bikes terrible Schwinn really amazing for the price my canyon is a speed machine and I love it and I’ll never give it up if you want to check out the carbons where I’ve linked the description to the Amazon page for the carbon fastback Schwinn don’t buy the Walmart I’m not gonna link that because that’s ridiculous and as always big and cyclists you I mean if I’m paying seven thousand dollars for a bike why don’t I have a kickstand

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