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In this post, we introduce the best Black Friday Deals on Polo Shirts. Here we have the top best Men Polo Shirts for you in our list.

Black Friday Deals on Polo Shirts

Black Friday Deals on Polo Shirts

hey you I’m sorry demons were stylist Ashley Weston joined as always by my business partner Dorian hello and today we are I thought because the weather is so hot we’re in the thick of summer it would be great to do just a refresher about pole shirts okay so for materials um it’s gonna be dependent on your body type so if you are a slim to average build yep just like Dorian the thumbs right here this yep you can go you definitely want to stick with either a cotton or a cotton blend so like cotton silk blend you can do those I really like pima cotton this is actually a PK cotton but you can easily I mean pima cotton to my favorite type of material for a polo shirt so if you are a bigger gentleman whether that means you’re like I have an athletic build or you’re a little heavier you want to go with a pique cotton you want to go with that textured cotton look because what it’s gonna do is kind of help mattify you and slim you down we have a friend that looked fused to listen to Ashley about this like adamantly we said you don’t know what you’re talking about yeah okay you get a lot of accolades cuz you are who you are but I don’t think that’s right for me and we gave him a couple of PK cotton polos he came back a couple weeks later was like oh everyone’s been telling me how good I looked and what have I been doing if I’m working out or doing something and it turns out it was because he’s wearing the pique cotton pique polos as opposed to just regular clock [Music] for colors I always say keep it simple keep it solid colors you can do a little bit of if you want to mix it up a little you can have some piping along the collar the pocket area just to kind of mix it up but I always like just solid colors because it’s really easy to wear with the rest of your wardrobe so go with navy heather gray even charcoal gray you could do black even a lighter blue as well is really there all of those colors are really nice I’m not the biggest fan of printed polos I feel like it kind of can make you look sometimes like a little preppy or a little immature it’s not as clean and I just think with polo shirts they’re like the big brother of t-shirts so you want to kind of treat it like that and I think that you know if you want prints and all of that leave it for your short sleeve button-up shirts I have a couple printed ones that I like a lot but they’re really like not geometric kind of abstract but not so busy that’s true it’s like very small so prints to some degree yeah but if you have one has like beer cans on it or like a golf club guy or you know like the yachts and stuff it’s kind of kitschy so it’s okay to wear that but like putting that into your everyday rotation if you want to incorporate some patterns things just keep it simple and what do you think about definitely do not do plaid at all please don’t unless you are just a preppy guy and you want to look like you are about to go on a golf course [Music] so with your with the fit what you basically want to do is just make sure that the sleeves lightly hugs your biceps you don’t want it going out like this because it just that’s gonna actually make you look either skinnier or bigger than you are so fit is really key make sure the sleeves just like your t-shirts they should always lightly hug your arms and then as far as the body goes you want a nice trim fit I did a whole fit guy like super in-depth bit guide about how your polo shirts should fit so I’ll link that video in the description below and it goes over how much fabric you should be able to pinch on one side of your summit what do you think about tales like is there good things okay no telltale no okay you can if you want cab sometimes um they’ll have a little bit of a what is it like a little opening split yeah a little slit on the side yeah some and look if it’s a small like a slightly slightly longer in the back that’s totally fine but if it’s pretty significant because there are some polo I think really makes them looks like it’s literally like a flap yes well they’ve actually gotten a lot better so I just went into a low-cost door and I was looking at their pillows and it’s gotten a lot better it’s more subtle the contrast between the front and the back length you just want to make sure that it’s pretty pretty darn similar keep it to it but they should pretty much be non-existent but keep it to a minimum if they are there at least have them blend into the color with the color of your polo shirt but if it’s big or if it stands out do not wear them there are so many options out there that do not have a logo whatsoever so there’s no reason why you you should feel like oh well this is the only polo shirt that I can get because that’s not true and I’ve listed a ton of my favorite ones in all the videos and articles we’ve put out about polo shirts in the past I there’s a there’s an amazing picture that someone made of like a Ralph Lauren shirt and it was with the evolution of the of the logo and it’s just suddenly got bigger to where it was like around the guy’s head I’m gonna list all of my favorite ones in the description below for you to check out but as far as as budget-friendly option girls well no there’s not it’s really budget-friendly but you’ve recommended this kind of across the board and I have to say I agree with you I have this polo this is by Brooks Brothers but my go twos and continually been my go-to store the last four or five years are the closures by H&M; they’re cheap they fit really well for every body type I’d say powerful found those are the best ones no question regardless of where they fall on the spectrum these are easily one of the best polo shirts that’s it all right if you’ve been enjoying this video though be sure to give any thumbs up subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and hit that Bell icon to be notified every time we upload a video all right guys we’ll see you the next one bye [Music]

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