Polaroid SNAP Touch Review

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Polaroid SNAP Touch Black Friday Deals 2020

Polaroid SNAP Touch Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Polaroid SNAP Touch Review

Hello youtubers I’m Justin and today on – and run we come back to look at the Polaroid snap touch camera now I didn’t unboxing a little while back and in this video basically I’m going to do a review of it I want to go through the features and then do a comparison with the original snap Polaroid camera so first of all let’s do a bit of a tour of this camera and then what I’ll do is I’ll set these two up and I’ll do a bit of a shootout between the two so you can have a bit of an idea of the quality over the old Polaroid snap and a new Polaroid snap touch so anyway let’s go and have a bit of a closer look at this camera okay so let’s have a bit of a tour of this camera so we’ll start from the bottom so basically on the bottom you’ve got a micro SD slot a tripod mount and a micro USB charging port on the front you basically got just the front lens hood which is basically just two magnetic lens cover which is quite neat on this side you’ve got your slots the paper on this side is where you put your hand strap or lanyard strap on the back you basically got the touchscreen and then on the top you’ve got the trigger button and then this is the power button so when you push this the first thing it will do is it will pop up and it will reveal the flash but it also turns the unit on so we’ve got money coming up now so the unit’s telling us at the moment there’s no paper in it so next let’s go load some paper in it and then go from there okay so let’s get some film in this and show you how you actually load up some film so you’ve got a lever here which will open a latch which will release the back plate which is with the screen on it and that’s where you put the film in now the film comes on these little packets in like an Al foil type thing and you get 10 in each one so basically when you open it up like so you’ll find that there will be a blue card in it now the blue card has got to go into this unit because that’s designed to align the printer hex so we open it up like so and we put the blue card at the bottom like so and then shut the lid like that and we’ll turn it on now we may have to do another step to actually get it to print so we just have a look so no it looks like it’s going to print the card automatically that’s good so what it will do is it will print that that blue card and it will use that to set up the printer heads to the exact point so that will take a few minutes I’ll just let that go okay so now the calibration card is finished and so now the unit is all primed and ready to actually start taking pictures but before we do that we’re going to go through the menu on this camera so if you touch the screen you can see you’ve got various options on this one and one of the options is of course you’ve got to play back what’s actually on the SD card and I haven’t put an SD card in at the moment so it’s just got nothing on it and then you’ve got your other options here where you can set the focus and the flash going back to the main screen you’ve got up there you’ve got your SD card you’ve got the printer icon and you’ve also got Bluetooth so you can actually pair this with your phone okay I’m just going to break into that part of the review because I think that we need to cover the Bluetooth section of this camera and he’s not going to explain it but I am so anyway what you’ve got to do is you get your camera your Polaroid snap touch and you turn it on now when it comes on you’ve got to go to the settings screen and you’ve got an option here says Bluetooth now you need to turn that on now that’s on and you get your iPad or your iPhone or Android device and you need to go to settings on that and you need to select it on the Bluetooth so you make sure bluetooth is on and see Polaroid snap has come up so we now select that and that’s that walk and it the Polaroid snap to your iDevice and then what we need to do is download the Polaroid app snap touch from the Apple Store or at Android store and what we’re going to do now is run the app and we’ve got the device connected like so so it says connect device so see how it’s got up there on the screen now Polaroid snap touch so we’re just sinking it up and now we’ve got the device connected so you can see that you’ve got your voice now you’ve got a couple of options here you can actually swap out some of the extras now you’ve got extra borders and you’ve also got a whole host of icons that you can also use in your photos and you can also update your firmware so that’s a nice feature now the other cool thing is that you can now take a picture with your iPhone your Android device or in this case the iPad which I’ve got here and you can actually capture that now and then you can send it to the printer or you can send one that you’ve taken earlier so I’ve got my cat here so basically you select the printer icon and you say print like so and then you say how many copies you want and say we only want one so we say print and it’s going to print that one image so it’s now sending it to the camera and so that image that I’ve just taken on my iPhone will now print out through this device so this is really handy this kind of replaces the polar zip that came out a few years ago and was basically a portable printer that you could connect to any of your mobile devices and I thought it was pretty cool but this is even better because this is a camera plus it can connect to an external camera like your iPhone and get even better pictures so as you can see now I’m just printing it out I didn’t crop it or change it but you’ve got a whole host of settings in here like you can actually adjust the image even more so you’ve got things like you send it to email and then if you press this icon here down the bottom you can actually put borders around it to make it fancy you can add a smiley face on there you can crop it you can you can change the image you’ve got different filters so you’ve got a whole host of features that you can’t do with the camera but you can do with this app and using the camera to print the images out so I think that’s really awesome and as you consider quite good that they’re probably about the same level is what you get from the camera taking a picture but they’re still quite good anyway let’s go back to that pillock and he can finish off what he was telling you about the menu system and send it a photo and then it will print that photo out which is pretty good so anyway let’s go to the settings so if I touch this here you see you’ve got a whole host of settings now so you can set the date and you can set the screen brightness you can set the screen timeout so it’s set for 120 seconds which is the maximum you can do power off in 10 minutes you’ve got volume you’ve got about and you’ve got your date and then if you go along here you’ve got white balance timestamp and lightning frequency so you can set its NTSC or PAL and then this third option is for printing and you’ve got color correction and auto print so you’ve got quite a few options there and you’ve also got electronic zoom to seat and zoom in and out so anyway what I want to do now is set this camera up and the original Polaroid snap and I want to take a couple of skills and I’ll show you the actual original JPEGs from each and then I’ll show you the printout from the original and this one to see if there’s actually any difference and then also do a time on how long it takes to print so anyway let’s go and have a look at some pictures and we’ll go from there hello I thought I’d just break into this video review just to show you a feature that’s actually on the snap traffic was not the original snap a next video now the video you’re looking at is recorded with this Mac Touch and the audio as well is coming from the on-board microphone so it just gives you an idea if you want to use this camera as a blogging camera as well edge of photography camera anyway let’s go back to the review and have a look at the comparison of the snap and snap touch photos okay so after that rude interruption let’s get back to the photo comparison of the two cameras now the original only had a 10 megapixel sensor and the new snap touch has a 13 megapixel sensor so there’s going to be a difference between the two and just looking at these photos you can already see that the quality is much more leaning towards the snap touched in the original so the upgrade in the sensor and the camera itself is showing that there’s much more of an improvement than what you had before anyway the other thing I want to show you is the printing quality now one of the features I disliked about the original snap was that the fact that when you took a picture it had to print it at the same time where with the new snap touch you can actually set it to print later so you can take your picture go through them delete find the best one and then print it so you’re not wasting printing paper of images that look crap but it also gives you the option of tuning up your image before you print it and that is a really big plus of the new camera but you can also see too that the printing quality from the original to the new is different the original isn’t so good and the new is definitely an improvement so it’s another improvement to show you that the snap touch is just a vastly improved camera over the original anyway I think what we should do now is just show you a printout of two cameras and then I’ll wrap this video up you well there you go there’s my review and look at the Polaroid snap touch and overall it’s a vastly improvement over the original snap and I can highly recommend it and I really enjoy using this camera anyway as always thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel just a mini bonus thing at the end of this video and I know this video has been a bit longer than I normally do but one thing that I reviewed some time back was the Polaroid snap case and I thought it was quite neat and the cool thing about the new Polaroid snap touch is that it basically fits in the Polaroids that case there’s no difference so if you own one of these cases or you’re planning on getting one you have no problem using the standard case set you could fire earlier or if you own it already so I thought that was pretty cool and it looks pretty neat in this case so you can take it with you and it just protects the camera right I’m out of here thanks again for watching

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