PlayStation 4 Pro Black Friday 2019

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playstation 4 pro black friday 2019

PlayStation 4 Pro Black Friday

so welcome back to another episode and just like the days of the week we get a brand new Playstation 4 Pro and I just want to say that this has been sent in by Sony for review for me I’m not paid or sponsored to talk about this device in any capacity it’s a review copy only and I got a lot to say about this in fact it’s gonna be quite a big discussion today and I just want to say for the record I already played the PlayStation 4 Pro today at Victor Lucas’s place I was doing an interview over there and so I got to try out a lot of games and see what the hoopla was for this system and also see I wonder what the confusion is like this is a bit of a PR nightmare and it was a device I was I know this sounds funny but I was kind of nervous about reviewing because there’s a lot of misinformation and it’s very confusing I was confused that’s just a video game player going into understanding what this is all about and so what I thought I’d do is an unboxing and I have a regular ps4 here and the slam and I thought come No compare them visually and then get into talking about how it works and how it looks and how it plays and of course I wouldn’t forget this I’m gonna break the seal here man oh man people have been talking about this device for so long there’s so much confusion and that’s the whole thing is a lot of confusion about this device and here we go we’re stepping into the next level here here’s a box inside of a box and it comes with a one terabyte hard drive here’s our QuickStart guide get to the meat and potatoes here there’s the device itself and this will be the controllers and all that stuff let’s just have a look at the the machine itself Wow here we go here is the device itself ins what a beast this is what a beast this is look at this it’s like a small building it’s not that big really and all my wires and all that are in here I’ll open them in a bit let’s have a look at the sizing here here’s a regular playstation4 you know we probably build a super Play Station out of all of these so let’s see the comparison here look at that it really is nearly the same size as a Play Station force a little bit wider but same nearly the same height you know same height yeah very interesting there just to show you it’s not it’s not too heavy it’s not too bad next to the place you should slim here we go we’ll do a double stack there show you guys that that’s interesting I’m surprised I really thought the pro was gonna be a lot bigger I saw it today when I was at Victor’s place and I thought oh okay like I couldn’t really see Keyser’s in the dark but seeing it here brightly lit up it’s not that bad and oh there’s all of our connectors at the back here they’re plastic we’ll take off that later on power supply HDMI you know obviously your internet so I’m gonna talk in layman’s terms here because there’s so much stuff online and it’s been so confusing and you know this game gets an update but this game doesn’t this games got better frame rate this day game doesn’t this guy you know this game is more high-res at more more 4k than this game’s not oh my god that’s what was confusing me the most I’m like what is this and when I broke it down to its simplest what this is it’s just a regular PlayStation 4 but it’s more powered up so think of it this way you can get any PlayStation 4 game and put them in all three of these devices they all play the same there’s no PlayStation 4 pro versions in the sense that you go to the store Maya you know like titanfall Pro you know it doesn’t it’s not different than that in that sense but if you do buy certain games or you do own certain games they will have forward compatibility they will have an updated patch for the pro alone to make the game play better better frame rates or in 4k and a lot of other tricks and whistles and crazy things going on there what is my experience playing games on it seeing games playing 4k and let me just say that people in who have PCs they’ve been doing this for a long time you know we’re all very jealous of them that’s that’s their you know the premier way to play video games is on PC I’m the first to always say that first to always say that but for people who have consoles this right now is the most powerful is console on the market that is fast do you need it we’re gonna get to that point at the end do you really need it but how does it look how does it play is that fun is it worth it it like all of those questions I had all of those questions seeing games play on it today I saw a time fall – I saw uncharted I saw what else did I see the neutrino Tomb Raider the PlayStation 4 version and mostly the big one I’ll save to the end which was such a shock such a shock but okay let’s just saw it Tomb Raider how do you look I just playing Tomb Raider on a standard you know 1080 TV the other night it looked beautiful on my regular PlayStation 4 and I was playing it I loved it I felt great so I like some pictures place today and I’m I’m looking at it playing in 4k and and just looking at it it’s so weird the difference everybody wants to know because I can’t show you so all I can do is tell you what is the difference playing a video game in 4k you know it’s very very beautifully subtle so you’re looking at the screen and I was watching you know Laura go up the mountain in the beginning of the snow and everything you could see the ice crystals just a little bit more everything just looked a little bit more smoother it’s very very hard to describe in any other term but it just seemed a little bit brighter the HDR high dynamic range that’s the new technology and all televisions and what this can also output – you know this hey see our output technology and this side will play on your 4k TVs and look nice does it blow your mind no it doesn’t blow your mind but it looks beautiful alright so i sat there and i was watching tomb raider i was like this is very nice but it wasn’t blown away don’t get me wrong I wasn’t blown away I wasn’t like oh my god this is a must system you know it’s not funny but it’s not a must-have system I know we saw titanfall – and I start to change a little bit more I was like oh my goodness this is really really nice-looking this is really beautiful looking and for all the PC players out there they’re like of course it is but for for me seeing it just on the console on this playing on a TV 4k TV it looked amazing I’m not kidding it looked really amazing it enough that it felt like a real upgrade it seemed like a difference you didn’t just seem like oh okay some you know textures a little bit better than stuff like that it looked like something tangible something almost worth the system for you know I mean like something I was like I could see this I can see why this is justified from this game and then the final game that I got to see that really really impressed me and a game I did not think would impress me at all was Ratchet and Clank a game that I think it’s pretty cool but my god running in 4k with the HDR technology it looks like you or you know even Victor Lucas said to me it’s like isn’t it like it’s like your look you know we were playing a cartoon it looks so gorgeous I was so taken back it it really did seem like a I’m jumped forward and I could see where oh these updates the games can make things like this good okay that’s pretty cool and that’s what I like about the place you should for that I’m being honest here is that you can do it or not do it if you want a little bit more horsepower it’s there it exists right here if you don’t you’re totally okay as well I think this device is for anybody who does not have a PlayStation 4 and they want to jump into the playstation world Wow for $100 more than the slim right here what a deal dude this is the best system to get if you do not have a Playstation 4 and you want to get one this Christmas this would be good and you have a 4k TV and that’s the thing a lot of people don’t have 4k TVs do they not you know a lot of people are getting them all that good stuff where if you do have one you have hey see our technology and you don’t have a Playstation 4 this is a no-brainer at that point but if you have a PlayStation 4 well you know what that’s pretty good you know you’re gonna be fine you’ll be absolutely fine I’m not here to sell eyes again I’m not here to sell you this I’m here to talk about my experiences with it that’s what this review is supposed to be about and get rid of this all the late and let you know all the technical talk and just cut right kind of – it is it is it kind of cool what the games look like is there a difference and I hear that and haven’t seen it for myself but Victor was telling me that you know res infinite was they’ve upped the resolution on that that’s for PlayStation VR I love res infinite I’m playing it all the time I’m like wow I can’t wait to give that a go and see how that plays out so a lot of games have patches a lot of future games are being made with a pro in mind so you can patch and make it even you know make the game better play more optimal but the games will always play on the regular systems and that is important to know I don’t know why I may be moronic but when this is coming out I was like I was kind of confused about the whole machine I’m like what this is updated but that isn’t in this game and this isn’t I mean what is this and that’s why I said at the beginning it was a bit of a PR nightmare is like nobody kind of could figure out what this was doing and what it wasn’t doing and what it could do what I can do so people who are having a very negative reaction to it which I totally get even I was like stretching my headlight so what does it do it’s a it’s a four point five PlayStation listen okay dude do we need dad do is this you know and here’s the thing I think it’s just a little bit of a stepping stone until we get to you know the next gen type of thing that you know there’s not a Playstation 5 but yeah it’s competing with some of the other machines going out there and obviously we’re getting the Xbox Scorpio and all that in the next year that and thinking of that that brought me to a very big negative with the Machine unfortunately there is no 4k blu-ray player I know most of you know that but that is a really painful thing I want to hook this up to my TV and play 4k movies it the reason why that one bothers me the most is because Sony invented blu-ray technology so there’s a blu-ray player in every PlayStation why didn’t they update it so it could play blu-rays and blu-ray for case to keep the cost down I’m thinking I’m guessing but that that’s something that really hurts this that I have to buy a separate 4k blu-ray player that is just ridiculous and it is and I think even Sony would know that themselves they would but hooking you know like hook hooking this up and not having that is a very big it’s a very big downsize you know you know this I’m very bummed out about it so that’s not in here but I will say you know as a positive coming back that I understand why this machine exists and if you have an incredible PC you’re just laughing you know anyways and you have every right to but for console players who haven’t jumped into the game this is the way to go it is the most powerful console on the market as of right now and if you want a bit more horsepower it exists and you will get it and you will reap a reward but only if you have a 4k TV you will see higher frame rates things like that on a regular 1080 television and things will look better but I think you really is the 4k that’s really you know setting this aside you know pushing it forward that it’s a would be a must-have machine so guys that’s some of my things I wanted to say about the PlayStation Pro a machine that has a strange and unusual you know PR campaign going around you know everybody’s trying to stand what this machine is I hope I’ve been able to explain a little bit more today and maybe heck you know over the coming months I’ll learn a lot more maybe we all will together and we’ll find out what this thing can really do but right now it makes a lot of sense I totally get it if you don’t have a ps4 time to grab on and grab this I think it’s a great way to go 4k TV you’ll be having a merry motherfucking Christmas this year so anyways guys until next time

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