Panasonic FZ1000 Review

Here you will learn Panasonic FZ1000 Black Friday Deals 2019 and also the latest discount prices.

Panasonic FZ1000 Black Friday Deals 2019

Panasonic FZ1000 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Panasonic FZ1000 Review

Welcome back TCS TV viewers Chris Nichols here again with Jordan Drake on camera and today we’re looking at the brand new Panasonic f said 1,000 yes we’ve got it nice and early and it is a full production copy now is the F said 1000 a bridge camera or is it closer to an SLR in quality we’re going to try that out today we’ve also come out to the wetlands because like its closest competitor the RX 10 it’s got a big sensor but unlike its closest competitor it’s also got a really long lens 25 to 400 I’m you’re going to try that out we’re going to see we can find some birds find some wildlife some distant landscapes and see we can do with this brand new camera now my first impression of the camera when I hold it you know it’s kind of like a bridge camera like the rx10 or the F said 200 but it feels like an SLR it’s quite a bulky chunky grip very very big in the handle it’s comfortable though the lens of course very very bulbous this camera feels like an SLR it’s quite large very very nice dials to change very very chunky everything feels very easy to use when it comes to continuous shooting 12 frames per second in a camera like this at this price point that’s fantastic it can handle a lot of action in sports but autofocus is the great amazing feature on this camera here we’ve already seen with the gh4 it’s bigger brother how amazing the autofocus can really be this camera has the same DFT system and a very very similar layout I’m going to say this right off the bat before I even get started the point-to-point focusing very very impressive very much like a gh4 we’re going to get it set up and see if it can compete when it comes to continuous now the autofocus continuous manual focus selector switch very very familiar with any sort of Panasonic camera it’s very easy to use very quick to change you got a quick button here and I like this now you’ve got the traditional stuff face detection tracking 49 point area but this new free modes awesome now the gh4 let us set up custom raised for the focusing points long lines vertically horizontally this goes beyond that check this out I can go in here and I can literally pick whichever sensors I want to activate I can draw a picture I could do whatever I want this is pretty amazing we’ve got a lot of cool stuff and it really lets me customize what kind of array I want once I’m ready I can select it you can see my my update right there and it will now feel free to focus anywhere within those points that I’ve selected it’s a very neat very customizable setup so the zoom of course on this lens is gonna be electronic system you got a quick button for zoom and focus when you want to manually focus I like when they put the reminder on the barrel for the focal lengths of the lens but one complaint I have it’s noisy I can hear it if I was doing video and trying to do a push in or push out it’s going to make a lot of noise unfortunately still it’s quick it’s a variable speed rocker otherwise very accurate hey so we found some birds we some shooting here and again when it comes to autofocus I guess I’m going to say this this is my impression the point-to-point and single is incredible it’s beautiful it reminds me of a gh4 I have no complaints whatsoever when it came to continuous though it’s pretty good but sometimes it does this funny wobble when it can’t figure it out it is not going to be gh4 let me repeat that again it is not going to be gh4 still it’s very effective we did get a few usable shots and it’s going to blow the pants off of any bridge camera in the market again you got to remember that at this price point the episode 1000 represents excellent value for the money all right so I’m playing with the macro here very much like a point shoot camera I click into a macro mode you know that kind of reminds me of its bridge cam or roots here click into macro mode and right now I’m doing it to telephoto 400 mil stabilizers great by the way and it’s about a 1 meter focus in close distance now if I’m going to go to 25 millimetres or my wide angle I’m gonna be able to get right in here point 0 3 meters we can see very very nice again very much like a point-and-shoot we get our closest at our wide-angle range but that stabilizers effective and it does give us decent macro with a fixed lens like this I’m stopped here because amazingly I found color in Alberta I really want to isolate this so I’m gonna go to f/4 I am at the 400 millimeter range we’re getting a nice close focus on this flower nice to end up the field things to that somewhat larger chip and again the stabilizer helps out a lot there’s another thing I want to talk about while it’s fresh in my mind this back dial a lot of these cameras that I’ve been using lately from other brands I have hated the Dahle if you watching the channel you know a lot of these things I hate this thing’s great it’s big its chunky it’s easy to turn this is what I’ve been looking for and it’s got that Center push button push it to choose over another control but it’s not something you’re gonna do accidentally so finally they’ve made a really nice back dial now of course an important thing with mirrorless cameras nowadays is are we going to get good view finders and good screens the eff said 1000 is not going to disappoint the back screen in 920 1k it’s very very good especially in bright conditions I get a nice clear view even with these were lections it handles it very very well I also like DVF we’re getting a two point three six million IVF no lag whatsoever this thing is nice and quick sharp very very good so good to see now the modern crop of cameras are providing very usable EVF we’ve got a really nice 1 inch sensor 20 megapixels of resolution of course very similar to a sony rx10 or rx100 series of camera are they using the exact same sensor in there I don’t know I’m skeptical the Panasonic and Sony would do that but certainly what I’m seeing on the camera you know it’s giving me image quality that’s very very comparable check out our high ISO ramp up here going from 1600 up to 12,000 800 as we scale up through these ISOs you’re going to notice that the F said 1000 does a brilliant brilliant job in low light situations considering it’s sensor size but how does it do against the rx10 it’s closest competitor check these shots out at 3200 ISO and 6400 ISO looking carefully this is what I’m noticing the Panasonic seems to hold on to a little bit more detail the Sony though does tend to have a little bit less noise the Panasonic tends to get a bit more of this chromatic noise some funky colors going on is it different sensors or is it something new with the processing hard to say but either way you’re getting very similar results not any better not any worse so I’m getting some 4k footage here we got some beautiful color we got some raindrops on the water here and of course one of the big sales features for the F said 1000 is going to be the 4k video that’s what everybody’s talking about 4k under $1000 we’re going to take a look and see if the image quality is any good but of course the fact that it’s raining and an important fact here that this is not weather sealed means we better find shelter now when it comes to movie codecs on this camera of course the big thing for K footage it’s an mp4 but only 30 frames per second still you’re getting 100 megabytes per second that is the same data rate as the gh4 now we’ve also got AVC HD that’s going to unlock a lot of nice 1080 modes we’re going to have 60 frames per second and we’re going to be able to do high-speed as well we’ve got some other nice features here in the camera that make this a good cinematic tool first off what we really like in photo style is the cine like D and vivid profiles these give us flatter profiles but we get good color and saturation especially with vivid if we want to push it and we don’t have to do too much grading but if we need to make exposure changes we have that freedom you’ve also got some other nice features of course zebra peaking punch and zoom but we’ve also got luminance levels the cameras really made to be a good cinematic device now we do really like the F said 1000 as a cinematic package but there’s four things that we felt could have been done better or that are missing first off we do have a mic input we have good level controls and it’s a decent preamp but there’s no headphone jack and that’s really essential and it’s easy and it’s simple and cheap to do especially on a body this bulky other things the aperture it’s not stepless so if we’re doing video and we change your aperture we get these big chunky changes in exposure not a nice smooth transition also on days like this where it’s nice and bright outside we want nd filters and it’s convenient to have it built in you’re not going to find that here you’re gonna have to use a variable screw in the front of the lens also in 4k yeah I know it’s great that we have it at this price point absolutely but check this out when you look at these two video clips when we punch in on 4k we actually also lose that wide-angle coverage it crops in tighter and that’s too bad because we love having wide-angle in video that said remember at its price point the Epson 1000 is fantastic yeah you know if you look at its closest competitor the RX 10 it has the ND filters it also has the stepless aperture and it’s got a headphone jack but it doesn’t have 4k now when it comes to video quality overall we’re pretty pleased especially 4k you’re getting similar quality to an ax 100 it’s a very good day to rate great detail here now when it comes to 1080 ya the AVC HD codec is showing its age it can get a little bit mushy we’re not getting amazingly high data rates and you gotta remember that the competition is coming out with X AVC now so that’s a bit of a downside still it does unlock some fun features we get 60 P slo-mo and we even do get 120 frames per second slo-mo the quality is not amazing it’s not going to blow you away but it is a lot of fun now of course we know the camera does great low-light quality when it comes to stills but how about the videos side we normally have our low-light testing facility at the camera store but it was in use at the moment so we had to make do with this check it out but it worked now we shot in 4k and to be honest with you we were not very impressed with the loli performance a lot of softness a lot of mush and look at that color really gross color noise we thought maybe 1080p would fix it check it out it’s really not any better we’re still getting weird colors and a very soft rendition so we weren’t really impressed with that we thought it would do better alright so time for final thoughts on the f said 1000 I love the image quality if your photographer you’re going to get great results off the sensor especially with that big big lens 25 to 400 millimeters we used it a ton it’s still fast 2.8 to f/4 even concerning that large sensor size I think it’s a very good trade-off to have you know this camera overall you gotta remember good video quality great image quality it’s very good value considering its price point so you’ve got two really good choices here with very similar cameras but again the F said 1000 is just so much less money the RX tens refined body I frankly like the grip better I like the smaller size better it’s a very slick camera this is a bit chunky in a bit big but you know what I’m going to put it this way here folks if you’re a photographer the choice is pretty obvious for the money this thing’s giving you a way longer lens it’s faster focusing and the image quality is the same so it’s a really really good choice if you want video then the choice is a little bit tougher because this does have some features that videographers are really really going to like and 4k I mean if you’re nut for it well you have to go this way but if you want good 1080 the rx10 is still a fantastic choice still if I was looking for a versatile camera that could do many different things well and was affordable this is a really really good camera you should look out for this in the near future thanks so much for joining us we’ll see you soon as always you

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