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paddle board black friday deals 2019

Paddleboard Black Friday Deals 2019

hi this is Taylor from Buckeye surf and snow and today we’ll be helping you select the right stand-up paddleboard it’s important to know that we’re located in central Ontario so this video will be geared towards people who are looking to do flat water paddleboard however we will throw some general info and tips in there for people who are hoping to do some wave riding with their new board to begin we will discuss the general shapes of the boards the two main shapes are the traditional su P shape and the Touring shaped boards there is a third less common shape that’s similar to the traditional shape however it’s quite a bit wider and it’s made with polyethylene plastic the traditional shape is very popular because it’s probably the most versatile shaping board on the market these boards are designed to perform well in pretty much every condition from flat water to actually surfing these boards can do it all the shape of the board is generally wider than other styles sizing these boards can vary based on the brand that you’re buying some brands actually tend to make the boards a little bit wider which increases the volume this will allow a heavier rider to actually ride a shorter board and vice versa for the purpose of this video we will be using dick fours as an example for sizing the traditional ten and a half foot boards from dick are designed for riders who are under 185 pounds well the traditional 11 and a half foot boards can accommodate riders up to 250 pounds as I mentioned different companies construct the boards different ways some 11 and a half foot boards may have more volume which would accommodate a larger Rider so it’s important to check the sizing chart for whatever brand you’re deciding to buy so now we’re going to take a look at the touring boards touring boards are designed for flat water performance these boards are typically longer than the traditional boards but narrower through the center the v-shape nose of the board helps the board track better in the water more effortless paddle when i say track better I mean when you’re paddling each time the nose of the board won’t acknowledge back and forth these boards are slightly more difficult to using the traditional shape board because they are narrower through the center we will use big wing boards for sizing references this time the 11 foot wing will accommodate riders up to 170 pounds while the 12 six wing seen in the video here will accommodate riders up to 260 pounds again different brands may make boards with more or less volume so the sizing can be variable it’s important to check the sizing chart of the brand you’re hoping to buy ok so next we’re going to talk about the polyethylene roto molded floors these boards are designed for recreational users they’re very good boards for people who are interested in having something to just around the cottage that anyone can use there are similar shape to the traditional style bourse but the main difference is that they’re quite a bit wider than any other style of board instead of having foam inside the boards for buoyancy these boards actually are hollow on the center and use the air inside them to keep them afloat because of their construction these boards are actually quite a bit heavier than any other style of board they’re good board for around the cottage because they are super durable and they can accommodate pretty much any size of rider the downside to this board versus any other style of board is their weight and that they actually take a little bit more effort to push through the water because of their weight still these are a great entry-level option for someone to get into who is looking to just get into the sport because of their versatility for size and durability and they’re actually the most inexpensive boards that on the market traditional and touring boards are also constructed a number of different ways as an example here we have a victor attack board which is the entry-level Tuvix traditional shape boards it still has an EPS foam core just like most other circuit courts however it has a polyethylene outer shell similar to the last board we were showing it what this plastic outer shell does is give the board a little bit more durability say if you have the board around the cottage and you don’t want to be too worried about someone using it running into the dock this may be the best option for you the only disadvantage to having a plastic outer shell rather than a fiber glass epoxy outer shell is that it’s a little bit heavier boards made with this type of construction maybe about 10 pounds heavier than the traditional epoxy board next we’ll talk about the epoxy construction boards this is definitely the most common construction of stand-up paddle boards like the last one we looked at this board still has an EPS foam core a lot of buoyancy it’s really easy to spot an epoxy finish because of the smooth glossy coat it has the epoxy finish also helps the board move more effortlessly through the water which actually decreases the amount you have to effort you have to put into your paddling some epoxy finish boards actually incorporate a carbon top and some of them even have a bamboo top what this does is increase rigidity of the board although other companies just put more layers of fiberglass which has the same effect although these boards are not quite as durable as the polyethylene ones we mentioned last they move very easily through the water they’re very light and I still are quite durable okay the next thing we’re going to touch on briefly is the type of can setup you should have on your board this one actually has two thruster fins and a center 10 inch dolphin fin these fins are about three inches in length and are actually not necessary for flat water sgpa this is because these are for actually steering the board when you’re surfing some of the traditional shaped boards do come with the thruster fins built-in although the touring boards just come with a center fan about 10 inches long and now we’re going to look at the different styles of paddles you can get for your Santa paddle board different paddles can consist of different sizes some are adjustable some you actually cut off at the height you want and different materials different construction materials so the ones we have here are made of aluminum wood fiberglass and carbon fiber okay so the aluminum paddles are actually the entry-level paddles for stand-up paddle board this one has a plastic blade with an aluminum shaft that is adjustable the adjustable part is important if you’re if you’re hoping to share the board with somebody else was a different height than you as you can see you can really easily adjust the height of these these adjustable paddles just by unclicking back here and moving it down to whichever height you need the aluminum’s are the most inexpensive paddle because they’re a little bit heavier and they aren’t quite as stiff as the other of a tip materials next we’ll talk about the wood that the wood is actually quite light and stiff it’s not as stiff as the fiberglass or the carbon so it’s kind of an intermediate level price range and performing paddle and we’ll talk about the fiberglass next fiberglass paddles are very light they usually have plastic blades and often are adjust okay and last we’re going to talk about the carbon-fiber paddles these are actually the lightest and the stiffest paddles of the bunch that’s a benefit to experienced riders because when you’re paddling it actually doesn’t flex as much which allows more power to your stroke okay and last just get out of the water and try again it’s not a lot art see I’m not the weight limit for this n6 pick and it still yeah I hope this videos been informative and I hope CLR come on guys

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