NZXT H500 Review

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NZXT H500 black friday 2019

NZXT H500 Black Friday 2019

hey guys what is going on so NZXT expand their product line today with a new ATX mid tower case meet the new H 500 which is going for a cool 69 US dollars or 129 Australian and so over the last couple of days working with the case I can say that I am a fan but with the mid tower market being so competitive especially in the budget and it does need to compete with the likes of the fant XP 300 and of course the ever-popular graphical design mesh if I see the H 500 also comes in the form of the H 500 I for $30 more where you can get NZXT smart device which you can learn more about in the top right hand corner and here you also get an RGB strip and a vertical GPU amount generally vertical GPU mounts should be avoided because although they do look cool they do push the card directly up against the side panel which restricts airflow tremendously and in terms of the smart device well most of you guys know my thoughts on this already at the end of the day it should be referred to as a PWM then split up with also an RGB header attached to it but for an asking price of an extra $30 it does seem pretty fair but for those wanting to save a little bit more cash there is the vanilla h 500 version which we’ll be reviewing today alright so time for a little bit of a group photo here over the H 400 a micro ATX mid tower on the Left H 700 I on the right yes before you leave one of the most common cases that we’ll see today and then the brand new page 500 right there and basically this truck here you can see that the H 500 is really compact when stacked up against the other cases even The Hague 400 I which is a micro ATX tower and definitely up against the H 700 I which is an absolute monster in this comparison here alright one last comparison here probably want a lot of you wanted to see over the H 500 here P 300 from fantex and then the measure of IC from practice on all the way to the right so $69 $59 and then $89 or you know $79 on a good day depending on where you buy it from so the comparison here is that we’ve got you know similar traits or the tempered glass side panel you know cut off by the power supply shroud the mesh capacity of course has the full one but a lot of people are probably asking themselves you know is the measure if I see worth it for an extra $30 and we’ll be talking about that a little bit later but something I wanted to sort of just get across here is the different airflow design across all three cases the H 500 has nothing visible on the front at all the P 300 Elise has the top and bottom ventilation and then the mesh if I see has this full dedicated ventilated side oxide panel front panel which you know the mesh device is very known very well known for its great air flow so we will see how the H 500 survives up against these two other cases and so in terms of design despite this being one of the cheaper NZXT cases on the shelves it does have that same premium feel and build quality that you can expect from their more expensive options like the H 700 I the matte paint looks great and is definitely preferred over a glossy finish which leaves annoying and hard to remove fingerprints and in terms of colors you’ve got black with either a red or blue interior bracket and also a complete black or white model all right so let’s take a closer look at that tempered glass side panel you can see here that the panel doesn’t spend the entire side of the case like a lot of the other mid tower case is available today do and instead is reserved for only the visible portion of your system as we looked at before it’s very similar to what we see with the Fant XP 300 but I do prefer the execution here by NZXT a little bit more firstly the panel spans the entire length of the case making it look less like a window and more like a part of the case as a whole and there’s also no perimeter for the bottom side of the panel which gives the illusion that it actually disappears behind the power supply portion of the case and lastly there are no thumb screws at all to mount the panel which gives this ultra clean and flush look with only a single thumb screw to secure the panel after the pushpins are locked in at the top so a big thumbs up here and I hope to see this design continued on to full-sized panels in the future as it definitely looks a lot cleaner and although this is marketed as a more affordable case the H 500 borrows features from it’s more expensive brothers like a perforated power supply shroud which allows for modular half-inch drive mounting and also a similar design for cable management routing as well which is definitely appreciated to fans come pre-installed and oddly enough they are both configured as exhaust one 120ml directly at the rear of the case and another one at the top which can be upgraded to a 140 if you prefer for front fan placement we’ve got support for two 120 or 140 millimeter fans and radiator support is fine for both a 240 and a 280 front mounted fans and radiators will need to be mounted to a bracket though for installation and overall this works pretty well so the front panel is not removable but the benefit of this is that you’ve got a fairly seamless design for the entire case where this no creases or gaps that really stand out at you and this really makes the case look and feel like one complete solid unit here’s what a two hundred and eighty millimeter AIO looks like and if you want to run a push-pull configuration you will need to remove that interior bracket speaking of the interior bracket it can be used to mount both reservoirs and pumps for custom loops but I really would like to see some encouragement from the NZXT on its intended application as I feel like 9 out of 10 people buying these cases with this feature don’t actually know what this is and for those that do there’s no compatibility list or guidance two two and a half inch drive bays are pre-installed on the power supply shroud as we saw earlier but these can be relocated to the back which is definitely appreciated and there’s also two three and a half inch drive base position towards the front of the case as well and before I forget there are dust filters pretty much everywhere on the case where air can get in at both the bottom and side for the front intake the top fan slot and of course for the power supply as well okay so enough of that time to test air flow and see how this thing actually performs but first the build alright well what do you know there we go there is a usual rising test system with the r5 at 1600 with the stock breath spike or gtx 760 three gigabyte building was really really easy in this case I have to say there wasn’t really much struggle at all so there we go there’s a cable management really easy and as we’ve got here the you know the 24 pin routing is super simple it is a bit of a struggle if you do have you know thick custom cables that I have here but you know I could imagine if you keep working with thinner stock cables that it could be quite easy you’ve got the velcro straps there and you know monitor a bit long so it does wrap around there but the cpu eight pin cable you’ve got routing there tucks in and yeah overall pretty clean alright so time to talk about those thermals and how this case actually performs I did two tests here for the new H 500 the usual stock out of the box configuration with fan placement untouched and then a second one with the top exhaust fan now functioning as a front intake fan the NZXT h 700 I does run over two and a half degrees cooler than the H 500 in our CPU stress test but keep in mind that it also comes packed with four 120 millimeter fans out of the box when the measure of IC is matched with the same number of fans for example a Verizon v 1600 sits under sixty degrees C with an ambient room temperature of 20 over although the NZXT h 500 is performing quite well here and run slightly cooler than the fantex p 300 and also the s 340 illipe for GPU thermals in heaven 4.0 we can now see that moving the top exhaust fan and placing it at the front of the case to function as an intake fan it does force cool air onto the GPU and improve thermals by about a degree and a half out of the box this should undoubtedly be the default configuration but some users may prefer to populate this fan position with an AI o instead again here we’re about two and a half degrees behind the h 700 but you may be able to get close to it or match that result by adding another fan or two the bottom line here is that airflow is good overall not spectacular but for a case that isn’t marketed as a high airflow case or one that doesn’t have the entire front portion replaced with mesh it’s definitely doing a good job alright so time for some closing thoughts on the NZXT h 500 and i’ve gotta say you guys i am really struggling to find anything that sticks out about the h 500 that I really don’t like overall it’s a really good case and one thing’s for sure I am happy that NZXT offer both the vanilla variant which we reviewed today and also the I variant you know for people who want those extras to be honest most people probably don’t want the Smart Hub the RGB strip and the vertical GP anyway so it is nice to have that standard version and for $69 it really is a competitive option now when the original s340 came out it quickly became the go-to case for pretty much everyone I guarantee that some of you even now watching this video probably have an NZXT s340 or s340 elite sitting on your right or the left side if there’s anything that you guys can take away from this review as that the H 500 feels like an updated refresh of the s 340 with a cleaner tempered glass side panel design sound air flow and some really good cable management as well as always guys I’m interested to see what you guys think of the new H 500 from NZXT and I’ll also leave some links down below if you want to check out pricing as well thank you all so much for watching subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you all in the next one

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