Nikon D5300 Review

Here you will learn Nikon D5300 Review Black Friday Deals 2020 and also the latest discount prices of this day.

Nikon D5300 Black Friday Deals 2020

Nikon D5300 Black Friday Deals 2019

Nikon D5300 Review 

It’s gonna be my wrap-up review of the Nikon d50 300 and I’ve got my notes here and I look down from time to time I try to keep this short and sweet but be warned that my version of short and sweet may be a little bit longer than your version let’s start by talking about the outside of this camera one of the things that manufacturers seem to say every iteration of camera is redesigned grip and body for better comfort better handling I don’t know better everything it’s true this time I have to say I didn’t notice right away when I picked it up it wasn’t until I went and grabbed the d50 200 again and really fell this kind of shallow grip here my fingers get jumbled up in there but with d50 300 the grip is a really nice depth the camera in general feels really nice in the hand I’m still not crazy that though there’s not a lot of room back here for the thumb on the can and I I like how the thumb fits back there we’re getting pretty particular and picky amazingly small differences or smaller but it it’s noticeable when you look at them side-by-side and it is a little bit smaller and a little bit lighter and it’s kind of nice especially since they haven’t dropped off any features in fact it is even more feature packed one of the other changes external changes on the outside is the little GPS and Wi-Fi bump right here we’ll talk more about that in a minute that has caused the drive mode the kind of where you choose faster or slower shutter not speed but burst rate down here and new battery and they need that new battery so it’s the same size and shape so it will fit in older cameras and you can buy it and it should last longer in older cameras if you get the firmware update but the reason they’ve sent this along with this camera is one you have this larger 3.2 inch screen now so that’s sucking more juice and really the Wi-Fi and the GPS we’ll talk more about the GPS in a second but that can be a serious battery munch or depending on some of the settings you’ve set for that we’ll talk more about that in a minute so but overall feels good in the hand you know I think the intelligent layout of the buttons back here pretty good the interface on the back is decent you press the little I button you go through there are some in Sisseton sees and how you operate this camera there are some sections of the menu that you can quickly use the dial to work through and there are somewhere that doesn’t work even though they’re all on the same line here that’s a little annoying but definitely something that you would get used to using this camera let’s talk about the inside now so new sensor in here like the d70 100 is dropped off the anti-aliasing filter that means in simple language sharper images now it may mean more and more that’s what everybody is worried about but Nikon seems to have handily fixed this I didn’t see any of the d70 100 I haven’t seen any sign in the d50 300 unless you really try for it you get more when you’re shooting these kind of repeating patterns and wearing a simple shirt right now but if I had a pinstripe suit on or a shooting I’m pointing at some mesh baskets over there that I’ve shot before as examples of more it you just kind of get this optical illusion lines in there and just haven’t seen it so really nice sharp files no more and really clean is high ISO files like the d70 100 maybe even a little bit better and it’s not you know I haven’t done any careful side by side with ad71 hundred but you can shoot all the way up to ISO 6400 easily up to 4,000 above that if you’re careful and certainly with a little post-processing the files look really really nice comparing it to the d50 200 I start to see some differences between the two of them around ISO 1600 and then it really starts to pull away as you get up into those higher iso 2000 2500 3000 4000 so you want to be careful that now one of the other things that’s impressive about this camera is auto mode it produces some of the nicest looking images I have seen in auto mode from any camera with a few exceptions that being Nikon tends in my opinion to lean towards a greenish tint in a lot of the images especially an unnatural light florescent incandescent basically indoor light that’s not natural coming through a window it tends to be a little bit greenish and I don’t like that so much but it may be that I’m not used to it with a little bit of white balance tweaking you can fix it but I I shouldn’t have spent that much time talking about that because in general the quality of the images on auto the exposure of them the sharpness very very nice and even if the flash pops up now that’s not something I can say on the Canon side Canon cannot quite seem to get the auto exposure and flash exposure to just be as happy as I want it to be the pictures often looked flashed just too much flash and you can dial that down a little bit and get much nicer looking pictures but that’s something you have to do on the Nikon just let it do its thing and there’ll be great pictures now I don’t recommend buying a camera to use on auto like this because there’s a lot more power you can get out of it but it’s still nice that that that that is there that you can throw it on auto and get really nice images now for people who want to use it on auto I think you’ll also be really happy with all the kind of fun features that are packed in here no real differences from the d50 200 but you get a ton of those scene modes the selective color I personally find that pretty gimmicky but that’s where let’s say you take a picture of a rose you keep the red and the rose and the rest of the picture becomes black and white you can do all of that in the camera you can also do all of that very easy and a lot of different programs online and get better results even that the camera does a good job just don’t get better results but that’s there the one that is fun that I enjoy is the miniature movie mode you can shoot miniatures and that’s kind of where it blurs the top of the bottom and makes the scene look kind of like a model railroad scene or guess it doesn’t have to be railroad just a model scene you can shoot in movie mode in it and it speeds it up and shortens the segment and it’s fun I’ve used it and I enjoy it aa ton more scenes ton more effects I’m mixing and matching some of those are effects some of those are scenes shooting food candlelight again those are all kind of crutch if you really want the best pictures out of the camera for any situation you’re going to learn how to use it on manual mode and you are going to get the best pictures but in the meantime those are certainly fun to use and work fairly well so one of my major complaints of the D 5200 was this kind of hesitation hesitation and focusing hesitation sometimes in navigating menus or reviewing images we’ve got the new processor in the D 5300 does it solve this issue yes it does much faster really happy with the performance of this camera from the standpoint of focus speed I kept a fast moving dog running towards me not ferocious AI servo mode easily kept the dog in focus got some really nice shots out of it burst rate is improved that’s another thing that you know I’m not very impressed with the d50 200 so you heard that clicker click you got a couple fast shots in there and then very quickly it slowed down d50 300 pretty significant difference now I actually haven’t reset these both the same shooting menu at the moment so there may be some differences we might have distortion control on this one that’ll make a difference but overall really impressed with this and in fact I was able to get more raw shots off in a 10 second period than I was with a d70 100 that’s pretty significant why we’re talking about raw you do have the option of shooting in 12 bit or 14 bit now that’s really going to slow down the performance of this camera but if you want to eat out as much quality as you can it’s nice to be able to shoot 14 bit raw they’re not going to look any better necessarily they’re going to be a lot larger go make your camera slow you say well what wait if they don’t look any better put them on the computer process them in Lightroom there’s going to be a lot more data that you’re gonna be able to pull out of there are there shadows you’re going to be able to pull detail out of the shadows nice and clean highlights blown out again you’re going to be able to pull data out of that so really really just there is no other I think I’m spoiling my end line here at this price point right now there is no other sensor process or combination that I that I’ve seen provide near this image quality certainly near it and especially if you step up 70 as a very nice job and has some other very very strong features that I actually would pick over this camera most of the time but for pure image quality really nice in here all right what else did I want to talk about let’s talk about some negatives so the GPS I mentioned well you gotta have a kind of a choice here between sometimes having some of your photos tagged or having all of your photos tagged and just chewing through your battery a couple of things a couple of settings in there you can and I’ve got a different video about this so I’m just going to mention it briefly the link to that other video about GPS and Wi-Fi specifically are down below if you let the GPS go to sleep when the screen goes to sleep it’s very likely that when you wake it back up and take a picture it hasn’t got a lock again yet I found that it can take a couple of seconds and it’s pretty likely I often will be carrying my camera around it’ll be asleep I’ll see something on take a picture bring it up to my eye and take a picture within two to three seconds it doesn’t have a lock in that period of time so that’s a bummer now you can turn it on or you should say I should say you can turn the GPS sleep timer off it’ll stay on always with that lock but then it’s chewing through your battery also I found it to be very very slow to get a signal unless you use a file that Nikon provides they have a little assisted GPS file it’s got some data information in there that makes the GPS chip smarter however that is time-sensitive it only lasts for about a month and then you have to remember to get a new file put it back in there that’s a little bit of a hassle and I’m disappointed I was really excited about GPS I’m a little bit of a map nerd I’d like to see my images plotted for me it’s just kind of another data point in searching through the metadata of my images show me every picture I ever took in Vermont show me every picture ever took Marilyn and very quickly you can filter through all that information and I like that and I like that the cameras more and more cameras are just coming with all that information right there in them I like it so much that for the Canon side of things I bought the dedicated device now this is a $200 thing you don’t have to put any file into it and it gets a lock very very quickly without the GPS file this can really take a while to get the lock now in the Wi-Fi comparing to something like the canon 70d you have a ton of different options you can download to the computer you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots you can connect from a tablet and you can control the camera from the tablet meaning you can change shutter speed aperture ISO basically you can connect to a smartphone or a tablet and you can take a picture and see live view and download the picture well that didn’t sound too bad did it but you have no control over the camera other than to tell it to take a picture I wish there’s a little bit more and maybe at some point they’ll add in a little bit more cannot start and stop video that’s the same as a 70 d basically when you’re doing Wi-Fi all video features are disabled on the camera so the D 5300 continues this kind of annoying live view aperture hassle you know if this isn’t a deal breaker but I find it annoying and I really appreciate the straightforwardness of the Canon so let’s talk about the Canon for a second when you go into live view let’s say in your manual mode you move one dial you’re adjusting your shutter you move the other dial or hold down the button adjust the dial you’re adjusting your aperture they adjust you see the results of those changes on the back basically the back is showing you a simulation of what your exposure would look like meaning if you open that aperture up wider the image is going to get brighter the screen gets brighter to show you that on the Nikon side not so much you basically have a choice between having some exposure simulation or not being able to change your aperture in live view so you if you’ve got live view turned on you the dial you can change your shutter speed I’m going down I’m in manual mode you can change your shutter speed you can hold down the button to change your aperture just doesn’t do it but if you go into the menu you go into movie settings wait what movie settings you’re not shooting a movie now it doesn’t matter you still gotta go to manual movie settings and I had them on turn them off now when you go back to live view there is some exposure simulation and you can change your aperture but the exposure simulation is not like it is on the Canon side you certainly you do still have your will expose your meter right here which shows you where you are so you know you don’t have to see it but you’ve got this big beautiful live view screen why can’t they give you a really nice simulation and why do you have to back out of a live view and back into it to make your changes and occasionally this is part of this kind of general Nikon quirks that I see from time to time there aren’t many of them and I think the d50 300 has less than previous cameras but I’ll notice some changes in my settings my shutter speed err my aperture when I move into Live View or out of live view even though I haven’t done anything other than turned live view on or off so I find that a little bit of a hassle a little bit frustrating also in live view your autofocus is still rather boring it’s not slow but it’s not as smooth and there’s no silent lenses like on the Canon t5i side so for video recording simple simplicity you still don’t have that the lens makes noise I wouldn’t call it a noisy lens most of them but it does still make noise and certainly nothing like what we see on the Canon 70d where that dual pixel autofocus technology that is amazing and it works very very well all right so I think I hit all of the major points that I wanted to you know let’s go back to that one line that I want to leave you with if you are looking for the absolute best image quality at this price point the d50 300 right now really is it really nice camera it’s got some quirks it’s got the kind of Live View deal that is a hassle but I don’t think it should be a deal-breaker for many people and it does a nice job of videos oh yeah also you have that I didn’t talk a whole lot about videos but you do have the full 1080p at 60 frames per second now none of the other DSLR is that this level really offer that there are some Sony’s that offer it but then you’re shooting with Sony’s and talk about quirks and so many people go ahead and just yell at me in the comments below but you also got the uncompressed HDMI out that’s a little exciting but hey you know I think people make bigger deal about that then really the number of people that actually use it and get excited about it at this level there are a lot of other models out there other cameras that are going to do a better job for video work for you if you’re kind of an indie filmmaker but again quality quality quality really nice if you put up with a couple of quirks if you’ve got any questions about whether this camera is better for you or the d50 200 with some savings or the t5i or the 70d I’d be happy to help you and give you some kind of recommendations come over to the Facebook page I do a much better job of keeping track and answering questions there and give me information about you please don’t say which one is best because I don’t know which one is best for you each of these cameras there’s a possibility that I recommend the t5i for you based on your needs or the 70d or the d50 300 so thank you so much for watching and if you haven’t already please subscribe thank you you

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