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In this post, we introduce the best Black Friday Deals on Nike hoodies. Here we have the top best Men Nike Hoodies for you in our list.

Black Friday Deals on Nike hoodies

Black Friday Deals on Nike hoodies

look no more interviews I’m not some guys just got home from school all my beats are actually abetted I just realized that but yeah listening to some Big Sean but yeah so just got legit just walking through school I was walking home from track actually yeah so cities fit all you know something inside that’s a tech long at the tech we’ve got tech with the Tim’s so yeah I said Tim’s that’s yeah Toby’s my Tim’s cuz I got him by Tim’s this season so we used the Thirteen’s as the Tim’s you know what I’m saying boy yeah my leg hurts update for everybody couldn’t caring about my injury like you might not think people care what like people actually care like I got like I can’t reply to deems I don’t know what’s wrong with my DM box like unless I’m following you I can’t reply so like but like I seal in your DM don’t get me wrong I still try to see it and I try to reply be legit does not let me like reply so like but I see a tall pole hope your leg feels better Baba so I really do appreciate the support that somebody actually like cared about what I said be like yeah I appreciate it again so yeah that’s all I could say um again one of those videos where I don’t know I want you guys to comment down below any video ideas you have at all any type of video any like maybe it’s a reaction video maybe it’s a challenge video any type of video just comment it down below whatever you want to see and I’ll try to make them so yeah just comment down any video but tomorrow I’m pretty sure I’m a busting after the first time like I said I wanted to go to the bodega and take a flick with these so like I don’t know maybe I’ll do that tomorrow I do not know but yeah you might catch a flick so go follow me on instagram paul el Bano 95 i know it paul banner no I don’t know Paul dot albano 95 you know it’s right there in the background don’t you guys realize that but it is back here as a light to like yes things heat right here got this from Target for like 10 bucks look it says something beep because I didn’t know what to put up there and we put at paul dateh ban on 95 so that’s a heat like see yes I got a second night so yeah so um didn’t even realize but shout out to everybody and subscribe we just hit 9k on my hitter when I was in a bio class like I went on the thing and like as I look I don’t know exactly what I hate it but I went on it went up to 9001 so I appreciate everybody that subscribed again we’re 993 away from 10k now you know that is that was my goal that’s my goal to hit it by the end of February but I feel like we could do it within like the next two weeks we just gotta grind on so again comment on video ideas but yeah I was with Anthony and we’ll when I hit it so shout out to you guys we were in vile and I’m just like peeped over the phone and then like we went on and then it went up to 9,000 so yeah we just went up one more not doesn’t eat a mention like just like all went down it’s like a thousand something but yes which has everybody has subscribed again keep the pushing and if I make up my sweatshirt collection that’s kind of why I wore these because I was like oh maybe if I put this on I’ll remember because like it’s like one of my favorite hoodies so I wanted to do that because I saw a comment like a couple days ago I’ve seen it multiple times too since then but like I saw it a couple days ago and it had like a bunch of likes like something a lot of people like they want to see a hoodie collection cuz like case you don’t know like I love who you like who do you like my favorite thing they’re not that my hoodies aren’t that nice though like this is probably this and my BAE puddi and like the other tech and champion like this was my the only like that’s like my daily that’s like my rotation but I have a bunch of other hoodies you guys probably don’t even know about so we’re gonna get to my hoodie collection but I just want to go in the basement and I check the washing machine because I probably have like a bunch of hoodies on there that aren’t washed that I should wash so I don’t get my buck cake to be like yeah so I’m gonna go check at least two hours later alright so actually no I’m pretty sure I have everything here I’m pretty sure I’m not a hundred percent but oh yeah guess we’re just gonna show you all my hoodies yeah I don’t I don’t know if that’s like a normal thing like I have a problem but yeah I’m gonna zoom in a little something back here but yeah let’s get into this so I’m gonna go with everything in my you can’t see you but it’s right here I don’t know this is random I do not know the order we’re gonna go with everything hanging in my closet and then we’ll move on to whatever on the door because this is probably like what I wear like the most so I have two hoodies on the floor that I sleep in you don’t maybe we’ll start with those to get those out of the way no you guys probably see me wear these like a lot on the weekends and because I do sleep in these this is a white Nike hoodie um don’t ask me I’ll try to remember where I got this stuff but I do not know where you can get this cuz I got this as a gift from my for me abuela so yeah there’s a white Nike hoodie and with like a camo swoosh so I’m gonna move quick there’s some through them because they’re just like hoodies so yeah I think we have an adidas one that my boy also got me but yeah this I also sleep in this one these are like really comfortable they’re like kind of like a workout he won but like there’s really comfortable so like it says it isn’t like a camel print again like a dizzy campbellot so starting off I guess white hoodies cuz I have it like kind of color-coordinated but not really so this one actually got in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn you probably saw that video if you’ve been subscribed for a little bit but yeah why am I said on the news game we had it’s just like a plain black and white has a little Brook and LU logo on there I thought it’s pretty cool it was like 60 bucks and hopefully yeah then we have this NYC champion one day you guys always ask me where do I get my champion hoodies go to Modell’s I’m telling you like that might sound crazy but go to Modell’s Modell’s is the plug for that and yeah you’re also gonna see you’re gonna see a lot of champion why should I want that many champion hoodies book you can see hoodies like these just like random brands that I got from TJ Maxx and stuff so this is just like a short sleeve hoodie that I’d wear in the summer so yeah it’s just I haven’t wore this in a while again because it’s short somebody so yeah that’s all my white hoodies I’m pretty sure so it’s getting to not mad you miss a colors because they’re all mixed up things starting now so we had this all-black Lululemon hoodie Lululemon he’s like I said letting Brandon case you know what that is it’s like $140 hood again it’s just all black but it’s like for like working out and stuff and like yeah keeps this will keep you warm like it might not look like it’s warm but it will keep you warm then we have a polo windbreaker right here I used to wear this like all the time I haven’t worn in a while I think I don’t think it fits me like well like you kind of got small so yes a polo one breaker and the hood actually like folds into it come around here we have just a layer in putting it just all black with like zippers on the side I got this forever21 on the clearance rack it was probably like I don’t even know but it’s a kind of like an overextended hoodie because you could throw something over it I got where like my jean my denim jacket over it where like I don’t know like a bomber but yeah another one of the source the hoodies they haven’t worn in a while it is like this like just don’t say like distressed but it’s just like I don’t even know she’s like a faded like type hoodie I don’t know where this is from to be honest about forever 21 as well and it’s just a short sleeve hoodie so keep you pushing and keep it pushing I don’t have that many zip up so I’m gonna put zip ups in this because like like there’s still like a hoodie pretty much of it yeah so right here this is another one of those random hoodies just from TJ Maxx I got for like $14 just as an olive green hoodie nothing crazy nothing crazy let me have this from forever 21 this is a zip-up you probably saw this in my Christmas haul it’s like a bunch of like I don’t even know what these birds are their iconic pelicans are like Swan not pelicans like swans I don’t know I don’t know what they are but it just looks cool like I don’t know it’s just like an interesting jackets from forever 21 then we have another hoodie that I haven’t really worn that much because it is a short sleeve but it says Nike Air on it I got this from TJ Maxx for like a steal of like $20 it was like originally like 45 or like six like somewhere between a 45 and 60 but just a short stay pretty this is Nike Air I’m definitely gonna be wearing that so much in like the spring time all right I mean that Islanders just zip up like that I’ll wear if I go to like an Islanders game because I don’t have like any Islanders jerseys anymore so yeah just like a half as if nothing crazy and then Long Beach Island is the beach that I went to over the summer but you probably saw if you’ve been subscribed episode those vlogs but I just got this like kids never you go on vacation yeah like that memorabilia this is just like that I wear that like on the weekend stuff so you know what I guess we’ll go into Nike Tech right now because I’m wearing my tech so obviously the Nike Tech that I’m wearing is the blue and navy color and then we do have this green like fly knit one it’s like the $250 one like this one’s like insane but I got it for like only 100 from TJ Maxx so again TJ Maxx comes in clutch that’s why I have so many hoodies but yeah see this this one right here this thing’s like crazy it’s like thick it has it’s like this I like this better cuz like it’s more like fitted but like this will keep you warm like things like dick and more all right then we have this Nike tech a lot of people don’t know I have this but like I don’t really wear this as much just because it’s like I don’t know it’s just like this it looks really read on camera it’s more room in person I don’t know why it’s coming up so red why would I have alright anyway oh yeah it’s just this Nike tech um Cody you just like a regular hoodie with the Nike sign right there I might wear this time not once but yeah where it’s in a while I kind of wanna wear it now cuz yeah the black tech bands to go with this oh yeah make you Tech just hoodie right there got that from TJ Maxx as well for only forty originally 120 got it for 40 I’m telling you tech to check TJ Maxx for you Tech and check left them and uh yeah um one of my favorite hoodies right here I mean wear this in a while you know I forgot I had this but it is a camel or just all-around camel hoodie I got this from H&M; like last year and I still have it and it fits cuz I got it like really big because I got thought I was big but I’m not big at all well yeah then we have this bomber I’m gonna be just Orion zip up some stuff so we have this bomber right here it’s like a green like with like black dots but it comes out as like a camel we print so yes is cool got there from TJ Maxx and then we have this camel one this camera windbreaker gots is from TJ Maxx as well as you could tell the TJ Maxx is the plug he got a champion again you can see like champion hoodies just randomly but this is a champion hoodie right here it’s like a track type 1 it is maroon it is yes it’s like a cranberry not summer room that’s definitely maroon but yeah champion hoodie right there I have a lot of champion champion Odie’s are just so comfortable like now mice are crazy crazy but they are this right here just uh even though maroon and black windbreaker I thought I could layer it I mean it looks nice I just then we have an all orange hoodie just for layering I don’t really wear this by itself I mean I could if I really wanted to be like really extra and we’re like black Nike Tech with these and then these like look at this this looks like a whole tangerine like unless you want to be a whole tangerine I don’t know I don’t know and you guys like on a box right now so just stay with me don’t don’t die on me well yeah so next uh I think this is coming to the end over here brother phone ringing I’m gonna be wrong tonight answer it all right ignore the phone for right now but yeah we have this just gentle genom this denim Jackie right here yeah nothing really say about that I know it’s a hoodie collection but like that’s like part of it because I kind of like layering this stuff and then we have this zip up right here D this is like my goes with my jumpsuit I have the pants that match it as the adidas x all over it very clean very clean one of my favorite pieces I do own then we come over here we have another bomber this green bomber and then we have this black like varsity type bomber it kind of looks like a but like it’s like it’s weird I don’t know I got from forever 21 it was on the discount thing for like $5 so I was like why not and then we have this Jordan one this one let’s go with the Space Jam this is actually very fire it does blow in the dark we don’t you guys can see what yeah it has the it’s the monsters jacket this thing’s pretty cool nothing on the back though which they should put something on the back but glows in the dark which is really cool like the lettering not the actual jacket well if you want to see a jersey collection let me know get this video with like 200 likes towards your legs for a jersey collection so yeah um let’s going over here this is like kind of my mains that’s probably why they’re hanging here but yeah we have this great champion hoodie you probably seen me wear this all the time like no matter like the day or the week I’m like I wear this probably like once a week which is bad considering I have all these hoodies then another Champion hoodie which I wear a lot it is the baby blue one because the baby blue is just fired at Carolina blue I already know but yeah if you get those from Odell’s they’re only there twenty-something bucks then you come right here we have an Adidas one just a plain Jesus and gray I got to have one from Nordstrom and then another Lululemon black one this is like the this season’s one this was like 140 as well I know crazy just for the whole black hoodie but again I do run track and this helps during the winter time so I think that is it how can I say that come on now how am I gonna forget that but here we have the babe jacket obviously babe pudding babe whatever you wanna call it the shark hoodie yeah this thing is fire I got this from laced up which in case you don’t know is like a sneaker bodega in New York and yeah I traded in my Yeezy 350 boost zebras because I didn’t want them anymore so yeah but boom boom shout-out to Matt Jorge if you’re watching this you watch this far you came with me to get it and so did you jack so did you Sean so like if you’re watching this gotcha gotcha but yeah um pretty far just a beep okay this is like don’t this is only being jacket I’ve ever had this is my first big jacket so that is pretty clean and yeah so that is my hoodie collection that is all I have with me in this room at the moment I might be missing like a hoodie or two but that is a lot like I didn’t realize how many hoodies I had to just pull that all out Wow but yeah I’m gonna throw real quick and then yeah hopefully you enjoyed this this lighting is kind of good right here like if I want I got a shot or something like it’s not bad it kind of like makes me look better than my right I’m gonna try and grab as many as possible for this thumbnail I don’t know how many I could hold on one hand cuz the hangers take up a lot of space in my hands yeah I could grab them all but oh yeah good all right so that’s a lot right there um I probably look so I’m taking that thumbnail that was like wow look at this I did not realize like I’m being so serious I didn’t realize how much money I spent on hoodies this like it just goes on and on they’re everywhere this is not good like it doesn’t look like a lot because this is like covering it oh my gosh I really need to like be careful that right there I was like a whole sneaker collection of hoodies hey I spend a lot of money but yeah alright so miss you guys like comment and subscribe again none of this would be possible without you guys so I appreciate it because again this is dope this and eBay is the only way that I make my money so I do appreciate you guys very much and yes make sure you like comment subscribe be back with a new video tomorrow as always and we out brought it around I need you know I don’t know how we’re going pal all the things that I did it you don’t want to run

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