In this post, we introduce the best Luggage Black Friday deals. Here we have the top 5 best Luggage for you in our list.

Luggage Black Friday deals

Luggage Black Friday deals

experienced travelers understand the importance of having a sturdy and reliable suitcase however they also understand the pains that go with finding the best luggage for travel well in this video we break down the top 5 best luggage for travel on the market this year based on size weight Portability and situations they will be used in we’ll be taking a look at products in every budget range so regardless of whether you’ve got a few bucks to spare and want the best value or are looking for the best of the best we’ll have an option for you so if you’re interested in finding out which luggage will be the best for you stay tuned as always all the links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description down below we also update the description down below with links to find the best price on each product so for the most up-to-date information along with updated prices be sure to check out the description the products mentioned in this video are in no exact order so be sure to stay tuned till the end so you don’t miss anything number 5 on our list is Delsea luggage helium Aero for people who can’t resist buying loads of souvenirs this suitcase is a blessing in disguise namely despite its standard dimensions of 29 by 19 and 1/2 by 12 and a half inches it has the ability to expand by 2 extra inches obviously this allows for some valuable additional packing space it’s large capacity however doesn’t immediately imply that this bag is too heavy to handle quite the contrary since its 100% made of polycarbonate it weighs only 12 and a half pounds plus it features a handle system that can lock into not one but two comfortable positions combined with the multi-directional double spinner wheels that makes for an extremely maneuverable suitcase that goes easy on the owners arms the fact that this luggage is made of polycarbonate means one more thing it’s sturdy and nearly impossible to crack or break so the owners belongings will be safe within the two fully lined compartments in fact the number of pockets allows for easy access and superb organization speaking of safety it’s important to note that this travel luggage features locks approved by the TSA aside from providing maximum security this means you and TSA agents will be the only people that can gain access to the contents of your suitcases delcie travel luggage is designed with international travelers in mind users report taking these suitcases to Europe Canada and the United States without any issues regarding their size and weight this brand probably offers the best lightweight luggage at the moment no matter how much gets packed this suitcase can handle it fourth on our list is genius pack g3 genius pack g3 is every neat freaks dream come true seriously this is probably the best choice on the list for a geeky traveler looking for the best travel luggage the not so businesslike exterior hides a dorky gimmick or two that will make users fall in love with this carry-on luggage first of all this suitcase is made of black nylon so it might not be the best choice for people who carry fragile items when traveling however due to the material it is extremely lightweight weighing only 7.8 pounds when it comes to its dimensions there are 22 by 14 by 7 and a half inches which puts this bag somewhere in the middle of the carry-on range a great treat however is that there are about three inches of room for expansion if needed the soft material makes it possible for the g3 to feature a significant number of dedicated pockets for our battery charger GPS or any other piece of electronics that one might need on a trip there’s even a pocket designed specially to fit a micro umbrella one thing that makes this carry-on bag standout is an array of dedicated pockets at stores inside basically there’s a separate sock pocket underwear pocket charger pocket you name it another great thing is a built-in laundry bag it gives the owner of the bag enough space to store dirty laundry by folding it one pushes the air out of the bag which makes more room for souvenirs or new clothes third on our list is Amazon basics soft side spinner luggage our choice for the best budget luggage for travel amazonbasics has a real treat for travelers who like to keep things simple their soft side spinner luggage is an all-time classic that with the price set at $59.99 fits any budget this high-quality luggage for travel comes with several standard features weighing about six point nine pounds this 16 by twenty five by ten point two inches big suitcase comes in two standard colors black and navy blue though this fact might not make it stand out in a multitude of similar bags it contributes to the overall classic design the closure area comes with a durable zipper and it can expand by about 25% when more packing space is necessary however that’s probably not the final limit thanks to the soft shell this suitcase is capable of conforming to the shape of things inside of it that’s always a plus much like other softshell suitcases the soft side spinner has only one packaging compartment it is fully lined and it features three zippered pockets in addition to that there are firm tie-down straps that can be used to secure packed items in addition to its impressive capacity this luggage features an additional exterior compartment though the manufacturer refers to it as a pocket it’s large enough to store items which need to be easily accessed however it should be noted that this compartment lacks a safety lock so it might be better to keep valuable belongings somewhere else now having to handle over packed luggage is not a nightmare with the soft side spinner it comes with a double set of spinner wheels they not only provide high maneuverability but they also put less strain on the owners arm furthermore pulling this suitcase is a breeze in part thanks to its telescopic handle it extends for about 17 inches and locks into place lifting the bag shouldn’t be a problem either as it has a short handle too although a bit too large to fall into the carry-on luggage category this suitcase is a great option for a three to five day trip we all know the struggle of searching travel websites to find the best deals on flights and accommodations so with the help of heavily experienced travelers we put together a little informative article on all the best ways to save money on flights hotels air B&BS; and more it’s completely free to check out we just break down in detail what to look for to find the best deals depending on where in the world you’re traveling if you’re interested in learning more and hopefully saving a few dollars be sure to check out the link in the description down below second on our list is travel pro bold our choice for the best expandable luggage for travel people who often travel for longer than a week tend to have a problem when they need to pack it’s hard to pack lightly and a vast majority of suitcases can’t provide enough space despite their expandability well travel pro bold is the uncrowned king of extra packing space built primarily for high mileage travel namely users love this suitcase because it has many pockets to be precise it features four inside pockets one of which is specially designed for toiletries admittedly having a wet pocket is always a plus for long-distance travellers but there’s more on the outside there are two additional large zippered pockets as well as two narrow pockets designed for a bottle and a micro umbrella the final touch is a small snack pocket set snugly on the top this sporty polyester suitcase comes in a standard dimension of 25 by 16 by 10 and a half inches but it has nearly three inches of expansion capacity it’s lightweight construction is set on a pair of ball bearing inline skate wheels which ensure smooth rolling on any surface when empty the suitcase weighs roughly nine pounds the reason why this is also one of the best luggages for international travel lies in the fact that the polyester was covered with a water repellent coating that fact alone guarantees for great resistance to stains and abrasion as well as for the fact that the items packed inside will remain dry at all times there’s no need to worry about the weather however though this is an amazing suitcase on the whole many users resent the fact that it lacks the add a bag strap but considering its overall capacity and a great price one hundred and fifty dollars and twenty eight cents that might not be such a big deal after all number one on our list is tonight Winfield – if they’re being honest most travelers will admit that one can’t really go wrong with Samsonite travel luggage it’s always sleek professional-looking and highly functional well there are Winfield – is no exception first of all it is important to note that this hardshell suitcase is 100% made of polycarbonate that makes it both lightweight and sturdy the manufacturer has made it highly flexible so it won’t Bend under pressure or upon collision what’s more it’s airbrushed pattern will hide any potential scratches together with the designed indentations on the front and the back panels it gives out the impression that this is one strong suit case as far as its size is concerned two sets of dimensions are available namely the exterior dimensions are 31 by 20 by 12 point 75 inches whereas the interior measures are 28 by 19 point 75 by 12 and a half inches on top of that there’s about one and a half inches of expansion capacity and the best part is that the wheels don’t take up any of the space on the inside the interior of the wind field – deserves an equal amount of attention as its exterior this is where most people begin to realize why Winfield – is the best choice when it comes to luggage for business travel the left side has a fully zippered divider which comes in handy when trying to keep all items from falling out of the suitcase upon opening aside from that purpose the divider also has several pockets that can fit smaller items the right side on the other hand has a buckled tie-down strap that should hold the clothes in place finally this suitcase comes with a set of side mounted TSA locks so the owner won’t have to worry about theft and all this great quality comes at a very reasonable price alright guys that is all for this video hope you guys liked the video if you guys did please go ahead and give it a like if you’re new to the channel and you liked the video consider subscribing we do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market right now so if you want to know what the best gear out there is go ahead and hit that subscribe button be sure to check out the description for links to find the most up-to-date pricing on all the rocks mention in this video hope you guys enjoyed the video hope everyone has a great day and until next time I will see you guys later

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