Lenovo Tab 4 Black Friday 2019

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Lenovo Tab 4 black friday 2019

Lenovo Tab 4 Black Friday 2019

I gotta say one thing actually surprised to learn limit I got more than usual amount of requests for the Lenovo tab for series and when I review to the tab for eight I got almost no views and almost no comment on it so that’s why I’m quite baffled why all the previous requests were there and no one wanted to see maybe everyone though was excited about the Lenovo tab 410 and not the eighth one and actually to correct myself in my tip for eighth video I said there is no no normal version since I’m only talking about the plasma there is one but it was so low in terms of specs that I completely zoned that out but I can already tell you so much as a little bit of a spoiler the tip 410 is in my opinion noticeably better than the four eight because it fixes some of the things that I didn’t like so much on the smaller version and one thing that’s important is the value is in my opinion noticeably better but let’s get into the first thing size comparison here just so you quickly get that here you can see the Lenovo tip 4 10 below that you can see the Xiaomi mere 12th or 12 point 5 inch LED book just so you roughly get a size estimate and here the iPad air 2 as you can see it’s pretty much the same in terms of thickness and in terms of what with or so just in terms of lengths it’s a little bit less but it also has 2 4 by 3 ratio where this one has 16 by 9 and I would say let’s get this out of the way as well and cover this now as you can already see it says ultraviolet light with 470 grams it’s actually or 4 and 75 it’s actually not that light anymore but still thin and light it is very portable because as you can see bezels are there but I don’t think they are big because you need some space doors or especially on a 10 inch with this wider aspect ratio this is totally fine build quality also relates to consistency there’s pretty much no flexing a little bit just such a big glass surface will just do that after all you can also see the front-facing stereo speakers here actually a good position because on the sides you would be able to block it here actually not the case then of course we can see if the camera gets it you can see the volume rocker I would say the audible feedback is OK detector feedback is better and here the power button but what we also get this time though on the front is the fingerprint reader and I would say this one works totally fine the screen turn on time is good enough and for cab that it’s not as crucial on the phone so total if I’m dead but you can also see we have on-screen buttons so overall on the right side we as well have the SD card slot USB type-c placements okay I would say headphone jack and the mic nothing on the bottom so that’s pretty much it I like it it feels well lightweight compact build quality seems fine so I can’t really complain about anything actually totally fine now display wise I have to say this once again I’m a little bit disappointed that there is no real option to change the calibration but on the tap for eight I actually complained a little bit about the fact that colors were a little bit too dark and so on which is not so much the case even so here I’m Way more fine with that and on videos it also looked already nicer on the four eight but here yeah I like it of course the sharpness with just 1900 1200 display so pretty much just still as it says IPS Full HD it could be a little job because I definitely notice that it’s just not as crystal crystal clear as on some phones with I mean tablets with a high resolution but the brightness of about 420 Lux indoors is good enough outdoors it’s not that bright anymore but I don’t think you will use it that much but just for a media consumption device for videos and so on it is really nice viewing angles are stable whilst one person eyes black levels are good no light people so all in all I would say a really good suspect I just can’t give a very good anymore to just a 1080p display these days now what about those speakers [Music] let me just stop this and show you one thing if we go into the dolby atmos software you have seen that I’ve used movie because movie gave me a little bit more clarity a little bit more highs because what I’ve noticed music was a little bit fuller a little bit more rich and warm but it lacked a little bit of clarity it felt a little bit to method so overall I said to kind of say the same as on the tab for 8 the sound quality could be a little better because without it you’ll be at my software just some stupidly flat and boring with it you can set it to your liking but the quality itself still is a little bit lacking because either it feels a little to muffled or just a rich enough maximum volume is totally fine enter the overall sound is still I would say really good since we have front-facing stereo so I won’t complain much modern about that headphone jack is still just about average so nothing happy about it but it is what it is so performance wise let’s end all the apps which is on the bottom okay here is it’s always a little different depending on the ice with ice so let’s try the app launch time so as you can see and nothing has changed it’s still a 625 and this still means that it’s not the crazy most responsive device and also due to the lower resolution you can see some more array going on that’s just something of my camera if it’s not that super high res but as you can see at launch times are totally finite especially once the page has loaded you will see that the scrolling it’s not bad it’s smooth pilot you can also see it it feels a little bit sluggish so it doesn’t react right on my movement sometimes it feels a little bit delayed and that’s just something you will generally have to get used to also here it fits a little bit like dragging the scrolling through matte so not super lightweight and I definitely like a library experience but if you just want something really smooth consistent then you would totally get this it’s just lightweight it feels a little bit sluggish this toe is the 4 gigabyte one so of course as you can see here multitasking works better than on the 3ds by drawing the little chip of three gigabyte version with 16 gigs of storage and I would tell you that you can get that if you just want it mostly for media consumption device the one gigabyte of ram won’t really bother you and if you don’t need the storage after all you have at least SD card slot you could save a little bit money but I think actually the extra money that you pay for the bigger version might be worth it but I get it a little bit later gaming performance Oh as on any other sniper in 625 phone absolutely solid nice medium range frame rates very solid consistent not really any bigger frame looks totally fine playable because after all it’s pushing 1080p like on any other phone and it just delivers it gets a little bit warm due to the glass construction by just a little bit nothing you should be concerned about and it definitely won’t really fertile not to my notice not battery life the one thing that I’m not the biggest fan of is the long charge time of 3 hours and 45 minutes it’s long but it kind of makes up for that with a really good battery life because about 9% for all of YouTube that is really good even on a tablet but what I got in normal use was 11 to 12 hours of use of on one day and over the course of the next day or so per day you lose less than one hour of screen on time so a multi multiple day device for sure and really good great better life actors it especially since also the Stamper in was top so the battery life is definitely a huge improvement over the just really good battery life up to tap for because this one has now seven thousand milliamp hour battery which was something closer what I wanted actually like five maybe or six on the for eight so this is a long with two just better display better speaker noburo since it’s everything is just bigger something that it has as an advantage over the tap for it no software I could really cover this so quick because it’s pretty much just talking residency you have the launcher looks a little bit different but the quick settings are the same few extra things like Dolby Atmos of course is there but other than that you can see that it’s not really anything enhancing there we don’t get any extra options and lenovo set this they will just stick with stock android and that is fun especially if you check for example i got actually one update or i think maybe even two since i have this phone for two weeks as you can see seven one one april security patch that’s maybe not the newest one anymore but i got updates i don’t see this on every tablet so actually let’s get right to the protein content i have to actually quickly switch that out because i completely forgot to actually preload it so here they are and of course i have to one of the very good build quality it is licensing that’s one of the biggest parts here reliable fingerprint reader just the really good display I said why same goes for the speakers and also for the performance it could have been very very good but it has to push a little bit more pixels than on a phone so it’s still totally fine great battery life this is definitely one advantage over the four eight and pretty much dog Android with an overall very solid package where the temperate only had a solid package now on the negative side still kind of actually the same speaker quality could be better average at best headphone jack and some I slightly muddy performance and for some reason I can’t switch my can no it is so let me just quickly get already to the conclusion at around two hundred and ninety nine euros at least from where I got it from for a 16 gigabyte one with three gigabytes of RAM where you seems quite nice because you get on Brienne eyes over a pocket package for 350 you get 64 gigabytes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and I would say if you want more storage if you want a little bit more future proof ins in terms of the gigabytes of RAM 50 bucks might be worth it but I still have to point out one thing there is still one of my most favorite tablets out there today the Lenovo yoga Tab 3 plus which has the following advantages over this one still the even way better speaker the better display due to our high res the better performance the noticeably better battery life but it comes with one big trade-off it’s just way heavier this one weighs 475 s where the other one weighs were like I think 640 with the big thick clunky hinge but it also has to stand so I would say this is something if you want something lightweight portable overall solid very nice for a good value but I would still maybe say if you want the better overall multimedia consumption of ice with even better battery life and the overall nicer overall aspects I would say actually still go further and over you would have three plus because this is to my reckon it because you get for even less money costs about 280 by now depending on where you are it could be four but you get after all don’t forget that the benefits but just a high resolution which will be noticeable if you maybe read a lot or something like that the speaker is the very best one that I’ve ever heard on any tablet and it pretty much destroys any tablet or a laptop the performance is noticeably better paralyzed so I’ve said it already this is for lightweight portable use the other one is for even better multimedia consumption with a better value and just better qualities does it is bad but I said the kind of same thing already and that was the reason why you had to request it so much to get me to review because I thought almost at the beginning when I saw the specs from here that I think the free you’ll get that free plus will be the best offering or a better offering of course it depends on you because not everyone wants over 600 grams but the stand actually makes up for that so I don’t think I need to direct this any further totally nice tablet over a very solid package and I can easily recommend it because there are as many good tablets out there and actually kind of the best two ones are from Lenovo so pick your poison heavy or light weight okay an exam

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