Lenovo Flex 14 Black Friday 2019

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Lenovo Flex 14 black friday 2019

Lenovo Flex 14 Black Friday 2019

what’s up guys it is your boy Bernardo from the BTN HD and yes we are finally reviewing the Flex 614 inch laptop convertible laptop so I’m super excited I got pros and cons on this particular laptop so let’s get to it alright guys when you open up the Flex 614 inch laptop you’re going to see this beautiful keyboard layout now the casing around the keyboard is made out of brushed aluminum which feels extremely nice on your palms when you’re typing a lot and I mean a lot it feels really nice now the keyboard itself is backlit which is a huge plus the distance between the home keys and the trackpad is nice enough that you don’t need to raise up your fingers you could just move it with no problem now I didn’t have any issues on the trackpad when I was testing it out no hesitation it wasn’t stopping it just worked now a cool thing about the Flex 6 14-inch it comes with an additional security layer which is a fingerprint scanner allowing you to use one of your fingers to login with no problem now one of the things I did not like about the keyboard is that the keys itself feels extremely flat I kind of like the keys that feels kind of hard and they kind of stick tout on the keyboard but for these they felt really flat for me so we spoke about the keyboard layout so let’s talk about the display now the display itself if you measure in a corner to corner is going to give you 14 inches it is full HD with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 one of the cool things about this display it is multi-touch I don’t like using the multi-touch but I had to force myself to use it for you guys to test it out and the reason why I don’t like it is because of the fingerprints so I constantly find myself always wiping it clean it is IPS as well as anti glare which is a huge huge plus you do notice on the Flex 614 inch this huge black border this is when you’re converting the laptop into a tablet this allows you to hold it with no problem at the very top of the display lenovo does provide you a 720p webcam which works extremely well you’re doing video conferencing such as webinars zoom or you know you going live and YouTube so that’s a huge plus now if we want to talk about the brightness this is the brightest that this display can go and this is the lowest that it could go it’s not completely blacked out but I am still able to see the war paper as well as the icons I think the Flex six 14-inch the highest Nicks is around 250 Nick’s now I’m a little disappointed on the Flex 614 inch because this right here is a teaser the at the pin which works extremely well when you’re dealing with illustration and InDesign and all that stuff I install Photoshop so I’m gonna double click on one of the files here the reason why I kind of disappoint it is that it’s optional that means you have to pay in addition to 40 I think 40 or 50 bucks to get it that have been cool with Lenovo just added it inside the package why not right then you may place a logo right here that stays option with Lenovo at the pen just give it to us I did find myself using it a lot right here and the best way to use the active pen is when you’re converting this guy inside a tablet right it’s the best way that you could use it so right now is in tablet form and I am going to change the fill let’s change the opacity a little bit there go and I’m gonna have the pen soon and I am going to just zoom in real quick and we’re just gonna trace now I didn’t have any issues with the pen like no stutter no hesitation it felt really smooth huge plus on that I was able to use it maybe for a good week and I’m still using it with the same battery that I swapped it out with so it really depends on how you’re using it battery life is amazing but this active pen accuracy is really it works right now I’m just tracing a couple of things and I’m just going to FASS you know how accurate that is as awesome whoo I could do this all day but the Apted pen is a huge plus I would like to see if lenovo added it within the package why have it as an optional is just extra money that I have to spend now one things I do not like about the at the pen with the Flex six is this little guy right here this is a pen holder which allows you to hold it this way which is cool or you can insert it this way right so if I convert this guy back into a laptop form now if you want to use this little guy we have to insert it in one of the USBs now the reason why I do not like this little holder is that it eliminates one of my USBs and I always need my USB for our flash drive or two flash drives or hard drive whatever not to use this guy you could place it within one of the USBs it doesn’t matter the left or the right one whichever one and you can search a pin this way or if you’re traveling you know you close it up you can use it this way which is pretty cool now the only thing I don’t like about this is that it eliminates one of my USPS and for me I’m constantly using all my USB s for everything I told about USB ports the Flex 6:14 has a lot of them so if we take a look at the right hand side we’re gonna see our power button our SD card reader as well as one 3.0 USB port on the left hand side we have our audio combo jack which allows us to hook up a mic / headphone we also have a type C port an additional 3.0 USB port which is always on charging and HDMI and don’t forget about your power port so the Flex 614 inch is really powerful it packs a huge punch so if we look at the laptop itself let’s click on the task bar click on task manager awesome and let’s open this guy up a little bit beautiful let’s go to performance let’s look at the CPU so right now it is running a quad core i5 8250 u processor the clock speed on this is 1.6 C overall base speed is only 1.80 it’s not that bad right from memory it does have eight gigs of memory for hard drive space it comes with a Samsung solid-state drive which is 256 gigs it comes with two graphics cards you’re gonna get the general one that comes with the eighth generation processor which is the Intel Ultra HD graphics 620 now one of the cool things about this flex 6 14 inch it comes with the NVIDIA GeForce MX 130 now it has only 2 gigs now with the specifications that we went over on the Flex 6 14 inch this machine is capable of doing Photoshop Illustrator InDesign even a little bit of editing within Adobe Premiere now within the desktop I have a folder called videos I have a 4k video right here right click on it go to properties and within properties let’s go to details it is 4k around 4k with a frame rate of 30 frames per second and I am able to play this video file with no hesitation no problem is pretty smooth so we just spoke about the specifications on the Flex 614 inch and the specifications are damn good for the pricing now I get to the pricing a little later but there’s a catch and that’s the battery you got to understand a lot of these laptops are considered mobile we’re not gonna hook up a laptop plug it into the power adapter and just leave it on we want to travel with them right I was really disappointed on the Flex 614 inch I was only able to get around five and a half hours that’s really bad now the way I like to test my battery life on any particular laptop is I like to install PC mark 8 and run it three times the first time I got around three hours okay around 80% it died out and then I had to charge it up and I ran it again I got three hours and 34 minutes and the last time I got around 2 hours and 54 minutes and you got to understand PC mark what it does it constantly opens up programs it’s running non-stop until the battery dies it in only cuts off around 18% now a lot of us are not going to be using a laptop two hours three hours four hours non-stop baby some of us but it really depends on what we’re doing now on the fourth test I like to completely charge the machine up to a hundred percent and then take it home without the powered out there now this is basically what I got right here for my fork test on the 25th I took it home with 100% and I shut it down I use it for only an hour in 29 minutes on the 26 I want to use it for 54 minutes and on the 28th I completely use it until it died out that was around 3 hours and 13 minutes now if you’re worrying about charging time I was kind of surprised when I was charging this guy because again it’s not a type-c USB port that I’m plugging in the power adapter is a regular small little power port right it took around an hour and 51 minutes of charge time for the 14 inch so we just went over the battery life on the Flex 6 14 again to me I’m not really satisfied with the battery life I can’t get 8 hours plus on this particular machine don’t get me wrong the specifications is amazing you are going to get an eighth generation processor with 8 gigs 256 gigs of solid-state drive fast boot time fast charging that’s all awesome so you’re probably saying to yourself ok you got a sucky battery life you got great specifications most like are you going to spend a lot of money for this maybe over $1000 I was surprised that this guy starting at five hundred and twenty nine dollars it’s not that it’s under $1000 with the specifications I think the only thing that you’re going to sacrifice is the battery life now if we go all the way to right here and go to current models the highest that you can get is 715 dollars and that particular model is going to give you the following you’re going to get the 8th generation processor would have I 582 50 you processor clock speed is one point sixty and it could go up to three point forty with turbo boost which is cool all three models come with Windows 10 home 64-bit and this is the only one right here that’s going to provide you a full eight with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 all of them have multi-touch and anti-glare it looks like this is the only model that could get 8 gigs so I can’t go higher than 16 gigs I wonder what’s the highest on the memory so let’s go here to expect up to 8 gigs and the cap of storage is only 256 gigs solid-state drive that that sucks okay and it looks like lenovo hooked me up with a special review unit because it doesn’t look like it has an option on the site to upgrade it with a geforce MX 130 you’re only going to get the integrated intel HD graphics 620 on the 7:14 price 1 all of them come with the 720p HD camera again none of them come with the pen if you want to purchase the pin you have to spend around 40 bucks for it and it also looks like it doesn’t come with the fingerprint reader so another additional thing that lenovo hooked me up to test for you guys alright guys so let’s conclude our review with the Flex 614 inch let’s talk about heating now heating on the Flex 614 inch I did notice it around this area right here as well as this display if you have the laptop on your lap it’s not going to get to the point that it’s gonna burn your lap but it will get warm for noise I did notice noise around here when I was running PC mark and you have to understand PC mark is constantly running different programs but you would definitely hear the noise when you’re running like After Effects when you’re rendering something or Adobe Premiere now one of the things I do not like about this laptop is the battery life because the battery life I was only able to get around five and half hours don’t get me wrong with the specifications it’s great to run multiple programs such as Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Adobe Premiere and for under thousand dollars that’s not that bad but I would love to have a better battery life another thing that I do not like about the Flex 614 inch is that it does not come with the active pen that means that’s an additional $40 that I have to pay and that’s it guys for the review hopefully you enjoy leave comments right below don’t forget about hitting that like button and I catch you guys on the next one peace out

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