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In this post, we introduce the best Leather Jacket Black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Leather Jackets for you in our list.

Leather Jacket Black Friday deals

Leather Jacket Black Friday deals

what does up you guys like for something I the channel once again my name is Jordan if you do not know that already hello also since I know you guys gonna ask everything on body will be in the description below for you as well and if you’re not following my Instagram make sure you do so I might be doing a giveaway on some of the jackets that I will not be wearing so just go follow it you know you might be doing a giveaway if you did not notice by the title this video or what I’m surrounded by right now we were going to be talking about leather jackets today why I love them how I personally would style them and some other things that might help you guys on your leather jacket journey if you’ve watched the channel for a while now or you’ve just seen some videos you know that I love leather jackets I have one from Tokyo when I went there and I also just recently picked one up from Calvin Klein which was a spur-of-the-moment okay first yes so we’re gonna have fun talking about leather jacket today whether you already own one and you’re looking for another one if you don’t necessarily think there for you but you like the look of them or if you’re on the fence if you want to get one but you haven’t found the right one hopefully this video will guide you on your leather jacket buying journey if you will with that being said before we get started I want to give a huge shout out to La si which are all these leather jackets behind me right here they saw that I love leather jackets and they’re like hey we want to send you some and I was like hey yeah I’ll take them so shout out to LA see if we’re hooking your boy up I appreciate you guys if you guys want to check them out you can see all these bad boys behind me down in the description below I’ll have a link for you to go check it out I also got a promo code for you guys so I’m getting hooked up I’m hooking you guys up it’s just gentleman and it’s $50 off so there you go however not all other jackets are made the same when it comes to fit when it comes to quality and most importantly in the most that I can stress is when it comes to price if you’ve not heard of La si which I’m sure you probably already have maybe on instagram or here on youtube itself they are a brand based out of Los Angeles and they actually sell a really really high quality leather jacket but what’s even better is they sell them at a price point that accessible for everybody and I mean everybody I’ve done my research I’ve literally done my research for this video you will not find a better quality leather jacket for the price that you can get these for they retail for 175 which is absolutely insane but then you get the $50 off with the promo code so you’re getting these for a hundred and twenty-five dollars that that there’s no other competition Zara prices them higher for way less quality ASOS top man H&M; all the the brands that sell for less affordable things horrible quality $125 I went to All Saints and I wore this the leather on this feels looks and weighs more than the leather jackets from All Saints and those sell for like 600 to 700 dollars so here’s a little close-up for you guys to give you some detail shots heavy zippers here ah these are heavy-duty like they’re not little cheap-ass zippers you get it like the dollar store these are heavy-duty zippers leather super supple super soft medium weight so the Calvin Klein jacket that I have is is a very very lightweight leather it’s very thin like paper thin it almost feels like you could rip it the the thinner it is obviously the less durable it’s going to be the thicker it is the most of the more terpil is going to be I’m not preaching to the choir here this is right in the middle super super nice weight it’s not gonna weigh you down like my rhinos skinned vintage jacket but it’s not gonna be light like paper and feel fake like my Calvin Klein I’m not gonna lie my comic line jacket feels fake it was $3,500 I didn’t pay retail but it feels it feels less durable and it feels more delicate than what these are and that’s how leather jacket should feel it should feel durable it should feel like it’s gonna last you a lifetime now when it comes to leather moto jackets in general the og the granddaddy the the originator of them all is the shots perfecto if you did not know that check out the shots perfecto they were the people who made the the moto jacket on the forefront of accessibility to the modern day kind of everyday person and to this day they are still looked at as the iconic moto leather jacket that everybody knows and loves however they are like eight hundred dollars and because they were the originator obviously they’re going to be brands and designers and big fashion houses they take inspiration and use some cues and quirks from that original piece to make their own you know do their own kind of thing so everything that you see nowadays it is the Moto leather jacket has originated from the Schatz perfecto and that’s just the kind of the way fashion works so big-name brands that you’ve heard of Saint Laurent Botev skins Burberry Prada Gucci Valentino Givenchy Maison Margiela they’ve all taken their cues from it that’s just it’s just the way it works but even back in the day and now in modern day fashion some of the most iconic figures ever have sported in war the moto jacket I’m talking people like James Dean Marlon Brando the Sex Pistols Steve McQueen modern-day people like David Beckham gez Chromeo Harry stylist celebrities of all walks and shapes and types have wore the leather moto jacket it’s just it’s an iconic piece that almost anybody and everybody should have in their wardrobe in my opinion that’s just my opinion now when it comes to styling other jackets that’s what I love about them is because they’re so versatile you could wear them dressed up sexy chic a little more handsome and mature if you will or you can wear them like the total badass in sex symbol kind of rock star vibe that they’re kind of perceived to be in this modern day kind of society I personally don’t really wear jeans or denim anymore I like to wear my leather jacket it’s a little more handsome I mean every now and then I’ll dabble in in the the rock star look but for the most part I like to dress them up and see what I can do with it a little bit more dapper so for example with this I would like to wear this moto jacket dress it up a little bit maybe wear a turtleneck underneath it with some gray slacks and some chelsea boots or my Margiela cuban boots something that kind of makes it takes away the edge from it but still gives the outfit that that rugged look even though you’re wearing kind of like the dressy feel the dapper fuel then we got the thriller jacket right here and Allred I mean come on you got to wear this with denim and chelsea boots though you can’t go wrong with a red leather jacket thriller man come on Michael Jackson and when it comes to something like this this is their varsity jacket or their bomber jacket or their collegiate jacket whatever you want to call it I would wear this once again a little more sophisticated a little more dapper just because I feel like it gives of that collegiate vibe and that’s how I would go for it I would wear it with some I don’t know some gray slacks again maybe some blue slacks throw it in there just kind of dress it up as much as I possibly can without going too overboard to where it looks forced one of my favorite pieces from the collection is like their aviator jacket I consider it the aviary jacket because it looks like an aviator jacket something from like world war ii i like it because it’s it’s classic and it’s vintage looking it even has a worn in patina on the leather when you get it got your basic just rib knit cuffs as well as on the hem down here kind of like a bomber jacket that’s when I really really like about it and it just gives off that vintage vibe right up my alley the thing with leather jackets is they are so far overpriced like let’s be honest leather jackets are way overpriced there’s no way a leather jacket is worth $4,000 that’s just it’s there’s no way leather jacket should be even priced at more than $1,000 in my personal opinion unless it’s like unicorn leather I just don’t get it like I have purchased a vehicle like a car for less money than a leather jacket is priced from like Saint Laurent or any of these high designer things I bought a car for $1,500 my Volkswagen that you guys just saw in the last video or one of the last videos for 1500 there’s leather jackets for $4,500 it just doesn’t make sense if you can’t see that there’s like a an issue there then priorities need to be set in you know for you guys it all comes down to budget and what you want to do when it comes to quality and designers if that stuff matters to you then by all means and it’s in your budget go for it if you want to spend $4,000 on a jacket $3,000 $2,000 whatever it may be more power to you I respect you to the fullest go for it I that’s a hundred percent on you however if it’s the other route that you’re going down you don’t care about that stuff you want something that’s gonna be great quality and it’s gonna be a good you know bang for your buck look for other things that are out there and these will be the best bet for you but like I said it’s all up to you guys it’s up to your budget what you want what your preferences are at the end of the day they’re all just closed and they do this say same exact thing regardless of name regardless of price regardless of brand so yeah everybody will have an opinion on what you wear how you wear it and if it looks like another designer or it is a different designer none of that should matter as long as you’re comfortable in it you like what you’re rocking and it makes you feel as good as you can possibly feel that’s all that matters and that’s what I try and do for you guys to help you out so take it for what it’s worth so that’s what I like about LSE they give you guys the aesthetic in the look of that iconic timeless classic leather moto jacket but they give it to you guys at an accessible accessible point which is why I love them which is why I backed them which is why I’m going to rock them for as long as I possibly can until this thing falls off my body so there you guys have it I hope you enjoyed the video check out LIC in the description below I swear you will not be disappointed this is the best quality like leather jacket you can possibly get for 125 doll hairs that’s insane to me so promo code is gentleman I highly suggest you you go check them out before they sell out let me know what leather jacket you guys are rocking I am curious I will be rocking these because they are now a lifelong partner of mine alright guys have fun and I’ll see you the next one bye [Music]

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