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lacrosse black friday deals 2019

Lacrosse Black Friday Deals 2019

what’s up guys today we’re gonna talk about the phantom pocket from phantom lacrosse it is a all-in-one easily installed pocket like a training device used for newer players to teach them how to throw with proper form I did a review on an early prototype but it’s changed quite a bit since then so let’s check it out alright so there’s a lot of questions about this you know a lot of people are opposed to something like this they think it’s going to take away from stringing and this and that and and I disagree you know this is this is a tool with a very specific target market and it’s newer players who maybe don’t have access to proper coaches or you know older siblings that can teach them how to throw this pocket apparently is designed to force a newer player to throw with good technique if you don’t use proper technique apparently it won’t work so that’ll be interesting to see apparently it’s legal for youth and high school in the US and I think all levels in Canada the the prototype I had originally it was a struggle to get it in certain heads and I think they addressed that so that’ll be interesting to see i’m just grabbed a random head and we’ll try it i’m gonna do it in a a boomba ATK only it takes about five minutes to install so let’s do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] little tricky but not hard by any means have to wiggle a little bit to get the technical terms to have this behind okay here we go pop the tab these tabs behind this one is in front okay now put in the bottom string [Music] all right there it’s installed pretty funky looking alright let’s go check it out alright so I took it outside and I tested there maybe footage of that I use my phone it definitely does what it’s what it says it does and that is force you to throw with good form my initial concern was whether it would force you to throw one type of pass just that one over and follow through pass but my fears were alleviated because I was throwing some lever passes then try any kind of B TBS or anything but if you think about it this is a beginner tool I don’t really gonna be throwing behind the back passes and stuff but a lever passes something they you know I always teach pretty early on but it does throw 11 passes fine the hold and the rattle is an issue you know one of one of the toughest things for a new player to to grasp to to understand and to put into practice is catching with soft hands and this this is a good tool for that it does force you to catch with soft hands you can’t just brick wallet and leave it here you’ve got to give with the ball like you’re catching an egg or a water balloon and so that’s you know that’s another nice feature because if you don’t give it it it pops right out but I would say for me teaching a kid to throw properly is a lot easier than keep teaching a kid how to catch properly so you could absolutely use this as a tool to teach kids both my worry would be that he would become pretty frustrated in a game situation because he would probably be throwing good passes but catching and catching with soft hands takes a lot longer to develop so chances are you’re gonna be hitting him right in the pocket and bouncing right out I did a little test where I dropped a ball with you know like an angle like that with this and mesh and this you know just dropping it it would pop right out with mesh I could actually throw it and it would stick so I mean there’s a difference there but you know if you’re looking to teach your kid how to catch with soft hands and throw with pop proper form perfect if you’re gonna set this up for a new player and say go forth play play the game you know and have him go out and start playing in actual games he’s gonna be frustrated because catches that he would make with a mesh stick he wouldn’t make with this and you know part of teaching lacrosse is and I tell kids all the time you can’t be you don’t get to just step on the field and be a good lacrosse player you know hockey you don’t just get to be a good hockey player yeah I learned some basics first lacrosse is the same way if you have a kid that’s willing to listen and willing to learn and willing to really wrap his head around what he might be doing wrong and how to fix it great tool but if you’ve got a kid who’s easily frustrated you know he might he might want to put the stick down and play baseball instead if he’s not able to catch so you know it’s it’s a it’s a valuable tool definitely would teach a kid how to throw and catch I believe I think it could be a good tool to have on a stick for a coach just you know to bring to practice and you see a kid who’s I was throwing all wrong just hand it to him you know don’t worry about putting it in his head just hand them the coaches stick or the coaches training stick whatever it is and let them go to town see what he can do work on the the finer points of throwing the follow-through the positioning and and then with catching you know this will really drive at home because mesh is pretty forgiving when catching with bad form and you know that’s I think that’s okay for the little guys this will definitely give them a feel and understanding for what it means to catch with soft hands because if you don’t it pops right out and just like the other pocket in this category which I know that they probably differentiate themselves but in the consumers eyes it’s the same idea easily installed one piece pocket the hero lacrosse pocket and the Phantom they share a lot of similarities I think they’re probably positioning themselves a little differently but they are very similar they both do the same things I contend and they both suffer from the same shortcomings which you know I think ball rattle and hold are an issue in both of them if you’re looking for a quick fix you need to get a kid out on the field like that you got a couple minutes to put a pocket in one of these is fine but you know as a training tool as a coaches tool I think yeah both are very good and I think both would would do what the Phantom is selling itself as I think the hero would do that as well and maybe this does it better than that I don’t know I I really don’t know I haven’t tested them very thoroughly but you know this phantom pocket definitely does what it says and that is forces a player to throw with good form and I think it would be a good tool to teach a player how to throw with good form and to catch with soft hands so you know 30 bucks that’s what it costs definitely if I were coaching youth I would have one of these in my coach’s bag or set up on a stick that I brought out to help kids learn how to throw because it definitely it does what it says a lot of people are inherently against these for whatever reason they’re worried about you know stringing going away but I think now that the way Phantom is has positioned itself in the market as a training tool people are a little less up in arms about it and and I think it’s it’s an effective training tool I think it’ll help kids get better so go check them out at phantom lacrosse calm and you know if you’re a coach and you’re looking to help your little guys I think it’s a good tool all right guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you next video

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