If you’re looking for a kayak for fishing so, here we have the best Kayak Black Friday Deals 2019 for you in this post.

kayak black friday deals 2019

Kayak Black Friday Deals 2019

what’s up guys dan from the headwaters kayak shop and I’m back the 2018 edition of top 10 fishing kayaks under $1,000 in 2018 a bunch of really awesome kayaks came to the market and so we have a big shake-up in our top 10 so I’m going to start at the beginning and I’m just going to walk you through all the different boats we left out some of the $500 and under boats because we’re going to be doing a separate video $500 under boat so be on the lookout for that so we’re gonna start things off the yellow pen 100 this kayak was in our lineup last year it stays at the 649 price point and we still feel like it’s a really really good boat for the money at a $600 price point you get into a boat the full frame chair adjustable foot pedals for flush mount rod holders as well as some inserts to add an additional rod holder I also like that it comes with two quick seal hatches you just give these things a quarter turn open up and each one has a cat bag inside this boat’s nice and stable for somebody up to around 225 pounds and it’s a really good boat for skinny water so if you’re floating slow-moving rivers or smaller lakes and ponds this is a boat that’s super light quick easy to grab easy to maneuver easy to handle on and off the water so this year we’re super excited about the yellow fin 130 tandem a lot of the same features from the 110 but now on a 13 foot version that has two chairs adjustable foot pedals you still get the two hatches they get a lot of other really cool features adjustable foot pedals cup holder more broad holders scupper plugs throughout the entire boat quick seal hatches for both the front and the back paddler a couple of flush mount rod holders and a decent size tank well this book also has the ability to take a rudder and at 999 it’s gonna come with the two paddles all vodka acts that we sell will come with a basic two piece aluminum paddle I always tell people it’ll get you started but it’s something that you’re gonna want to upgrade fairly soon because the decent paddle will really make all the difference on how you enjoy paddling a heavy paddle it’s gonna mean a lot more work a lot more energy wasted and a light paddle will make it all the better we did a really good review on this a couple months back and we were really impressed with how this boat paddle blow there’s a double and as a single the nice thing about this boat is the chair can pop out of this front position and be moving right back here to a solo position and then your foot pedal drop and you can adjust those back so you have yourself a little cockpit there and then that back chair can come all the way out so it makes it a very versatile boat if somebody’s going to be tandem slosh solo or they’re gonna be with a kid or maybe gonna paddle a single with the kid on either end you have lots of options and lots of versatility and it’s by far the best paddling tandem we have under a thousand dollars next in our lineups a newcomer to the list and this is a new canoe Flint again we did a walkthrough video this one back at ICAST and we were super excited about this boat because it packs a ton of really high-end features into a small little boat and the ability to rig and customize this thing is incredible if you look at one of our recent viewer rigs you’ll see when we did with rimmel that’s absolutely tricked out this one features tracks to go throughout the boat you’ll also notice a couple horizontal rod stagers there so you slide the tips in here and then you run the buttery rods right there next to your seat on either side making it a really good boat for fishing rivers and skinny water when you want your rods nice and low and out of the branches you got a hog trough holder right there in front for tournament day you’ve got a spot for fish finders you’ve got a transducer scupper mount spots for play no tackle boxes and I really like how they incorporated their pinnacle seat this to me is the most comfortable seat on the market so to have it on a boat that’s under a thousand bucks is really unique I also really dig the side handles that allow you to clip a paddle in and not take up any more additional area on the side of the boat and the back it’s got four flush mount rod holders the back to are angled back so if you need to get under limbs or branches you can tilt your rods back just a little bit more this one only has one single storage hatch which is kind of tilted back so you can put rods down inside the hole other than that there’s not a lot of storage in this boat however it does have a setup for a motor if you wanted to motorized it it has a square Stern just like all the other new canoes so it’s a little boat that has a ton of versatility and actually they even are talk about a pedal drive coming out for that debuting at ICAST so keep on the lookout for the new canoe Flint pedal drive at this year’s ICAST show next up is another newcomer to the list this one is a big fish 105 this boat is highly anticipated I actually been waiting to do this video just to get this boat in it came in today Freight it’s actually been on the water three waters he used it for their promotional video and then shipped it out to me but this is a really cool boat it’s $7.99 it has a ton of features that we were seeing on thousand two thousand plus boats last year and we’re just gonna walk you through a few molded-in handles it’s got a cathedral style hole so very stable pontoon style hole or trifle if you will it’s got that front tank well a couple of flush mount rod tip protectors there this guy right here is your sonar pod so you can open this up use it for tackle or to put your battery down inside and then if you want you can lift this out we’re not your transducer to the bottom and it’ll shoot right there through the hole again so a lot of features that we were seeing a much-maligned kayaks last year we’re seeing the big fish do it at a $7.99 price point Scott the reinforced see any platform tracks for mounting your accessories or Raw holders adjustable foot pedals the big fish has a really cool high low adjustable seat so right now I have it in the high position reclined goes all the way down and then I’ll actually flip all the way up out of the way like that and then it’s got these little bungees here that clip it up out of the way and look at all that standing platform it’s huge you have a little bit of tackle storage here on either side these are kind of cool they’re reinforced blow molded pieces that add stiffness to the boat and also allow the seat to address really fluidly in 410 and half a boat it’s got a huge roomy tank whoa look at the size of that lots of room for coolers crates whatever you want to bring a couple more flush mount rod holders lots of tie-down positions and this one is rudder ready not a lot of ten-and-a-half votes Conrad already but the big fish is ready to go to $200 upgrade if you wanted to add a rudder to this next door was the last boat we had in our lineup last year the lure 10 and we feel like these two boats are going to be very competitive with each other the lure made by feel free is $9.99 versus the big fish at $7.99 and the lure gets a few upgrades but also a few down grades from the big fish 105 it gets the adjustable height of gravity seat which is awesome it’s the only seat out there that’s a one-handed just machine pull the red strap it goes down and you have 10 different points of adjustment up and down so the ability to really adjust the seat on the fly on this boat is incredible extremely comfortable seat flush mount huge tank well all the feel fries get the built-in wheel in the keel which is definitely a nice upgrade it gets the big front dry storage hatch it gets the center storage hatch but what it doesn’t get is it doesn’t get that through-hole ability to mount a fish finder so this is definitely cater towards the skinny water river fishermen pawn fishermen but it doesn’t have the ability to add the fish finder it doesn’t have the ability to add a rudder so a few things that are a drawback compared to the 105 but I will say the feel free quality is fantastic the reinforced standing platform on this boat is super comfortable super quiet very nice seat on it and the wheel and the keel definitely makes the boat in my opinion on all the feel freeze that adds a lot of value in convenience just being able to pick the front handle up and move these boats around the next boat in the lineup it’s actually our only boat this year with a clip end style seat but this boat has been such a good performer for so many years it’s still one of our favorite boats to put people in still one of our favorite books to paddle offshore in Shore it’s just a good do-it-all boat this is a feel free milk in 12/5 this one’s going for $7.99 so it actually got $100 price drop from last year without a single change in features still has the ability to add a rudder still has a wheel in the keel the huge tank well rod holders cupholders pockets on either side they kept us the clip in style seat because people are using these offshore and to have a nice low center of gravity is a really awesome feature you don’t want to be up super high when you’re fishing offshore it gets that twist lock style hatch that all the feel fries are known for adjustable foot pedals tracks and then a big center hatch too that you can put all your tackle or tools or things you want to access to throughout the day if you don’t want to be reaching behind you while you’re out there in the open water this is the one boat in the shop that I would say could do it all you could float a river on this you could go offshore you could stand up and fish your bass there’s really not a more versatile boat out there and it’s $7.99 this one’s going to be a player for a long time to come and the next door we have a brand new boat this one’s made from native watercraft and this is a new manner aft so if you guys remember last year I had a man array in the lineup but it was the old style man array this new man array is 33 inches wide is 12-foot and some chains so a little longer a little wider it carries its volume much further into the bow and the stern a little bit more bulbous nose so still River friendly same front hatch this one gets a new sinner hatch similar to the lure where it’s just a quick drop in style hatch so just access to put some tools or something you have a small track on that hatch adjustable foot pedals more gear track along the side on either side and those actually go into a nice molded in handle the big upgrade is is a chair it gets the high low chair so much more comfortable than the old style clip and seat drop down low so it’s kind of flush with the gunnels which is a nice feature for those people that are floating rivers and things like that behind the seat you’ll see a couple of flush mount Rob holders I think we are all a little bummed to see the molded in style flush mounts we see those on perceptions I’m just not a big fan of that so I wish they would have put regular ones and we’re actually going to try to add just some of these pull flush mounts on to those but all in all really cool boat native quality of their mold and of their plastic is definitely second to none so we’re really happy to add that boat to the lineup and definitely one to demo if you’re comparing a smokin man or a 12 I’ve seagulls and that leads us to our top picks from last year they came back for this year they had to stay in the lineup the vibe see ghosts 110 and the vibe see ghost 130 I paired these together because they’re really the same boat the 10 foots 829 the 13 foot is $8.99 and they’re really awesome values for the money they’ve got twist lock storage hatch they get a scupper transducer on all their boats a nice size center hatch that adjustable high-low chair paddle clip as always the vibes come with a basic aluminum paddle a decent sized tank well obviously the 13 gets a little bit bigger tank well the foot controlled rudder system these don’t have a wheel in the keel but they do have a sacrificial keel which means it’s a piece of plastic that you can wear out and we can always add a new went on for very inexpensive so a lot of features packed in on these vibes and for the money they’re probably the best paddling best versatility in that range you know just like the Moke and this boat can do rivers oceans lakes that can do a little bit of everything it does have the lawn chair style seat or frame chair seat that a lot of folks are looking for it’s not as big of a standing platform so if standing up is an important detail view you may want to look at something like the big fish or maybe the Flint or some of the others that have more room in there in the deck area but I will say for a vote of its size is still fairly easy to stand in just like last year I’ll say it again but the 11 foot isn’t necessarily for a smaller paddler and the 13 is not necessarily for a big paddler their capacities are almost identical but really what it’s designed for is different water so if you’re floating slow-moving rivers skinnier water or you just want a smaller boat to transport this boat will do all that this boat here being a little bit longer a little bit more keels gonna be better off shore any bigger water and in general it’s just going to be a faster kayak so if we look at the one you’ll see that almost all the features stay the same the drain plug gets moved to the front instead of the back but other than that the cockpit stays identical you get a little bit more room in the tank well that rear hatch isn’t slanted back like it is on the 11 footer here but other than that identical features bow to stern just meant for different water and I didn’t go over in a lot of detail but the center hatch is really cool it’s got lots of places to mount different accessories you can use Scottie or Kane and rod holders here it’s got a couple door built in and then inside it’s just a place to store your tabs on your clip that you’d want throughout the day and the very last boat in our lineup again is a brand new boat this is also a three waters big fish this is a big fish 120 it’s gonna be going for $9.99 I saved this one for last because I think that this is going to compete very well against the vibe as a high value high featured boat but this one’s really designed more for a bass fisherman of mine somebody who’s going to be doing a lot of standing comforts important capacity is important we’ve put some huge guys in this boat just the other day I had a guy 6 foot 8 325 pounds and he was standing up in this boat so for under $1000 you get a ton of features you get that molded in handle you get the cathedral hole design that offers a ton of stability lots and lots of storage space a huge standing platform you get that high-low recline seat as well as it flips up out of the way or makes for a little leaning post when it’s flipped back behind the chair you get a couple of flush mount raaah holders a huge tank well with lots of points to attach a crate to bungy molded handle and again the ability to take a rudder for a two hundred dollar upgrade so a 999 it’s a little bit more expensive than the vaad but not much it doesn’t come with a rudder but that is something that you can upgrade to but the overall quality and the fit and finish of the big fish is really really good as always you guys I’m not here to tell you what to buy I’m here to show you options I hope I don’t get too in-depth with my opinions because really I’m just trying to show you features and benefits I will link in the bio to each one of these models so you can go to my website and read more in depth I’ll also link up other that I’ve done on many of these boats if you want to watch and more in-depth walkthrough or video review and we have some customer rigs videos of people that own these kayaks that have rigged them up too for their style of fishing so we hope that’s helpful we hope it’s a good resource for you if you have any more questions that aren’t answered in the description go ahead and leave those in the comment sections and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can or if you see somebody’s question and you know the answer to it it’s a community page don’t hesitate to answer that form all right guys thank you so much for watching if you’re anywhere near the Lodi area or you’re if you’re coming through California make it a point to stop off and see us we’ll be happy to get you on the water give you some good advice and even send you home with the head water sticker or hat and if you guys can do it find a local shop in your area that allows you to demo because there’s no substitute for getting on the water and trying these things so I can talk so I’m blue in the face but getting your button the boat is really what will help you decide what’s gonna work best for you at headwaters we have every single kayak we sell available in the demo fleet so you can get on the water and play Goldilocks and tell us what you like the best so if you haven’t done so already go ahead and click that like button click the subscribe button and turn on the little notification thing so you can keep in touch with what we have going on we’re gonna have lots more videos reviews overviews coming up in the near future as well as just some vlog style behind-the-scenes videos until next time you guys this is Dan from headwaters kayak shop wishing you happy paddling we’ll see on the next one

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