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Jacket Black Friday deals

Jacket Black Friday deals

you need a jacket that enhances your life a jacket that goes where you need to go and makes those experiences better that’s why we created four new adventure jackets which are ready for any adventure that life throws at you whether you’re commuting across town or taking a trip around the world with everything your adventure jacket can do like turn into a pillow you’ll wonder how you live without it all of our jackets and hoodies turn into incredibly soft full-sized travel pillows to make your entire journey a great experience sometimes you need an extra hand all of our jackets have our original neoprene beverage pocket which holds your drink we’ll keeping it cold or warm they all have a removable bottle opener for beverage emergencies they also have a dedicated sunglass pocket for when day turns to night a secure passport pocket phone pocket and for safety they all have built-in reflectivity our voyagers hoody is made for travel but it’s destined to be your favorite everyday hoodie the hood is designed to pull over your eyes and with the mitts built into the cuffs you can stay warm and cozy it’s made with premium fabric and materials durable overlock stitching the front panels hood and zipper garage are lined with extremely soft micro fleece and there are ten perfectly placed pockets so you can always take everything you need with you when you want to more formal style and fit there’s a Badlands fleece it has the essential elements of the voyagers hoodie and a sophisticated and stylish full zip fleece jacket there’s micro fleece lining for extra warmth plenty of pockets and other amazing features when you’re packing it’s tough to find the right jacket that will handle all the possible weather conditions that you’ll experience in your travels that’s why our base layers like the hoodie in place are designed to zip and secure and to our outer layers so your jackets can adapt to meet your needs while they’re great on their own when zip together our garments are even better when the weather takes a turn there’s the wind cave windbreaker this jacket has all the features that people loved in our hoodies but is made with premium waterproof fabric laser-cut accents with waterproof interior seams and waterproof zippers it’s also breathable with ventilation zippers for when things get too warm it’s a first-class jacket made with meticulous attention to details and when things get very cold there’s the glacier parka it’s a full-length insulated water-resistant winter jacket with a removable faux fur collar we’ve added extra strong magnets to secure the zipper flap and cargo pockets it has a beautifully designed and manufactured interior with quilted lining and Sherpa fabric and the hood and face cover and they have full ventilation zippers for when you need to cool off and when either of the inner layers are zipped into the parka it’s rated to sub-zero temperatures we’ve tested it to 9 below zero Fahrenheit because that’s the coldest conditions we could find and it kept us toasty warm this outerwear is made for the travelers the adventurous and explorers for those who go out to embrace the elements highest quality materials combined with style and functionality for an affordable price this is the Baird effect out here outdoor enthusiasts what we expect from our years of performance usability and conflict we don’t want different jackets for different activities based on the onion layering principle we’ve designed one smart outerwear system that gives you the flexibility for all your outside activities anytime anywhere first there is the very alpha Explorer it’s a Primaloft jacket the best synthetic insulation material on the market it is extremely light soft and warm the design is straightforward we’ve also added a number of amazing features for ambitious outdoor activities as well as everyday urban use [Music] [Applause] [Music] the perfect complement to the Explorer and the best way to adjust to wet and windy conditions are our ultimate active synthetics pants and jackets we are 100% waterproof 100% wintry and Austin L agree though at the same time the synthetics membrane absorbs the water vapor off your body and removes it through the clothing to the outside no matter how much it rains or how much it snows or how windy it is this jacket keeps your body warm and dry anytime anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] for us the best part in developing the bird after outerwear was the extensive testing things now we are extremely happy that we can finally offer a high quality product that exceeds all our initial expectations one set of outerwear it has everything you need to fully enjoy your outdoor activities [Applause] [Music] you there are many jackets made to be functional or trendy but never both we decided to create a trendy jacket that’s perfect to use for work play or travel to fit everyone’s daily lifestyle [Music] introducing the plus jacket the ultimate three-in-one urban jacket made with the most durable nanotechnology fabric with the world’s first smart pocket system to pack your belongings the way you want with the state-of-the-art nano textile technology treatments the plus jacket repels any liquid and protects your jacket from unwanted stains from coffee or juice say goodbye to all stains stay fresh and dry all day with the plus jacket it’s practically washed to breathe Plus Jacket is the trendiest jacket in the market today which offers you many different looks all in one complete jacket going for a run or workout wear your plus jacket to work or combine your plus bomber and sweater for a sophisticated look we created the plus jacket to revolutionize convenience by utilizing the magnetic buttons we introduced the exclusive zipper with self closing hoodie take off the plus bomber and change it to a new look in seconds by snapping off the hoodie we made the plus jacket even cooler with 22 combined pockets features with 11 standard combined pockets your plus jacket and hoodie you can practically carry anything you like from your wallet cell phone or even your tablet store your credit card in your personal car compartment and make your trip to the bank even quicker with the world’s first smart pocket system we created 11 additional interchangeable pocket combinations to store and carry valuable items like your 15-inch laptop the plus jacket is the perfect and to keep your precious cargo safe taking a long trip can be exhausting so use the hidden sleeping mask to rejuvenate anywhere with a quick nap plus jacket is available for both men and women in different colors made with high quality materials and stitching the plus jacket is your trusted companion for years to come [Music]

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