Jabra Elite 65T vs Active True Wireless Earbuds Review

Jabra Elite 65T vs Active True Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite 65T vs Active True Wireless Earbuds Review

what’s up guys I’m Jeffrey so from residence comm and today we’re gonna review some true what what what oh okay well I can’t put these in then cuz I can’t really hear what’s up guys I’m Jeff Rizzo from Rizzo’s comm and today we’re gonna do a review of some true wireless headphones if you subscribe to our channel for quite a while now you know that we like true allows headphones we think they’re cool but they’re not perfect and we’ve covered a lot of them but one that we skipped over that a lot of people seem to really like are the Jabra elite 65 T I’m pretty sad about that too because they’ve been out now for a few months and I just completely didn’t even really know they existed and yet I really like them so in today’s video what we’re gonna do is sort of a mini review of the 65 T’s but I also want to spend some time comparing them to the 65 T active and I think there is some confusion as to why you would get one over the other so we’re gonna focus on that in today’s video and if you do enjoy it make sure to subscribe give us a thumbs up and ask any questions down below in the comment section I’ll see you in a second okay so we’re actually gonna start with the difference between the 65 T and the 65 T active there really is only three thick tauf the camera on accident can you blur that I did I totally did not mean to do that anyways there’s only three things that you’ll care about and you might not even care about two of them so the first thing is different color options who cares second thing is the 65 T active r.i.p 56 certified whereas the standard model or IP 55 both of them are rated for water light dust they’re not terribly water resistant but you have to get the slight edge to the 65 T active although I think for the vast majority of people you can actually just get this standard model and the last thing is price so the elite 65 T’s have an MSRP of 170 dollars I’ll link him in the description and the actives have an MSRP of 190 dollars now I did see a deal on the 65 t the standard model they were down to thinking 120 dollars so if you check our website or our completely free iOS and Android mobile app we post the 100 best deals of the day and apparently today the job our elite 65 T’s or somehow the best deals that you can find out there I would say for most people you won’t care about the waterproofing and therefore you should save your money and spend a little less on a 65 t so really that’s the whole story as to how they are different unless you live in a terribly wet climate or you sweat like crazy just get the elite 65 t so now I want to do like a mini review of them because they’re actually pretty freakin sweet first thing is the fit the design of these actually really like the fit and the design they have a little marker on the inside that says whether their left or right that’s how you tell that their left or right and the fit is really really nice it’s very secure and they have a twist in system that locks them in your ear despite the fact that they have a lot of hard plastic they’re actually really comfortable even for like ninety minutes of use so pretty good in terms of comfort they also are very secure Oh who is our deadlift master in the office he warmed during some of his crazy workouts and he had no like semblance of them falling out of his ear so a very good fit very good sound isolation as you saw in the beginning this video they naturally isolate the sound so well that they’re not great for work environments because you can’t really hear what people are saying around you now in terms of their design they do each have a button it’s a it’s a large button you’ll definitely see it on the side but it’s splitting too so they kind of have two buttons so four microphones and two buttons on each of the ear buds now with the buttons it’s kind of one of those where no matter what they do you’re probably not gonna like it so you have three options if you’re making true wireless headphones you can have buttons and a full remote system like Jabra does but every single time you go to press in it kind of starts to hurt your ears and you’re pushing them farther and farther in your ear that’s not ideal you could also put the buttons on the top or the bottom which is what Bose does with the sound support free those aren’t very tactile they’re not really convenient to click and it means that the earbuds are gonna be a larger or you could take away the buttons entirely which is basically what Apple did with the air pods and yeah that’s not ideal either so there’s really nothing that Jabra could do to where I would say yes I love the remote system because I just don’t it’s probably the worst part about these headphones other than the price is that you just continue to push them farther farther in your ear and it got a little bit uncomfortable to wear I would just use my phone to control volume and skip tracks now speaking over phone Jabra does make a mobile app that allows you to control the EQ settings so I think they have actually really good audio quality from the get-go pretty crisp and clear especially for true wireless headphones but you can adjust the EQ settings manually or they have presets within their mobile app they also have a thing called soundscapes which plays like ambient noise like white noise or like the sounds of a cavern or you know bird singing or birds chirping and that is designed to allow you to just focus in on your work and that means that you don’t need to download a separate track or go to youtube and so that’s really convenient they also have different preset for the surroundings that you’re in so they have a preset for commuting a preset for working out and a preset for focusing so there’s kind of a lot that you can do within their mobile app and there’s actually one big thing that I’ve skipped over and that now I’m going to feel like an idiot for sniffing over their active noise-cancelling headphones so in addition to being really good at passively isolating sound they actively are tuning out the sound around you but they do have a hear through setting that allows you to enable those microphones and those let in some of the ambient sound that’s really good for runners that want to be aware of what’s happening around them or if you are working in an office setting and you want to be able to hear your coworkers they will work with Siri and Google assistant or if you jump back in that mobile app you can enable Amazon Alexa which I don’t really know why you would do it but I guess that kind of keeps you within your Alexa ecosystem and all your stuff that’s kind of logged you in there I just use Syria and it worked just fine and the last two things I want to cover our battery life so about five and a half hours on a single charge with these headphones which is really really good for a wireless noise cancelling headphones are actually really nice and if you do put them in their charging or or their carrying case you get an additional 10 hours of battery life in the cradle here you’ve probably seen that before on most true wireless headphones they come with something like this so you get about five hours just with the earbuds themselves and another 10 hours with this guy and they have a quick charge feature so 15 minutes of a charge hits you about an hour and a half worth of playback time and last up is Bluetooth stability and this is something that’s really important with true wireless headphones we saw with the Jaber runs they were okay but a lot of people complain about the inter bud connection with these it’s really strong so a great connection between the buds and also a really strong connection to your Bluetooth device I was able to go about 50 feet with no interruptions that was a clear line-of-sight and walking around our office here I had zero interruptions to that Bluetooth signal I even walked in took a whiz in the bathroom which is about 40 feet from my office and through doors and walls and stuff no issues at all and I could even tell that I was going because they were so good at isolating the sound which is great anyway so those are the jabra elite 65 t I really like them I genuinely like them in fact when I first started trying them out I turned to Matt who’s in my same office and I said holy heck why did we wait so long these things are awesome I think these could be the best true wireless headphones on the market right now yes they’re a little bit more expensive but they check almost every single box I’d like to know what you guys think though I will see you guys in the next video I hope you enjoyed this one have a great day

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