Jabra Elite 65t Black Friday 2019

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Jabra Elite 65t black friday 2019

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Are you looking for the best wireless Airbuds headphone? Here we have the best Airpod Jabra Elite 65t Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Jabra Elite 65t Black Friday 2019

hey everyone Jimmy when Jim’s review room welcome back to another one of my videos today we’re checking out the Jabra elite 65 t truly wireless earphones has always been transparent with you guys jarba did send this as a reviewing it for us to test out for you guys as always we’re gonna be unbiased here please watch the entire video for both pros and cons prices are on your screen but I’ll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links as they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time you never know when these things might go on sale again on the Jimmy wood gyms review room and I’m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review [Music] going over the physical features first these things are small and discreet for truly wireless earphones is pretty cool if you guys look at the video right now you can notice that it doesn’t stick past my ears some truly brownness earphones sometimes they look a little bit gargantuan kind of unsightly as well if you were to compare this as reference the Beano II ate sandy Samsung icon X 2018 edition looks pretty similar in size now these are all plastic they’re not made of metal they have this titanium paint finish which I think looks really good here but overall the finish is very much quality made well crafted the buns are very clicky very tactile here and also very easy to reach now these are IP X 55 rated which means that it can take light water jet sprays here the office with my little spray bottle we didn’t spray the crap on this thing and drench them and they’re still working perfectly fine now as for comfort these feel absolutely great they three ear tips included in the retail package where it’s perfectly fine during running walking of course working here at the office they’ve never fallen out of my ears I can wear this all day with no wind fatigue whatsoever now going back to the ear tips they provide excellent passive noise isolation you put these on and it blocks up a lot of your environments forget about active noise canceling also there’s a very minimal sound leaking at fifty to sixty percent in value which was more comfortable casual listening I even bumped this up to about 80 percent valve which is starting to get loud for us for these 65 T’s and just testing this here in the office barely anyone could hear discern what I was listening to awesome performance they’re now jumping into Bluetooth quality this is one of the very few truly wireless earphones that finally has bluetooth 5.0 which is absolutely great for battery life signal reception etc now the test is posting myself here at the office with my samsung s A+ which does feature Bluetooth 5.0 and I was expecting a little bit more range basically but I did get 88 linear feet before they signal start to crackle from now that is excellent if you’re in the gym if you’re walking throughout your house it’s gonna be no problem whatsoever eighty-eight linear feet is typically on the high-end Bluetooth signal range but because it’s bluetooth 5.0 I was expecting a little bit more on that for most if not all average consumers idiot linear feet through a wall or two here at the office again it did but nominally did absolutely great moving on here still sticking with Bluetooth signal I did test this with movies a lot of truly wireless earphones do have some kind of syncing issue where you hear the audio but then the lips on YouTube or Netflix is this going and flapping away I did test this again with my samsung phone here no problems with Netflix no plan with YouTube it is in sync one of the very few truly wireless earphones that has that feature or has that ability no jumping into battery life these do claim up to five hours with a battery that’s pretty much on the average of truly wireless earphones it does come with a charging case you basically stick your earphones in here when you’re not using them you stow them away and while they’re put away are stowed away they do recharge they go which is fabulous which most truly rounds earphones do again you get five hours on the earphones themselves we tested this at 50% volume and actually got 6 hours and 45 minutes from full to debt again excellent in that regards the case itself does offer two full charges so in theory this gives you a full 15 hours if you need it quick recharging I’ll basically put those stats on the screen pause if you need to if I’m going a little too fast next up I want to talk about the speakerphone phone call performance and quality there’s four built-in microphones into these earphones altogether this is a first I believe for truly wireless earphones this is something that the Jabra is really promoting here it does pick up your voice crystal-clear very audible it’s one of the best if not the best in microphone quality the only issue there the only caveat it picks up everything around you it’s someone that’s ten feet away maybe a car driving down the road there me walking through doors to leave the building here it’s all picked up through the microphone in a very loud audible fashion I guess you can say now if you’re in a quiet environment this thing works exceptionally well again it’s one of the best now the reason why has four microphones all together on these earbuds it’s not only just for speakerphone quality it’s because I’ve the very first truly Wireless earphones to feature Alexa built-in I’m gonna call her Alexa from here on out so that way I don’t activate your speakers at home but using this feature it’s very similar to let’s say Google assistance or Siri on your smart phones those assistance works great the commands work great the only issue that I found here when I did use Alexa is there was a slight delay the Alexa feature was a little bit longer it took like an additional second or two and as the even has an average consumer it’s something that you will notice I wish it was a little bit more streamlined or a little bit more intuitive or faster now touching base on audio these do get loud and I had to turn it up to about 80% Vaughn for the average consumer for most people actually 80% is not better all this will be loud for you some people might listen to it a little bit louder some people may be a little bit lower now comparing to some of the competition like DJ bird runs or the boson sport fries those that usually about 60 maybe the 70% vine is equivalent in loudness at 80% for these 65 C’s getting into bass these are more of a neutral level equivalent to the B note e8 so these do not thump or a deep and resonating light DJ Berg runs but I very much appreciated these because they are more of a neutral sound profile there’s enough bump or thump that is enough for most channels very evenly well played it does not distort or basically hinder the mid-range the j-bert runs are very hard hitting the bose sound support fries are very deep and resonating cleaner based in the jaybird runs but compared to these these are more compared to those other ones are a little bit more neutral now jumping into the mid-range this is where it does shine here very good quality very good clean audio it doesn’t have the same sound stage as the two other ones I have mentioned again the j-bert runs or the bead or the bose sound support freeze that is but compared to let’s say these Samsung icon X 2018 edition the Jabra 65 T’s do beat them they’re the mid-range also does provide more of a neutral sound profile not overly bright it’s not necessarily Reece as well again more of a neutral profile the high frequencies were never ear ringing ear tinny and never gave me listening fatigue no jumping into the application it’s pretty much straightforward pretty decent here you can adjust which assistant that you want whether it be Alexa again I don’t want to activate your speakers that’s why I’m calling her Alexa but there’s also a Google assistant in Siri built-in as well you do have an equalizer built-in which does slightly tuned the audio characteristics a bit it wasn’t as sensitive as the jaybird runs but compared to a lot of the other competitors either competitors don’t even offer an equalizer built-in and if they do it’s very minut here you don’t really get a audio response you don’t have much changes also you have on here is the here through option or feature you basically can turn on the microphones and have audio in your environment pump into your ear so that we can hear your surroundings just for safety or just for caution as well so overall I highly recommend the dropper elite 65 teased the reason being I think they look great they’re very much comfortable the price point is very much reasonable for truly wireless earphones having the Alexa feature is a huge benefit a huge perk I did wish that it would function a little bit faster but just having it in general is something very much different compared to the competition out there the audio signature I believe was very good here it’s a little bit more a flatter profile that’s not a bad thing it just depends on your preference alright folks so that’s it for the review please be sure to comment down below let me know what you guys think if you guys don’t have an opinion on this please throw down some fire emojis to help support my work like and subscribe if you haven’t already and be sure to follow me at Jimmy’s long official on facebook twitter and or instagram you guys take care I’ll catch you guys on the next one bye

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