HP Stream Laptop Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for a best HP laptop? Here we have the best HP Stream Laptop Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

HP Stream Laptop black friday 2019

HP Stream Laptop Black Friday 2019

hey everybody you fly in Saipan and every year about this time we get a bunch of new low-cost computers from major manufacturers and one of the models we always look at are the HP streams from HP and we got in their new HP stream 14 the other day this particular model with the 14 inch display costs two hundred and forty nine dollars they also have one with an 11 inch display for $200 both should perform pretty much the same so in this video we’re going to be focusing on the 14 but if you’re interested in me trying to get in the 11 let me know we’ll try to take a look at that so we’re going to do a full review of this to see what two hundred and fifty dollars gets you one thing we have noticed over the years is an incremental increase in performance so hopefully we’ll see that again with this one but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review and no one has approved or reviewed this video before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware and one thing I want to make you aware of is that the older versions of this laptop are still very prevalent on Amazon so what you want to do is search for the N 4000 HP stream that will get you to the 2018 version which is what I have here it will perform a little better than the prior generation of the HP stream laptop but there are a bunch now being liquidated on many online retailers now this is the 14 inch model the 11 inch model will perform roughly the same both models have a 1366 by 768 display that’s essentially 720p it’s called a TN display which means that your viewing angles will kind of drop off once you go off-center on the display and it’s not all that bright either so this display is not the shining point of this device here the price really is but it’s good enough to get your work done and whatnot it’s just not going to be anything spectacular it’s of course not a touch display either so you do have to use the included trackpad here this model has four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of emmc storage we took it apart on my extras channel to see what was inside the RAM it appears to be upgradable because it’s on a socket you can pull it right out and stick in another Ram chip if you want so I’m going to say you could probably get this up to eight gigabytes of RAM if you buy an eight gig stick but you cannot update the storage that’s not as big of a deal on this particular model because it has 64 gigabytes which is okay for basic Windows usage but the 11 inch device still is only coming with 32 gigabytes of storage and as a result I really am NOT going to recommend that one because 32 gigabytes for Windows 10 just isn’t enough anymore so 64 is where I really consider the bare minimum to be and you will of course be filling it up with a lot of programs and whatnot when you get going so just bear that in mind the 11 inch has a lot less storage available and it will become a problem for you as you are using this the weight on this one is 3.1 7 pounds or 1.4 3 kilograms it has Wi-Fi onboard of course it supports AC wireless which is the latest standard which is good to see as well as well as bluetooth 4.2 for your other devices I am really fond of the keyboard it hasn’t changed all that much over the years I think HP has now had this out for about 4 years now it’s very nice really nicely spaced keys very easy to type on it doesn’t take much to get used to it because it really feels like any other good laptop keyboard a lot of these cheaper laptops sometimes come with these little tiny chiclet keys that don’t work all that well the keyboard was good here the trackpad is also good it’s a little on the sensitive side for the most part but you can make some adjustments there I was finding it was accidentally clicking when I didn’t intend to click on it so you can disable the tap to click and use the click pad function here where it actually physically clicks that’s my preference but overall very pleased with the trackpad for the price point here you’ve got a bunch of ports to look at on this one so you’ve got a Kensington lock here to lock it down on a desk you can hook up an external display to the HDMI port here I think this will go out to 4k at 30 frames per second but at 1080 display is probably more reasonable attached up to the device here so you have that option available to you now there are three USB ports on this but only two of them are the faster 3.0 version of USB so if you’re hooking up external hard drives use one of these two ports and then you can use this one for your keyboard or your mouse or something else because this is USB 2.0 and it is slower right here is a headphone microphone jack so you can plug in a combo headset if you want there and then this is an SD card slot but you’ll see the card just slightly sticks out here and it doesn’t really snap in it just kind of slides in so it’s very easy to remove the card or lose it if you are intending to have a card attached to it all the time so if you are looking to augment its storage with an SD card maybe get some tape or something or one of those low-profile cards to keep it in there a little bit better on the other side you just have the power jack here and that is pretty much it the casing is all plastic again it’s kind of a low frills device here but it feels pretty nice for the price point they got a nice little ribbing here on the top of the device there and it’s a nice rubber feet here on the bottom and again it is fanless so it will be completely silent while you’re using it now the battery life on this was pretty good in our testing we’re looking at here about nine hours or so with general kinds of usage meaning that you’re doing word processing web browsing email some lightweight kind of activities that’s pretty good I think if you are stressing it more and doing more high-end calculations which is probably going to be unlikely on a low-end PC you will see significantly less battery life but if you manage your power controls put it on the battery saving performance settings turn down the display brightness I do think you’ll get a decent amount of battery life out of this device and we were surprised to see that on a low-end PC let’s take a look now and see how it performs so let’s begin with some web browsing now we’ll be taking a look at my youtube channel and a 60 frames per second video this is a 1080p video but of course being downsized to 720p for this display but it did that just fine without any real noticeable drop frames to speak of it also did very well with web browsing we loaded up the nasa.gov site that is very multimedia rich and as you can see here things really did spring up relatively quickly on here and there is a snappiness to this new generation of intel chips that is quite noticeable over the prior editions and on the browser bench or expand ometer test we got a score of 64 much higher than I expected actually and we ran the test a couple of times to make sure now that result is from the 1.0 version of the test on 2.0 we got a score of 38 point 1 but that is also very good for what it has inside which is that n 4,000 Gemini Lake processors so good on the benchmarks with Google Chrome and also does very good when you’re using it and we also ran some productivity apps on it namely Microsoft Word it ran just fine on the device was able to do some basic desktop publishing through Word without any issues we also found Excel RAM pretty nicely on here too without any hiccups or anything else and that is to be expected of course but it’s nice to see that you can get a lot of useful apps running on a low-cost computer with decent performance but one thing these low-cost computers don’t do very well is play games and this might be good for parents who are considering getting a laptop for a kid we did load up the original version of Minecraft which is the one that a lot of people are still running because it’s moddable and customizable and as you can see here it wasn’t running very consistently we were getting between 10 and 30 frames per second at 720p even with a performance enhancing plug-in installed on it so you might be better off running the Windows 10 version of Minecraft which will perform better but you want to have all the modifications that you can do with it we also tried running something a little more modern rocket League and there at 720p with all the settings turned down we got between 16 and 20 frames per second so not great performance there either but you will have better luck with older games half-life 2 was running great on here close to 60 frames per second very very playable a lot of other older games should run just fine too there are a ton of those in the steam store along with GOG which has a lot of fun boss titles from the past too so all of that stuff including a lot of retro emulation should run pretty nicely on this device but a lot of the newer games the trip titles are not going to do that well so you’ll probably want to look at getting a game console for those now the 3dmark Cloud Gate benchmark test we got a score of 2150 that compares to 1556 on the prior version of the HP stream so a pretty big jump in gaming performance but it’s still not enough to run the current generation of triple-a titles but it will do the older games better than the older stream did and take a look at the cpu performance which is measured on the physics portion of that test we’re getting around 2 frames per second on the old stream and on the new one we’re getting about 4 frames per second so almost a doubling of performance here out of the processor and that’s what we’ve been seeing out of Intel with their low-end chips are significant strides in how well these chips perform at the low level we’re noticing that in the overall snappiness of the web browser and you can also see it play out in benchmarks like this one and we also ran the 3d mark stress test to see how well the computer does under load over time and there we got a score of 91.6% that is a failing grade on that test but it isn’t bad given that this is a fan ‘less device so it will slow down a little bit under load but not terribly so and we’re also pleased to see that it’s able to do some really high-end video decoding quite well here so we’ve got Kodi running with a 140 megabit per second 4k movie file that of course is getting reduced down to 720p here but as you can see we dropped a couple of frames when it started but it’s been able to decode this H EVC file just fine which is one of the other features that have been added into these chips over the years is better video decoding performance so if it can play that it can likely play just about anything just fine so if you have a lot of movies that you want to watch on the laptop you shouldn’t have any issues watching them on this device and one last thing I check out and that is Linux running on here we booted up in boo to 18.04 everything worked with the exception of Wi-Fi it could not detect the Wi-Fi adapter nor the Bluetooth adapter which I believe is on the same chip on this device so as a matter of you be finding the right drivers to go with that so if you have any suggestions or ideas let me know down below in the comments but it will run Linux but you might need to bring in some other network device to get it onto your network so altogether this is a very nice laptop for the price point I’m glad HP is continuing to support the low end of the market and delivering a solid offering here with decent support or at least better support than you would get buying some no-name brand at around this price point so I think there’s some additional value here going with a major manufacturer like HP one thing to keep in mind is that this comes pre-installed with Windows 10 s Edition and what that means is that you can only install software that comes from the Microsoft Store on it initially but you can turn s mode off and then install whatever you want so it’s not limiting in the sense that you have to pay more to get the functionality you hope to get now you just have to go through a step of disabling s mode and I’ll put a video down below as to how you can do that but I think overall again this is a good value go with the 14 over the 11 because of the storage 64 gigs here vs. 32 on the 11 and also make sure when you’re shopping to look for the one that’s powered by the N 4000 processor because that is going to be a lot zippier than the 3060 processor that was in the prior generation and there are still plenty of the N 30 60 s out there for sales so just bear that in mind as you are out shopping and I think you’ll be quite pleased with what you get here for the price point provided you keep your expectations in check until next time this is Lion Simon thanks for 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