HP Stream 14 Black Friday 2019

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HP Stream 14 black friday 2019

HP Stream 14 Black Friday 2019

hey what’s up everybody Ashington DC here and this is my review of the HP stream 14 in tradition I’m and this laptop for about a week now and I’ve had enough time to see what all the pros or cons or all its little quirks in all that stuff so I’ll be going over all that in this video you all right so as with any review I just like to start off with the specs here so looks like we’ve got a 14 inch 720p HD display name DEA 4 micro processor clocked at 1 gigahertz quad-core still gigabytes of ddr3 RAM 32 gigabytes of storage emmc or drive here Windows 8.1 micro SD card slot beats audio AMD Radeon or three graphics single band Wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 is to show you all the ports here on the left here we have an HDMI port a USB 3.0 port combination headphone and microphone jack three point five millimeters micro SD card slot dr 32 gigabyte SD card here on the back here we have some classy Gila packard branding on the right here we have two USB 2.0 ports and the power jack the bottom is kept really clean the men won’t the board of any stickers it’s got two events to let the heat escape all right so enough of that let’s power this thing up startup times or wicked fast thanks to that flash memory and Windows 8.1 windows 8.1 runs really well on this machine thanks to that quad-core processor an AMD Radeon graphics all the animations are nice and smooth and the overall experiences they’re really good the keyboard is great on the screen I find it really easy to type on its springy it’s got great tactile feedback use the wonderful keyboard on this laptop trackpad on this thing is great too I heard many things about it before I bought it but after using it for a week I think it’s kind of hard to get used to at first but it’s actually really good um I can easily move my fingers across it you know the build-up of sweat and stuff it doesn’t like interfere with anything these good materials for this all the gestures are really easy to do for Windows 8 so it’s it’s really good for a trackpad you just can’t go wrong with it shrim handles productivity applications really well I’m using this for school so I have applications like GIMP Adobe Illustrator Skype OneNote game maker and NetBeans for Java and it handles all these pretty smoothly haven’t seen any lag or anything like that at all really gaming hangover I mean this thing has a pretty decent graphics card but it’s not meant for gaming so you’re not going to be able to play those newer titles like post 2012 or 2013 you know but you should be able to play some like you know less resource-intensive games and some older titles like half-life 2 and portal those should run just fine and you got the games from the Windows Store like good old jetpack Joyride as fall day and all those games that you can play on your phone battery life it is pretty great this thing is packing a three cell lithium ion battery and it’s advertised time in six hours and thirty minutes I haven’t really been counting but I’ve been grabbing this thing and taking it class to class using it almost every class taking notes playing games watching videos you know making pictures and do an image processing in browsing the web and doing all that stuff and honestly for what it’s been made for and what it’s supposed to be used for its performs extremely well now for the cons I don’t worry it’s just a few but I think they’re definitely worth mentioning so I’d like to start off with the wireless radio it saw on the lid in this position on the top and for some reason they put it there probably because it’s aluminum construction so they need spot on the outside to put it but anyway when this is up against the window like this I basically kills the signal so it reflects the waves and then scatters him so the signal is either really bad or really slow and it just doesn’t work really well some click inside and repeatedly here but it’s just not getting through it because it’s having trouble sending and receiving packets so I mean there’s a pretty simple fence you just turn the laptop around so it’s not facing the window but I have a glass desk and sit right by one now so it’s kind of annoying next issue storage as you can see I only have 21 Giga bytes out of the 32 I’m supposed to have which is fine usually isn’t the full capacity as it says in the fine print but I actually only had 16 because of Windows so I’m getting half of what was advertised now that isn’t ok and then there’s Windows Update if you just hit express settings in the beginning when you’re setting up one of those it makes it so that when those update automatically downloads and installs updates now that’s fine on like a desktop with a terabyte of storage here 500 gigabytes you know so much to spare but on this thing that eats up the storage fast I left that setting on and every day the stove is getting less and less and less I ended up with like 4 gigabytes by doing nothing and then download anything those windows update in the background is downloading updates and installing them over and over again each time I used it so I’d go into Windows Update and change the setting to check for updates and you got to leave on that setting because it no let’s use some other she’s booked if you get this laptop make sure that you turn automatic updates off because it will eat up your storage I had to reset the entire laptop to factory settings selected start from the being beginning and disable that so that was really annoying I do suggest getting a micro SD card because it really does help I mean you can’t install every program out there but it still helps a lot last thing that bugs me know dual band support I have a dual band router but it’ll only recognize the 2.4 gigahertz band so unfortunately I can’t take advantage of the less congestion at a faster man they really should have added support I mean especially if your name it the stream I mean come on then my wraps it up folks this is a great laptop if you’re looking to buy it um despite the cons which are actually pretty minor this is a beautiful laptop and definitely do the job so that’s it for this video thanks a lot for watching if you enjoyed if you thought it was helpful leave a like and share go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comment section below on this laptop on its competitors on the video um if you have any suggestions or requests or any like that leave in the comment section below go ahead and subscribe to my channel I got more attacking gaming videos coming up and I got some more on my channel if you wanna go look at those thanks again for watching my name’s ash in DC and I’ll see you again in another video

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