HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Black Friday 2019

Here is another best kind of all in one printer is HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Black Friday 2019. It is an Instant Ink ready printer.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 black friday 2019

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Black Friday 2019

hey YouTube what is going on Brandon here with another printer review video today we’re gonna be unboxing this printer setting it up and then I’m gonna give you kind of my opinion on it and review it so stay tuned we’re gonna unbox this printer and we will get right into the video now before we really get into the rest of the video I just wanted to mention quickly some resources that are down in the description below if you were wanting to buy this printer today I want to give you the resources to go ahead and do that so down in the description below I’m going to have a link in the description for this printer so there will also be a few other resources just such as my website that’s printers tech comm where you can buy a variety of printers and get the written review for this printer and if you didn’t have Amazon Prime that is another link that will be down there so if you’re purchasing this printer and my link will take you to amazon.com but also if you want to get Amazon Prime if you haven’t signed up already you can sign up for free for 30 days and then you can decide from there whether you use it or not but basically Amazon Prime allows you to get your packages like and like two days shipping like really quick so take advantage of that being free that’s going to be in the description below so you can go ahead and and take advantage of that alright so we’ll go ahead and we will unbox the HP Officejet 87 10 okay so right when we open it up here we’ve got some items and we’ve got a power cable and we’ve got some ink this is 9:52 9:52 ink this is just a set of ink so this is what it’ll come with and then you’ve got some instructions here gets on the paperwork’s and instructions just really quick if you were also wanting to buy some additional ink I’m gonna leave a link to that as well down in the description below so we’ll be facing the front just that that is your 8710 so we’ll go ahead and take it out of the box you all right so the power cable is right here on the bottom right now if you don’t have a 8 2 B cable at home already I’m going to link that in the description below because that’s the cable that you’re gonna connect from your computer to the printer so that’s very important that you have that cable I’m gonna put that right down below alright so there’s your Officejet Pro 80 710 and we’ll go ahead and power it on you’re powering on alright so this is the first part of the setup you’re gonna go ahead and choose a language you’re confirming a lot of this stuff so you’re gonna do a general setup as a consumer you’re wanting to do just just the general setup okay so now at this point you’re gonna go ahead and you will be installing the ink cartridges so a very simple setup this is the simplest one I’ve seen so far alright so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your ink have it there and you’re gonna go ahead and open this top part now you have a crevice in here where you can just put your fingers in or you can just put your fingers in and just open it up right like just like that your printhead should come right to the middle here and when it does you can go ahead and begin installing the ink alright so you’re really just taking your ink and you’re sliding it right in okay just like that these have Springs and so it’s just like that and they will go right in place next one is yellow that’s really all there is to it go ahead and close this up and it will the printer will go through the system and go through the appropriate things to get the cartridges settled in place and of course you’re gonna want to test the printer and load up some blank paper okay so now at this point you’re gonna want to go ahead and put some blank paper into the paper tray so it says thank you for installing the cartridges and then you’re going to go ahead and hit OK and it’s going to initialize the printer and it’s gonna take up to seven minutes so you’re gonna go ahead and hit continue so it’s gonna be printing some documents up so you’re really just gonna want to pull out this the extender on the paper tray so that the paper has a place to come to okay so just allow it to go ahead and do what it needs to do it’s gonna print out some sheets like I said and that’s all there is to it really all right so it really just doesn’t take that long it just needs to print out this page here so that’s really all it is so from here you’re just gonna get back to your screen and you are going to click manual setup and I’m gonna connect these later but if you have your wireless network that you want to connect you know go ahead and do that right away or your Ethernet either way so that you can just get that out of the way but we’re gonna connect later okay so you get to decide that that’s fine with me choose whether it’s for home or business alright so that’s it it’s set up it is ready for you to print and just to show you here it is a touchscreen and you do have this on the top where you can go ahead and so it’s very similar to the 8720 which I also reviewed not too long ago on this channel as far as the touch screen and all the capabilities I really love the touch screen any printer in 2019 really needs a touchscreen you know no matter what so you can send fax this is a fax regular printer you can print wirelessly you can print from a wireless device Android or iPhone and of course you can print photos so there’s the photo section and with this printer you’re really just gonna have a USB so if you have a USB Drive or connecting your phone if you’re connecting your phone you’re gonna have to set it up through your computer and so that’s something I highly recommend that you go into your computer and just along with you know connecting your with your printer connect your your phone as well if you’re wanting to print photos from your phone that’s like that’s something you’re able to do so really a compact printer here that is going to unlike the 8720 which is the model up from this one it’s very very compact and it can really fit in you know a small desk space not a very small but just a regular you know small size desk really is going to be fine for this with the ladder with 8720 it’s really something that you need a good amount of desk space for and it’s gonna take a decent amount of space and might even need its own desk area but with the 8710 you have a compact printer it has pretty much the functionality of the 8720 just it looks different and the printing speed is a little bit less than the 8720 so if you were doing lighter load printing and you’re not really gonna be doing you know crazy amounts of office work it’s just gonna be like a home office type of printer this is gonna be the printer that you are going to want to purchase the 8720 is a step up from that if you are let’s say you own a business and you have an office that you really need to print a lot you have a lot of work that you need to do that is a printer that is set up just for that this printer here is a little bit more simple I love that you still have your top paper tray I find that an essential thing and that really wins it for me you’ve got your scanner here always checked the glass make sure it’s not broken when you’re buying these printers and so everything on this printer I like everything about this printer the simplicity of it and there’s really nothing extra here if you’re looking for something new from the previous years on the officejet pro series there’s really nothing majorly new it’s really just gonna be like it there’s really just gonna be a few differences and the size is about the same smaller but this is just really comparing the 8720 to the 8710 more so than comparing it to previous printers so I like this printer I for the usage I will give it a 4.5 it’s a good overall printer nothing really fancy about it it does have the touchscreen but I would again I would say that the touchscreen is absolutely necessary and if you don’t have a touchscreen on a printer and you’re a company that’s making these printers without the touchscreen that’s something that for me I really really can’t get behind and I don’t understand no matter how matter what the printer type is everybody finds touchscreen useful and so that’s something that I I by default will lower the score on best printers techcom if it does not have a touchscreen of course if you’re wanting to print more or so like photos and you need a new printer some a printer that printed more photos this is not the printer for you because you just have that USB and a lot of times when you’re using your camera you’re using your phone a lot of other things you need you know different mic you know as these slots and so you can find a printer like that best printers techcom but for this printer this is a good overall printer for what it’s intended to do you can go into your wireless mode and you have some other settings your quiet mode is something that I find essential so that’s really all there is to it I give it a four point five I really like the printer I think it’s good for the intended use so that’s really all I’ve got for the for this printer we unboxed it we went through the setup we installed the ink cartridges and I’m giving you my opinion and what I really think about the printer really you can really compare this one really well to the the model up from this which is the 8720 and you really choose between those two you know am I really gonna have to print a lot or is this something that you know I just need to print every now and then or you know I might have a lot but it’s not enough to where I need a gigantic printer that prints super fast this is gonna have lower print speeds but the quality is still going to be the same on both printers so the really the main difference here is just speed and capability when it comes to printing printing large quantities of documents but the quality overall is going to be the same you’ve got the same touchscreen and all that and you’ve got the same program running here for you to save on your ink right so that wraps up my review on the HP Officejet Pro 80 710 I hope that I was able to help you in making your buying decision for this printer and if you did decide for it I would greatly appreciate if you went down in the description below and click the link there for this printer as well as you needed additional ink and also make sure to just in general if you need it you know that a 2b cable that that link is there as well a lot of resources for you down there Amazon Prime you’ve got a free 30-day membership I really really highly recommend I mean it’s free it doesn’t get any better than that and you’ve also got my website best printers tech comm so if you were wanting to buy a different printer or you wanted some advice or you wanted to read the actual review that I write on my website for this printer that is going to be available all of that in the description below if you have any questions at all make sure to comment also make sure to LIKE this video I’d greatly appreciate that and subscribe do you want to stay up to date with some more review videos that I do on some some different models so thank you for watching and until next time

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