HP ENVY 5055 Black Friday 2019

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HP ENVY 5055 black friday 2019

HP ENVY 5055 Black Friday 2019

what’s up YouTube it’s James from really bringing unique perspectives from life to YouTube today we have an HP 50 55 Envy printer and we’re not talking pages per minute and we’re not talking DPI we’re here to see how long it takes to go from unbox to print okay so let’s get right to it typically when people order printers they need them and we need to print right away whether it’s a school project or a work assignment or printing a photo people buy produce because they need them it’s a digital world these days everything is going towards electronic whether that’s catalogs and photos so if you buy a printer you’re concerned about the setup let’s open this thing up instead long it takes to go from unbox to prints so HP just recently started an instant ink program and it’s for people who regularly order ink and here are the integral cost for the ink for this computer I don’t I think that much doesn’t really apply to me box out of the way and after a few moments the basepart bears in front of us wrapped in plastic for freshness like that new technology I always smells good all right let’s get out of here so it comes back to the bag it’s not sealed but isn’t a bag of protection and then Victor Trey is tape as well for security which I liked a good college okay let’s see if we can do this without the directions so you can never figure out which way these twisty tie you go these twisty ties go my the only one that gets stumped on these twists in the untwist and you twist in the untwist you hope you go in the right way the first time or else you end up in trouble you need to be smarter than twisty tie that is for sure so I think I finally got it now yes there we go power in the left corner plug this in right here all right English confirm it has a responsive touch screen on it which I like insert the cartridges all right so you open up the top get off the sticker this is my color cartridges in right now it’s printing an alignment page I’m not sure if these high-end printers be okay it says important you must scan this page for best print quality lift the lid place this alignment page facedown on the right corner of the glass closed lid press scan okay now we’re scanning you okay now it’s popping me to go to one two three HP calm to install each device I want to print with let’s try to do that real quick one two three dot hp.com we are now downloading the app all right so we’re denied notifications we just entered our Wi-Fi password it automatically found our network so I’m not sure how it did that as our homes are on me in this community and I do interpret their Wi-Fi signal and it seeps into the house clearly the lock network so I don’t enter on those networks but I’m surprised I was able to pick up the most dense a signal alright it says we’re connected to Wi-Fi it’s prompted me to roll on their Inc program and now wants me to sign up for an account and it looks to be no way around this so we are going to begrudgingly sign up for HP account quickly you now that’s prompting me to download the app on other devices I’m going to decline it this time and we are printing it’s not the fastest printer but after a few moments and a pretty painless setup just to download the app and to sign up for an account we are printing so that’s it for the HP 50 55 off of Amazon

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