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Are you looking for the best hot wheel cars? Here we have the best Hot Wheels Cars Black Friday Deals 2019 for you in our top list.

hot wheels cars black friday deals 2019

Hot Wheels Cars Black Friday Deals 2019

yo guys how you’re going welcome back to another video today we’re going to be doing something a bit different from what I normally do we’re going to be having a look at my top 5 most valuable hot wheels in my collection now I’ve been collecting for five years so obviously one car per year I’ve been collecting throughout those years I have come across some really really crazy cars being wherever they’re just weird in general or just insanely valuable so we are going to have a look at my top 5 today my most expensive Hot Wheels now going to be going on what these are worth and what they sell for online on eBay and as well as that I’m also going to be showing the price that I did buy these for originally so there’s some crazy crazy volume in here let us get started now first up here we have from last year 2018 the 50th anniversary golden Camaro chase piece from the 50th anniversary black and gold set the price I paid for this was $0 because I’ve got this for free off diecast New Zealand this profile picture will be here and clicking the description to have a look at his channel beautiful channels some crazily good content and also a lot of hot wheels that I have not seen in my area still getting triggered about that honestly but still we have this piece here let me zoom in and have a look at this one here now I did this get this for free Nara ok what wasn’t a re ok random act of kindness box it was a trade box and he added this little car in for free as well now I’ve seen this car sell for online anywhere between 40 and 75 dollars that is Australian dollars by the way so if the currency seems a bit off and you’re like hey this price is a bit higher board now you know for a car that’s only been out for one year this has gained some crazy value it’s always been valuable because it is the chase piece of the set we have a look at the back of the card it is not listed anywhere here it is a secret car and therefore it has worked quite a bit more than the others and of course we have the golden chrome plastic body so overall a really cool car a fan-favorite model and a very I don’t know if it’s rare I’m not sure how many were made but if you do please comment below I’ll know more about this one the second car we have is from 1999 this beautiful limited edition Ferrari f5 12 M in this awesome yellow color now this is a Hot Wheel spreader hunt and you might see the wheels and yes these are actually plastic wheels out of about this when I first got it I bought this for four dollars from a Hot Wheels treasure hunt collector he had no idea that this car had any significance and just treated it as another treasure hunt and of course you can see I’ve put in a protector now is a very very cool Ferrari in this yellow color pretty cool metal body metal base as well now I’ve seen this going to eBay for fifty to sixty dollars that is both on auctions and buy it now that’s Australian dollars by the way but apart from that that is about it just a very simple and clean car don’t know too much about this because it is fairly old all we know is that it is part of the 1999 treasure hunt and that is about it next up I made a video entirely about this car here we have the 2018 Hot Wheels ultimate Boneshaker treasure hunt once again it’s part of the 50-year anniversary Hot Wheels cars this is from the main line and it is the ultimate super treasure hunt of the year so it’s pretty much the one that is the rarest once again rarest is in quotation marks because we’re not really sure how many were produced but this is by far the most sought-after of the bunch that were released in 2018 now this one I did buy at resale I’m pretty sure I bought this well I think it was a few weeks after it was announced for $40.00 total now is going at stupidly high prices of around ninety to one hundred and twenty dollars Australian on eBay and they are selling quite often as well it’s crazy that this ultimate Boneshaker has the spectra flame blue paint is in the hot HW race team and of course it’s a Boneshaker a fan favorite fantasy model surf course is going to cop a higher price and it is a pretty cool car to have in my collection one of the only supers are going 2018 so pretty knives number two on the list our novice super this is definitely a really really nice one I didn’t know it was this valuable until I did a bunch of price checking for the stuff for this video the TV series Batmobile from 2016 but it’s not any Batmobile you can tell oh we look at the S the rubber wheels you can tell that as a super treasure hunter oh and of course you can see the logo in there as well if I get the right hang move all these cars are in-car protectors because I don’t want to damage them at all so we can barely see oh there it is the super power logo in there this is a really really nice super that fetches a price of around a hundred to a hundred and thirty dollars Australian I’ve seen a cell quite a few times on eBay I have considered selling this one quite a bit but I don’t want to I want to keep this in my collection and have it as a really nice cool-looking piece because this is a – but I did find in the store by myself but – Australian dollars that is the retail price of hot wheels over here and this is one of them actually you know it’s it’s not one of the best supers I’ve found it is the best super I’ve found value wise it is a very nice piece TV series Batmobile what is it number one out of five for the Batman set I can’t remember what cases is in so if you do know please let me know in the comments below that would be really cool but anyways that’s another two out of the way let us now move on to my number one most valuable car and probably my most favourite to be honest alright this is the second time I’ve ever shown this on my youtube channel I did not have a separate video for this car I showed it off in my grand collection tour if you see my latest Hot Wheels collection tour be sure to check that out but oh my goodness yes the first time on screen or the second the Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyron from 2010 Hot Wheels in the really really really nice blue and silver colour this is a if you’ve been Hot Wheels collecting for a few months then you wouldn’t know this is one of the main prized pieces of someone’s collection if they have this and they are mmm top-notch collector not trying to say that I’m a top no sugar like though that’s literally what I used to think when I saw people that had these it was just a crazily cool car to have and not every person has one of these so it’s one of those really cool things but this one is from 2010 obviously in the protector once again because I don’t want to be clumsy and damage it because I know I’ll probably do that if it was out of the package or out of its little protector package I did say now this one this is the craziest car I’ve ever gotten price-wise um I’ll let you I’ll let you quickly guess in the comments below I’ll give you three seconds to guess what price I paid for this this is also I guess you can say it’s resale price but the person selling it did not know what they were selling at all so they ended up selling it at a ridiculously good price okay your time’s up it was in total it was a dollar thirty three Australian that is less than the price of a hot wheels retail in my country this person was selling this on eBay and a massive lot though is in this lot I’ll post a picture now there was to Nissen skylines 1r 34 1/2 35 and a bunch of just really really cool stuff from around 2010-11 the picture is up now so you can have a look there and all of those cars I paid around $1 33 for because I hate I ended up bargaining with them and I got a crazy deal which included this prized Bugatti Veyron just an absolutely insane day I wasn’t really motivated to do YouTube at the time so I didn’t record a video I really wish I did now because it because just see my reaction originally would have been just so funny honestly I was I was I was shaking when I opened it I was just like oh my god I can’t believe I’m holding this but anyway guys that is all be sure to comment well your favorite most valuable Hot Wheels is is it the Bugatti the Ferrari the Boneshaker the Batmobile or the Camaro which you can barely see of course if you are new be sure to subscribe if you want to get updated with all the Hot Wheels content I do do more than just random top fives I do Hot Wheels news and if Hot Wheels hunting if you’re interested I haven’t done that in the wild though but ever anywhere guys that is all so I’ll see you all next time

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